[How to open Ye Huang?】 _How to open_How to open

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[How to stew anchovies with eggs]_ Add eggs _ How to make

[How to stew anchovies with eggs]_ Add eggs _ How to make

Many people are not very clear about the practice of stewed eggs with catfish, and they have not even eaten this kind of practice, so they are not very likely to do it. In fact, it is not so complicated to want to make it, just need to passSome cooking techniques can easily make this dish, but you must choose a slightly larger egg, so that it can cover the surface of the carp, these two ingredients together can improve the freshness.


Take a slightly larger egg and beat it into a bowl.


Use chopsticks or whisk to break.


Add a little warm water and continue to beat the eggs.


After scoring, add a small pot of water, turn on medium heat and simmer for 5 minutes.


At this time, vinegar, soy sauce (or very delicious), chicken essence, sesame oil, and cold water to make juice.


The egg is stewed in about 5 minutes. The time can be controlled by yourself. The tender time is shorter, and the older one is longer.


Finally, pour the prepared juice into the stewed eggs, huh, it’s acceptable!

Children must love to eat!


One more, this is older than before.

[1]Method 1: 75 grams of chicken, 1 crab fillet, 2 mushrooms, 2 eggs, and 1 cup of fresh milk (or chicken soup).

1/3 teaspoon of seasoning salt, half a tablespoon of oil, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, half teaspoon of raw flour, half a tablespoon of oil.

Practice 1.

The mushrooms are soaked in water, and the stems are cut off with dried water. The original or slices are similar.


Peel the chicken, wash and drip dry water, cut into small pieces, and add the marinade to remove.


Eggs are seasoned and fresh milk is broken up, and froth is removed.


Line the chicken, crab willow, and mushrooms in the pocket, pour in egg sauce, steam over low heat for 4 minutes, open the lid to let the steam escape, and then cover the lid to steam. Open the lid every 3 minutes or 1Repeat until steamed, about 9 minutes.

The steamed eggs are smooth and tender.

(Note: If you want to steam the eggs smoothly, you can use a sealed bowl or wrap a layer of plastic wrap on top of the bowl.

) Method 2: 2 eggs and 1 spring onion.

1/5 tablespoons of seasoning salt, 1/3 tablespoon of oil, 1/3 tablespoon of chicken essence.

Practice 1.

Beat one egg into the bowl first, then pick up the second egg and knock a small mouth on the top, pour out the egg whites and yolks, and keep the shells for future use.


Fill the eggshell with warm water and pour into the egg liquid. Two eggs need to be mixed with warm water from the two eggshells.


Add 1/5 tablespoons of salt, 1/3 tablespoon of oil, 1/3 tablespoon of chicken essence to the egg mixture. After mixing and seasoning, beat the egg mixture in one direction with chopsticks for 5 minutes.
Cover the bowl with a layer of plastic wrap. After boiling the water in the pot over high heat, add egg liquid and cover the pot lid. Steam over low heat for 15 minutes5.

Take out the steamed eggs and sprinkle with spring onions.

Cooking tips 1.

The ratio of water volume to egg liquid and warm water is 1: 1. You can’t pinch the amount of water, you can directly use the egg shell to mix, so the accuracy is high.


Beat the eggs.

There are usually honeycomb holes in water eggs. Part of the reason is that the eggbeating technique is not good enough to cause air bubbles in the egg liquid. Therefore, you should beat the egg in one direction until the egg liquid becomes smooth.Steamed.



Steamed water eggs must be simmered slowly over low heat. If the fire head is too large, the water eggs will easily grow old.

You can add water starch to the egg liquid, and the condensed and steamed water eggs are more tender; you can also use warm milk instead of warm water to make the water eggs taste more delicious.

Medicinal diet for children with allergic rhinitis

Medicinal diet for children with allergic rhinitis

When children with allergic rhinitis do not heal for a long time, what food (medicinal diet) to eat to improve their physique?

Here are a few medicinal diets that I often and have good results for your reference: (a) children with weak stomachs, easy to diarrhea, bloating, poor appetite, you can use a quail a bird, after treatment, put it in a steamer, putThe packed Chinese medicines (20 grams of Codonopsis, 20 grams of Poria, 10 jujubes (denucleated), Chuanqi 5 grams, etc.) are placed in the abdominal cavity, and the water is boiled and then simmered for 4 hours under low fire.Eat once every two days.

  (2) For children who often catch colds, you can use 50 grams of astragalus, 20 grams of atractylodes, 20 grams of windproof, and 50 grams of lotus seeds. They are called pig lungs. They can be stewed together and eat soup every two days.

  (3) Children with poor memory and fatigue: You can use a sheep kidney, combine 30 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of mutton, 30 grams of American ginseng, stew together, drink soup and eat meat once every two days.

  Although allergic rhinitis is a civilized disease, it is not incurable. The purpose of treatment is not only to eliminate the disease, but also to prevent its complications: otitis media, insomnia, poor schooling, memory loss, recurrent sore throat, headache,Cough, tiredness, sinusitis, etc.

Caring is also a hidden pressure

Caring is also a hidden pressure

The college entrance examination has expanded, and students and parents have to be closer and closer to the days of the final exam and the college entrance examination. Many students and parents’ nerves are tightened like the bowstring of a bandage.

On May 22 alone, there were two teenage boys who jumped off the building because of poor performance, resulting in a tragedy of one death and one injury.

Psychologists believe that with the extended exam, parents need to help themselves and their children relax.

Without normality, too much force will not make the result better, and the child’s psychology will be harmed instead.

  -Serious psychological problems are prone to happen under pressure. Recently, various schools are conducting mid-term exams and bottom-up exams. There are unsatisfactory grades when there are exams, and there are a lot of children who cannot think of exams.

On the afternoon of May 15th, an ordinary, honest, introverted girl in a middle school in Daxing District drank pesticides and ended her young life just because her ranking in the mid-term exam dropped by dozens.

Some people think that a parent-teacher conference in schools has announced to parents that rankings can have a big impact on children.

  In addition to taking extreme actions, there are children who experience psychological abnormalities.

A junior high school girl said that the more she surpassed the high-level college entrance examination, the more she wanted to use the origami crane to seek good test scores. She knew that the origami crane wasted time but could not control herself. She had to fold hundreds of papers each time and couldn’t stop.

  -Children rarely take the initiative to seek psychological help. Although serious scripts occur every year, few parents or students seek treatment because of psychological stress or stress before the exam.

Dr. Li Wen, from the Psychological Clinic of Chaoyang Hospital, said that the Psychological Clinic is still the “world” of middle-aged and elderly people. Many people only come to see a doctor because of poor sleep and insomnia.

  There are even many children around us worried about before the test, but it is difficult to see them in the clinic.

This is probably because many parents feel that the time before the test is too tight, or reading books is important. Any problems will be discussed after the test.

Some parents do n’t take their children ‘s psychological abnormalities seriously. They always feel that their children are still young. How can there be so many things?

This kind of misunderstanding often leaves a shadow on children’s psychology, and even some children fail to pass this threshold, causing a big mistake.

  -Children’s psychological burden is heavier than expected. A survey conducted by Friendship Hospital found that 280 of the nearly 500 children felt unhappy.

Except for a small number who feel less happy at home than at home, most feel unhappy at home.

Some children still have test concerns.

  Doctor Li believes that the improvement of living conditions now gives parents a wrong understanding of their children’s living environment. Most parents compare their children with their own when they were young.What did we have then!


However, they have no basis. As a result of changes in social assessment, children’s path is getting narrower and narrower.

The pressure of examinations and further studies has followed, and the pressure of social competition has continued to form one after another “invisible” burden on the children’s spirit through various channels, and this burden has an increasing trend.

  Modern society is fiercely competitive, and some parents unconsciously implement their understanding and feelings of social pressure into their children’s education.

Expectations for children’s learning are too high. Once the children’s academic performance fails to meet the requirements, they will scold, sometimes even do it.

In order for children to become successful, they are too involved in the children’s daily life and restrain their actions.

This or that kind of goal becomes a kind of stress in the child’s heart, and it is amplified in the intensification once and twice until it exceeds the children’s mental capacity.

In addition, some parents who are not well educated themselves, and now face problems such as laid-offs, are pinning all their hopes on their children, saving their food and clothing, saving money, and putting all their efforts on their children. Only sensible children can onlyTurn these into motivations to spur yourself, and increase your weight even more, so once you are dissatisfied with your results, your child ca n’t adjust at all.

  -Parents should not be too “concerned” about their children. Doctor Li believes that parents should first adjust their mentality to ease themselves before coping with the stress of the test.

Anything, including the exam, has both success and failure.

When you feel pressured by yourself and your child, don’t interfere with talking to your child and see what they think of success and unsuccess.

  Children are very sensitive, and excessive care from parents will only make them more nervous or increase their expectations.

In this state of mind, if there is any abnormal behavior, they cannot forgive themselves, get horny, or even cause extreme reactions.

  The adolescent children’s physical and psychological development are imbalanced. They are growing up fast and look like an adult, but their mentality is still at the child’s level.

I don’t think carefully about the problem, I like to use body language to express feelings, and it is easy to do more radical things.

They are sensitive, have high self-esteem, and want to be trusted.

If you don’t get the trust of your family members, the psychological problems will be exaggerated and unbalanced.

  Let the children maintain a normal and healthy mentality before the test or usually. First of all, parents should not impose their own state on the children, because the environment in which parents and children grow up is completely different. Our society is changing, and no one can predict what will happen in the future.What kind of child, so parents need to maintain emotional exchanges with their children, as for what the child wants to do, or what he can do in the future, the parent can not interfere, to give the child the right to choose actively, after all, life depends on their own lives, whoNor can it be all arranged.

  Young people have the opportunity. It is not a bad thing for the current one-child child to fall. Parents must play a guiding role and remind him when he is about to fall, but they cannot impose their consciousness on the child.Only when the parents adjust their mentality and understand how to treat the test, the child can play normally or abnormally.

How convenient is a hidden marriage workplace-

How convenient is a hidden marriage workplace?

The entertainment industry can be described as a series of happy events. A series of “hidden marriage” artists have been “kicked” and have been secretly married, and characters have begun to gossip other artists . Of course, the entertainment industry is a special workplace.Take the lead, in fact, in our mass workplace, the majority of “hidden marriage” are women.

  An online “hidden marriage survey” shows that nearly 37% of people are willing to be “hidden marriage people” because they worry that public marriage may fall into the loss of the trust of their boss or client. Most of them are concentrated between 25 and 35 years old.Most of them are women.

In the legal sense, “hidden marriage” is not illegal, but how convenient can it actually be for women?

Under the interview, the reporter found that the effect of “hidden marriage” is most reflected in the embarrassing age of applying for and living in the workplace. More and more people imitate that “hidden marriage” is not a long-term plan, and sometimes it is “hidden” too much.Lou Zi made colleagues and supervisors feel distrustful of themselves.

  Experts analyze that “hidden marriage”
is actually not self-confident. Why would there be “hidden marriage” in the workplace?

According to Wu Fan, a professional consultant recruited by Zhilian, this is caused by both objective and subjective reasons.

  The objective reason is that there is a certain deviation in the concept of employment of many business owners or managers, which has exaggerated the impact of married people ‘s family burden on work, but did not see the “married” work-friendly side, such as the sense of responsibility and loyalty.Promotion etc.

In addition, many fast-growing companies are unable to meet the needs of married people in terms of workload, benefits, expenditures and humanized management, to ensure the stability of the team in the short term, and it is easier to recruit and promote unmarried people.

Most female hidden marriages are, of course, because a few employers still have sex discrimination in the process of recruitment and layoffs-many business owners or managers are affected by the traditional concept of “male outside, female inside”, thinking thatMarried women are more affected by family matters than men.

  However, “hidden marriage” people also have problems. First, they are not confident enough about their own strength. They worry that their “seat” will be unstable once they are labeled with marriage. Second, career-oriented professionals are weighing the work.And family, more choices for work and career.

  Talking purely from the perspective of professional development, the status of “married” is both pros and cons, and “pros outweighs disadvantages.”

As the old saying goes: start a family and start a business.

The family plays a huge role in improving the individual’s overall quality and development momentum. Married people need sufficient ability and quality to handle family chores. It is definitely not lower than the requirements of work, and the married person is also significantly higher than the unmarried person in terms of responsibility.This is actually an important part of what employees need.

What’s more, concealing a moment from time to time can’t be concealed, and once found, the consequences will have an impact on your career.

  Marriage was originally a happy event for “Little Denko”. Some women in the workplace chose “hidden marriage”. Whether it is to find a job or to facilitate work, they are trying more job opportunities for themselves.

  A Jun, who has worked in a trading company for 5 years, was laid off in the financial turmoil. After being unemployed, he finally got “free” and married his boyfriend who had been running for eight years.Encounter questions like “when are you going to have children?”

Ajun felt helpless: “The moment I heard this question, I knew in my heart that this application was going to be ‘yellow’ again.

“It has been more than half a year since I returned from my honeymoon, and A Jun’s work has not yet landed.

She knew that finding a job was not necessarily related to “married”, but repeated encounters made her feel discouraged, so she tried “hidden marriage”.

As a result, the materials she used, the interviewer’s questions about marriage and childbirth decreased sharply. She was completely asking her if she had a boyfriend, and most of them were still concerned about her working ability. Several jobs with a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan have beckoned her.

  Hubei Renhua Woman, working in the company’s marketing department, mainly negotiates business with local manufacturers.

In theory, you should rely on strong business standards to pull business, but in the sales industry, you must play a “personal relationship card”, usually eat with customers, drink, and sing K is inevitable.

She is more extroverted and has always liked nightclubs such as clubbing and singing. No one has ever noticed that she is a mistress.

When it comes to work, she is unwilling: Although it is not meant to be ambiguous with customers, but now there are many new people, customers are in favor of dealing with young and unmarried salespersons in the same conditions. The reputation is beautiful!

And she has a lesson learned: After a colleague has disclosed her “married” status, important project bosses will not let her do it, nominally “because she has to take care of the family”, in fact, she is afraid that she will become pregnant halfway throughThe work at the end cannot follow up; in addition, some of her ideas are slightly behind, and she will be laughed at by her “nanny”, which also makes the Chinese girl unbearable.

  Fans reacted strongly to Andy Lau’s “hidden marriage”. Don’t object to his marriage. Some even give blessings. The main cause of dissatisfaction among fans is: Why should he hide and deceive?

When it comes to hidden marriage, most of the inevitable white-collar workers show disdain: Why do we want to hide marriage?

This is a sign of dishonesty.

  Xiao Ping, who works for a foreign trade company, was married two years ago. In order to anticipate opportunities for business trips-she felt that she can learn more about professional knowledge in business trips, so she chose “hidden marriage”.

The boss reassured her to do many errands. The life of “Flying Man” took at least three weeks in a month, and she deliberately asked her husband and younger to call her. Contacts were made via e-mail or mobile phone text messages.Underground spy.

This state has been maintained for more than a year, and finally “East Window Incident”: the husband is not satisfied with her “shenlong sees her head but never sees her tail”, suspects that she is engaged in extramarital affairs, the boss sees that she has some mysterious actions from time to time, and is worried that she will leak the company.
Xiao Ping’s grievances: “At that time, I felt like I was suffering from the enemy, like a two-sided person. I couldn’t tell the truth to anyone, and I was doing bad things along the way.

“After careful observation,” Hidden Marriage “is really exhausting. What shakes everyone’s trust in her is that she finally announced her married status and slowly adjusted her work and life.

  Similarly, An An “hidden marriage” is not as lucky as Xiao Ping.

After discovering that she was married, her boss thought that her integrity was a problem. Later, she gradually let An Dan out of her post, and she no longer renewed her contract when the contract expired.

Some sociologists have said that the long-term psychological implications of “not in a marital state” will weaken the parties’ sense of family responsibility and seriously trigger a marriage crisis.

When marriage is in crisis, home is no longer your “safe shelter”, but it will still affect your work and future.

  Some white-collar workers who oppose the “hidden marriage” experience believe that since there is gender prejudice against female employees in the workplace, everyone should be more open to face this problem. Choosing “hidden marriage” is actually a kind of indulgence against employers,The workplace environment did not improve.

Love Story of Old Man and Young Wife

Love Story of Old Man and Young Wife

A police friend was very concerned about my profession and would ask this and that every time I met.

He believes that these scattered knowledge of sex have given him the consciousness of “saving” rather than “ruling” people when handling cases.

“In this case, you should consult Doctor Li. He is an expert in this field and may be able to help you.

“He often pushed me down grandly in front of those who were caught for weird” hooligans “and eventually had to be released awkwardly.

  Lu Xiaodan found me by the note he wrote.

Lu Xiaodan is a weak scholar who works in a street office. He said that the “things” he committed this time were: falling in love and trying to have sex with the object of love!

“The police station is really full.

I really don’t know which law or discipline I have committed.

“The brief description of the case should be like this: Lu Xiaodan, 24, was reported by a young man similar to his age, saying that he was trying to rape his mother.

After receiving the report, the police at the police station caught the scene under the guidance of the young people.

It was indeed a “present” scene, when Lu Xiaodan was lying in bed with the mother of the informant, a 50-year-old woman.

  The scene was very awkward.

The whistleblower’s mother first yelled at her overwhelmed son, while Lu Xiaodan calmly dressed and told the police: “We are in love.

This is my home. You are a private house!

“”in love?

“When Lu Xiaodan was taken to the police station to” clarify the problem, “the director expressed great doubts about the reason he said,” Is there anyone in love like you? ”

You are a hooligan!

“Why do you say that to me?”

What I do is just what many lovers are doing.

Can you catch them if you catch them?

“This really stopped the director.

He knew that the whistleblower’s mother had lived there for many years, and Lu Xiaodan and her love had been raging for more than half a year. No one could find any reason for this except for “girls and boys”.

  Lu Xiaodan asked: “If I am 54 years old and she is 24 years old, when we are in love, will you catch people like this!

Lu Xiaodan is very calm. He has prepared his mind for this marriage. The two of them have vowed that even if they cannot get the legal approval, they will stick to it for life.

  ”I know very well that I have a real heart for her.

I have a tendency to be old.

Lu Xiaodan told me that when he was studying in college, he had a deep love for an elderly person he knew in the park, but it was finally over.

  ”Do you have no sexual desire for girls of the same age?

“I know this is a fundamental problem in the diagnosis of aging.


Lu Xiaodan answered very simply.

  ”Have you made any efforts in this regard?

For example, fall in love with your classmates in college.

“Of course I worked hard.

But I know that I prefer a large number of women older than me.

Lu Xiaodan told me that in his adolescent years, he lacked sexual interest in peers of the same age and was unwilling to associate with them, but he loved the seniors, especially the teachers of parents or grandparents.

After puberty, this feeling is more obvious. Once contacted with the elderly who are in love, obvious sexual excitement or sexual excitement may occur, and there is no sexual interest in the opposite sex of the same age. Therefore, he often avoids the intimate relationship with his peers.They actively engage with the elderly, so they engage in sexual teasing.  I suddenly remembered a famous story abroad. A young man had a strong love for an old woman. Later, the old woman introduced him to a young woman.

During the sexual contact between the young man and the young woman, he gradually fell in love with the other, and thus liberated the state of aging.

  I asked, “Have you ever had sex with a young woman?

“” Yes, but I feel very bad.

Lu Xiaodan said that he knew his sexual substitution, but he didn’t believe he could correct it.

At this point, I also gave up the effort-Lu Xiaodan has no desire for treatment at all, how can he implement treatment?

The topic I talked to him naturally turned to his love and marriage issues.

Lu Xiaodan believes that China is in a legal society. As long as his marriage complies with the Marriage and Family Law, he can win legal recognition and support.

  This is a case of aging (or at least a tendency to aging) I have encountered recently.

It is generally believed that senile aging refers to the mature, heterosexual age of the opposite sex without sexual desire, and the elderly are specifically selected as sexual satisfaction of sexual satisfaction.

This sexual psychological basis is roughly a naive, non-reproductive psychological state.

In principle, various factors affecting sexual psychological maturity may play a certain role in the formation of aging, and psychological and environmental factors are more important.

In fact, old-age psychology has a normal psychological background, such as children’s love of teachers, if this kind of psychology is blindly encouraged and cannot be properly guided, it may develop into old age.

  Social ethics and customs are generally important inhibitory factors for aging, and when this binding force improves or weakens, aging may occur in large numbers.

Factors such as economic and social benefits also play a large role.

In the history of ancient feudal society, and in the marriage or informal marriage relationship that emerged after the reform and opening up, “old husband and young wife” is a common phenomenon. The public generally believes that this is because economic and social substitution factors are at work, but the facts are not necessarily.
When I surveyed a group of women (15 people, average age 22) who were not married, I found that at least two people are very serious in their relationship with the elderly. They claim to (in fact) only like the elderly, and some women knowBefore the current husband (68 years old), the active selection has never been less than 50 years old.

It can be seen that the young wife’s love for her husband cannot be completely attributed to being forced.

Protecting Jiuyi can live longer

Protecting Jiuyi can live longer

The Chinese medicine practitioners communicated several channels of internal and external communication to the “Nine Miles”, namely two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, mouth, urethra and anus.

In normal times, the health care of Jiuyi can be done to regulate and regulate the functions of various organs and organs of the human body, and it can prolong life.

  1.Ear health care.

  (1) The palms of the two palms are inward, and the Laogong points between the two and three fingers are aligned with the two ear holes. The two hands and five fingers are close to the back of the head, and the two palms are lifted together once for a total of 36 times; (2) both handsThe index finger is inserted into the two ear holes respectively, rotating 18 times clockwise and then turning 18 times counterclockwise.

The index finger of both hands is simultaneously pulled out from the ear hole, and then inserted, one by one and one inserted for a total of 9 times.

  2.Eye care.

  (1) The index finger of both hands is bent, and the upper and lower eyelids are scraped separately with the finger ventral side; (2) the right index finger and thumb are used to point the eye to the eye point at the depression above the corner of the eye 36 times; (3) the two index fingers are pressed twiceUnder the eyelid, the weeping hole between the eyeball and the lower eyelid was 36 times.

More than preventive measures against eye diseases such as myopia and refractive errors can improve liver function.

  3.Tongue health care.

  (1) The tip of the tongue hits two jaws and 9 times, and the upper and lower jaws are struck 9 times. The tip of the tongue is lightly pressed against the upper jaw for a few seconds. A certain amount of saliva is secreted in the mouth, and this part of the saliva is slowly swallowed. (2) Both hands are pressed at the same time.On the side, the hole in the hole is 36 times.

It has a health-care effect on oral ulcers, periodontitis, pharyngitis, etc., and can also improve heart, spleen and kidney function.

  4.Nasal care.

  (1) Nasal mouth call method, now take a deep breath in the nasal cavity, and then slowly exhale from the mouth; (2) two nostrils ventilation method, first use the right index finger to step on the right nostril, inhale with the left nostril, fullAfter releasing the right hand, the left index finger is inserted into the left nostril, and the gas is exhaled from the right nostril. Conversely, the right nostril inhales the left nostril to exhale, and the call is alternately performed 36 times.

  5.Before and after the two yin.

  Lifting the anus and kidney: the two feet are separated in parallel and shoulder width, the arms are straight, the palms are inward, and the body side is placed.

When inhaling, the anus and genitals are slowly lifted up, the lower abdomen is sunken, the two heels are lifted up, the anus and genitals slowly relax downward when exhaling, the lower abdomen is forward, the heel is slowly landing, and one breath is once, for a total of 81 times.

For constipation, rectal prolapse, frequent urination, urgency, impotence, premature ejaculation and so on.

Chinese medicine good conditioning blood pressure and kidney protection

Chinese medicine good conditioning blood pressure and kidney protection

Traditional Chinese medicine has a certain advantage in lowering blood pressure in improving symptoms and protecting the heart, brain, kidney and other target organs.

  After pharmacological research on ancient prescriptions, Shengmai San and Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction can reduce myocardial hypoxia and improve myocardial infarction; Liuwei Dihuang Decoction can improve renal function and enhance renal tubular function.

Therefore, the combination of the above drugs on the basis of dialectical drugs can limit the role of protecting target organs such as the kidney.


Reduce blood lipids and prevent arteriosclerosis Hyperlipidemia can damage serial cells and cause arteriosclerosis.

It has been proven that Polygonum multiflorum, Ligustrum lucidum, Jin Yingzi, Zexie, Cassia seed, Hawthorn, etc. have a hypolipidemic effect and prevent arteriosclerosis in patients with hypertension.


Salvia miltiorrhiza, red peony, chuanxiong, safflower, panax notoginseng, and puhuang are traditional Chinese medicines that inhibit fibrous tissue hyperplasia and relieve arteriosclerosis. They have the functions of promoting blood circulation, anticoagulation, improving blood rheology, inhibiting fibrous tissue proliferation, and preventing systemic arteriosclerosis.


Scavenging excessive free radicals can destroy vascular endothelial cells and cause arteriosclerosis.

Most of the traditional Chinese medicines containing volatile oils, such as angelica, amomum, xiangfu, etc., have antioxidant effects, thereby reducing free radicals and thus protecting free radical cells.

Traditional Chinese medicines that have the effect of scavenging free radicals include: ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum, Astragalus membranaceus, Guizhi, Atractylodes, Poria, Codonopsis, Maimendong, Hawthorn, Raw Dihuang and so on.

Compound traditional Chinese medicines with scavenging free radicals include Bawei Dihuang Wan, Baihu Plus Ginseng Decoction, Qinggong Shoutao Pill, Qinggong Changshou Dan, Xiao Chaihu Decoction and so on.


ACEI (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor) -like application of traditional Chinese medicine ACEI not only has a good antihypertensive effect, but also can relax the arterioles, reduce the glomerular pressure, reduce proteinuria, and protect renal function.

Traditional Chinese medicines with ACEI-like effects are: Red Qi, Polygonum multiflorum, Amaranth, Achyranthes bidentata, Hawthorn, Alisma orientalis, Haijinsha, French pinellia, Jiangxiang and so on.


Calcium antagonists Calcium antagonists can lower blood pressure and help prevent vascular sclerosis.

Traditional Chinese medicines with anti-oxidative effects of calcium ions include Fangji, Chuanxiong, Angelica, Red Radix, Safflower, Salvia, Peony Peel, Qianhu, Cinnamon, Schisandra, Ranben, Paeonia lactiflora, Sangbaipi, Haijinsha, Coix Seed, etc.

  The principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment for the treatment of hypertension in traditional Chinese medicine is of certain help to the recovery of symptoms and stabilization of blood pressure.

The addition of the above-mentioned Chinese medicine on the basis of dialectical medicine is beneficial to reduce the incidence and mortality of cardiorenal complications in the target organs of hypertension.

Drink tea to maintain the necessary doorway


Drink tea to maintain the necessary doorway

Drink tea must also master the necessary doorway, today the old Chinese medicine health network to tell you in detail!

Drinking a cup of tea before work helps to eliminate irritability. Before starting a busy day of work, make a cup of tea for yourself, then take a deep breath in the mouth of the tea soup and feel the sweetness and purity of the tea. This can be effectively cleaned up.The distracting thoughts in the brain allow you to complete a day’s work without disturbing.

Is your physique suitable for some teas?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, tea that can suit your physique can fully exert the efficacy of tea and is more beneficial to your health.

Human physique can be divided into cold and heat.

If the hands and feet are cold and like to drink hot drinks, it is a cold constitution; and the body is prone to heat, red and red, or often thirsty, like to drink cold drinks, it is a hot constitution.

Black tea black tea is sweet, warm, cold, warm, warm stomach, promote appetite, suitable for people with cold constitution, not suitable for people with thermal constitution.

Especially in winter, it is most suitable for newborn black tea, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and effectively eliminate fatigue.

Both Tuen Mun Black Tea and English Black Tea are good choices. Among them, English black tea is also flavored with bergamot, which is more beneficial to heart health.

Green tea green tea is sweet, bitter, slightly cold, has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, can go to the heart, suitable for people with internal heat, not suitable for people with cold constitution.

If you need a lot of brain every day, it is also very suitable for adding green tea.

Longjing and Biluochun are both green tea.

Oolong tea oolong tea is sweet, flat, can heat, stimulate, dry, relieve throat, tongue pain, dry throat and other symptoms, suitable for all physique people to eat.

Especially in winter, the key to health is moistening, while oolong tea can effectively remove residual heat from the body and restore body fluid.

Tie Guanyin is a translated oolong tea.

The nature of Camellia tea is mild, and it has the effect of relieving fatigue, beauty and beauty, suitable for emotional irritability, can effectively alleviate irritability, and is also suitable for people with stress and sensitive skin, the most common is jasmine tea.

The benefits of drinking tea: 1 tea can enhance thinking and memory.

2 drinking tea has great benefits in preventing dental caries. Children can often reduce tea tooth decay by 60%.

3 drinking tea can inhibit cell aging, has a good beauty and weight loss.

4 summer long tea can heatstroke and cool down.

After drinking hot tea for 9 minutes, the skin temperature drops by 1-2 degrees Celsius, making people feel cool.

DON’TS does not drink tea on an empty stomach. It will stimulate excessive gastric acid secretion, causing nausea and stomach pain.

When you eat seafood, you can’t drink tea and eat seafood. When you drink tea, it is easy to form calcium oxalate. After a long time, it will become a stone.

The right time for tea is best started half an hour after the meal.

Tea leaves that do not need to be boiled repeatedly like oxygen, so use fresh water to brew, do not use repeated boiled water to make tea.

DOS tea leaves can be used to apply facial massage, which has the effect of moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. Occasionally, when it is acne, it can accelerate its disappearance.

Green tea refrigerated and preserved green tea such as Longjing and Biluochun need to be stored in the refrigerator, but not stored together with food, and the temperature should not be too low.

Be sure to wash the tea to make the first bubble of tea, you must use tea, in order to remove impurities and ensure good health.

What should I do if my stomach is not good in summer?


What should I do if my stomach is not good in summer?

Can not be greedy cold food popsicles, ice cream, cold drinks can eliminate heat, summer, thirst refreshing, but excessive intake of popsicles, ice cream to reduce gastric mucosal vasoconstriction, decreased gastric secretion, causing loss of appetite and indigestion, affecting appetite.

For those with chronic chronic gastrointestinal diseases, they should eat less or not.

銆€銆€Absorption of large amounts of cold drinks after acute exercise can also cause dysfunction, and even cause vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea in severe cases.

Moreover, eating more cold drinks will definitely affect the replacement of the dinner.

In addition, cold drinks contain a lot of food additives, some people describe them like this: “Pigments are their coats, and fragrance is their soul.”

Especially for children and adolescents who are in the stage of growth and development, cold drinks should not be eaten more.

銆€銆€The diet is light and palatable, cucumber, cold tomatoes, sweet and sour “heart”, old vinegar peanuts, cold radish skin, cold salad, garlic and eggplant are good cold dishes.

The light food is appetizing, palatable, and completely relieves the heat.

For example, mung bean porridge, lotus leaf porridge, mint porridge and soup noodles.

銆€銆€Recipes often change the season’s rich raw materials, change patterns and mixes, and learn new practices that will stimulate our taste buds and evoke our appetite.

銆€銆€Appropriate acid and spicy acid and spicy are typical appetizers.

The right amount of acid and spicy can help digestion, increase appetite, help prevent high temperature, reduce the secretion of common digestive juice in high-humidity state, and absorb the phenomenon of peristaltic decay.

銆€銆€Fruit can eat more sweet and sour fruit, appetizer and heat, can add water, vitamin C, incremental fiber, minerals, a variety of biologically active substances, is very beneficial to the body.

銆€銆€Fruits in the home, vegetable-flavored fruit salads. Snacks are also a good way to supplement nutrition in summer. People who don’t like salad dressing can use yogurt instead. The flavor is unique.

銆€銆€Liquid foods, stomach milk, yogurt, soy milk, freshly squeezed juices are nutritious liquid foods that are eaten when the weather is hot. It will not let our appetite drop, but also quench your thirst and heat, and provide the body with many essential nutrients.