[How to make a spiced pot helmet]_Homely practice of a spiced pot helmet_A practice of a spiced pot helmet_How to make a spiced pot helmet

[How to make a spiced pot helmet]_Homely practice of a spiced pot helmet_A practice of a spiced pot helmet_How to make a spiced pot helmet

When it comes to cooking, don’t forget the spiced pot armor. It is a very easy to operate dish. Onions and ginger are essential. You need to prepare yam powder for seasoning before you can cook with various ingredients. The taste is very delicious., Friends who like to eat meat can let go and eat, and don’t need to worry about obesity.

1. Mix the main ingredients with the surface for 20 minutes, and then ferment 2 times as large. 2. After exhausting, continue to ferment for 10 minutes. 3. Separate the two portions and dry them into two cakes. Spread a little water on the surface of the cake and sprinkle black sesame seeds.4. Add pancake pans and bake for 3 minutes on one side. Turn over again and continue to test for 3 minutes. Repeat this action until cooked and no time to cook. This is a problem for many office workers. Learning simple cooking can solve this problem.The dishes only take more than ten minutes, and add the right amount of soy sauce to improve the color before serving.

[Can you eat dragon fruit when you cough?

]_ Recommended diet

[Can you eat dragon fruit when you cough?
]_ Recommended diet

People must pay attention to the cause of the cough during the cough. For example, if the cause of cough is found, then the treatment should be paid attention to. Keep warm, prevent the cold, follow the doctor’s treatment advice, and use the correct medication.

Of course, it can’t be ignored on diet, because some foods are not suitable for eating during a cold cough, and dragon fruit is a common fruit, so can it be eaten during a cold?

Let’s find out.

When you have a cold, you can eat pitaya. As a common fruit, pitaya has a good cure for hot and cold cough, and cervical lymph tuberculosis. It also has a good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, plus its alternative fiber.It also has a good effect of reducing plasma insulin and improving blood sugar, so in fact, during a cold cough, in addition to other medical treatments, fruits can eat more dragon fruit.

In addition, dragon fruit can also play a very good role in preventing constipation, colon cancer, and weight control. It can also achieve a good therapeutic effect for cough caused by lung yin deficiency.

Therefore, when we are struggling with cough, whether we can eat dragon fruit, then the answer is definitely edible. Dragon fruit is a very healthy fruit. In daily life, men, women and children can eat more.

You should avoid eating cold food and drinks during a cold cough, as these may cause the lungs to be unreported, as well as those fatty foods that are likely to cause hot air in the body and cause the cough to worsen.Various fishy fishy foods are not suitable for eating during cough or cold.

[Baby Grain Formula]_Baby_What to do

[Baby Grain Formula]_Baby_What to do

When people eat whole grains, infants and toddlers should make more nutritious whole grains from the beginning when they add complementary foods.

Formulas for baby cereals usually include red beans, peanuts, walnut kernels, millet, purple rice, glutinous rice, etc., and various nuts can be added, and then put it in a rice cooker to cook it first. Generally 1-3 years old babyThey are all edible. Both have high nutritional value and delicious taste, and they are very popular with babies.

Formula 1 for baby cereals, soak hard-to-cook materials such as red beans, kidney beans, peanuts, walnuts, and soak them in cold water for one night in advance, or boil them in a pot for a while.

2, soaked grains, nuts, rice, purple rice (black rice), glutinous rice, millet, etc., add to the rice cooker, add an appropriate amount of water and coconut milk (you can put more, will make the rice more soft and sweet).

3. Add red dates, candied fruits or candied fruits with removed jujube kernels (the type and amount of candied fruits or candied fruits can be according to the baby’s personal preference), point 4?
6 drops of cooking oil.

4. Cover the lid and let the rice cooker cook.

After cooking for a while, you can eat!

Suitable for the crowd: babies 1 year and 3 months or older.

First, the benefits of babies often eating whole grains?

(Baby Grain Formula Formula) Babies eat coarse grains to prevent osteoporosis.

Babies like to eat sweets, and sweets make body fluids from weakly alkaline to weakly acidic.

In order to maintain the acid-base balance of the human body environment, a large amount of calcium will be consumed, resulting in osteoporosis of the bones due to decalcification.

Therefore, eat some coarse grains, fruits, vegetables, and reconstituted bones.

Babies often eat some coarse grains and vegetables, which can restore toxin replacement and is good for skin health.

It can also keep your teeth healthy. Eating coarse grains often can not only promote the development of your baby’s chewing muscles and gums, but also remove the dirt in the teeth.

Therefore, it is good for your baby to eat coarse grains.

Second, what are the benefits of various types of grains to our body?

(Baby Grain Mix Paste Formula) Every day we are all white noodles, rice, mountain cherries, seafood, big meat, big fish. We should also clear our stomach. Eating coarse grains can make your stomach healthier and appetite stronger.

The nutritional value of whole grains varies.

Millet pigment tryptophan, carotene, stomach and nourish; rice bran peel is the cheapest anti-cancer food; oat protein, the best food to lower blood fat; sorghum fatty acid fat and iron; potato contains carotene and vitamin C.

Black rice is a good supplement for the four seasons; Guya is a good food for appetizers and digestion; Wheat is the best health anti-cancer food; Barley is a healthy food for regulating gastrointestinal function; Wheat germ is the essence of nutrition; Buckwheat is a strong heart to lower blood pressureHealthy food Sorghum is a healthy food for spleen and diarrhea; corn is a well-known anti-cancer and anti-aging food; peanut is a long-lasting fruit that prolongs life; black sesame is a healthy food for blood supply; sesame is an anti-aging and anti-aging food; black beans are nourishingThe best food for tonifying the kidney and yin; red bean is a good food for swelling and blood; mung bean is the best summer food for summer, mung bean has a sweet cold, diuretic swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst;

Nourishing and healthy black rice porridge can help lose weight

Nourishing and healthy black rice porridge can help lose weight

Women will dream of becoming the most dazzling star in everyone’s eyes. When you have a charming figure, every angle is flawless, and naturally it becomes the focus of everyone’s eyes.

Xiaobian Life Special has created a 360-degree perfect weight-loss plan for you. It integrates all kinds of healthy weight-loss information to help you have a perfect body!

  Since ancient times, black rice has been regarded as a nourishing health product.

Studies at home and abroad show that the darker the color of rice, the stronger the anti-aging effect of epidermal pigments, and the effect of black rice pigments is the strongest in rice of various colors.

In addition, this pigment also contains flavonoids, which are five times as much as white rice, and has a great effect on preventing arteriosclerosis.

  The efficacy and production method of black rice porridge: cook black rice into rice or porridge, eat all day, can not help but water.

  Black rice is a kind of medicine, food and rice, which has good quality and long history of planting, so it is produced in many places.

  Black rice has high edible value. Modern medicine has confirmed that black rice has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, strengthening the spleen, warming the liver, and promoting blood circulation.

  When cooking porridge, black rice is soaked in water for a whole day and night, and the washing time is more frequent. The water of the rice should be cooked with the rice to preserve the nutritional content.

  Insist on eating only seven full every night.

At breakfast, he eats milk and eggs; eats breakfast and lunch, and eats as little as possible at dinner.

  Precautions for the black rice weight loss method. In theory, a person’s normal daily calorie consumption is almost 2,000 calories or more.

If you only absorb 333 kcal, then you consume around 1700 kcal of transfers.

One kilogram aunt = 7700 kcal.

If you convert the coarse column, you can lose one kilogram in at least 4 days.

(In fact, it is far more than that) So, in theory, black rice diet is well-founded.

Eating black rice alone has very little absorption outside the body, and it is full.

It will definitely be effective if you persist for ten days.

  If you want to lose weight completely, put up with it in these ten days.

It does not matter if you have acne at both ends, because black rice itself has a detoxification function.

If BB is not good, you can drink honey water.

  Porridge TIPS: Black rice is available in supermarkets. It will be difficult to wash it. It feels old and not clean. It’s all purple water . it doesn’t matter, don’t worry about it.

In addition, black rice needs to be cooked if it is cooked. Maybe MM will want to cook in a pressure cooker. In fact, the simplest way is to soak it for 20 hours before cooking. In that case, it will be as good as ordinary rice!

Fenglong Acupoint——Relieving Sleepiness

Fenglong Acupoint——Relieving Sleepiness

Some people think that drowsiness is not an eye-causing disease.
As everyone knows, drowsiness is the messenger of the devil, and people who have more sleepiness are likely to suffer from “fashion diseases” such as diabetes and cerebral thrombosis. However, thankfully, our body has a magic weapon to deal with the “sad man”.This is the “Fenglong Acupoint”, which I will introduce below: This acupoint is located on the outer side of the calf, 8 inches above the tip of the lateral malleolus, between the tibia and fibula.
What is red song?
Some people report that this acupuncture point is not easy to find. In fact, as long as you find the approximate location, when you touch a part that is particularly sensitive and the pain is severe, it is Fenglong.
This point has the best effect of acupuncture, which should be operated by a special acupuncture physician.
If acupuncture is inconvenient, massaging this acupuncture point can also be used to dry the spleen, expel phlegm, and relieve phlegm. It only takes you 1 to 5 minutes a day, even while you are watching TV, waiting for a car, or even chatting with friends.Medium, it was done on the go.
  Because Fenglong acupoint is Foot-yang Mingluo acupoint, the water and turbidity of the stomach and spleen meridians converge here, and the rain drops.
Massaging this acupoint can clear the qi and blood of the stomach and spleen meridians, that is, “one collateral and two meridians”, so it plays a role in conditioning the spleen and stomach, promoting the subtle transport of water valleys and widening the qi.
“Jade Dragon Song” says: “Sputum should be sought from Fenglong”.
In ancient times, “Fenglong” means “cloud” and “thunder”. People have headaches and fainting, just like a cloud over their heads. When they stimulate Fenglong, they can make the water wet and turbid and turn into heavy rain., Rushed down, so I was able to see the sun, suddenly bright, tired and exhausted.
  In addition, you may wish to add your own thoughts when massaging this acupoint. You can imagine yourself as the messenger of the wind and clouds, all over the palms, all “clouds” and “thunder” rolling, and the phlegm and wet accumulation all turned into heavy rain.
Every morning so rubbing, where is still half sleepy?
  If you have a phlegm-damp constitution, I would like to work hard first. The danger of not eating dinner is because you are the most “duty and far away.” It ‘s not enough just to get rid of the “sleepy bug”. You have to putAll the causative factors can be cleared away in order to feel comfortable and relaxed.
And this is undoubtedly a fierce battle.
The key to your victory in this tough battle is not how strong you are, but whether your mind is firm. “Zhi Ning moves with the mountain, and intent is the disease.”-“Three Cong Therapies”, a prelude to your relaxed life in the future.

4 different skin care methods


4 different skin care methods

The skin loses its tightness, becomes soft, loses its elasticity, produces wrinkles, loses its luster, and becomes dull. At the same time, it also causes mental illness due to unhealthy.

Different skin types have different maintenance methods. If your skin often has problems, the first thing to check is whether your maintenance method is correct.

  The skin care method with sufficient moisture and oil content should be adjusted according to changes in the environment and climate.

  This skin is basically normal, but the condition of the skin is prone to changes in the environment, climate, and diet.

For example, excessive sebum secretion in summer can easily lead to acne, and in winter, the skin will become slightly dry, so this is a type of skin that needs to be adjusted according to seasonal changes.

  Too much oil, skin with insufficient moisture, skin that becomes more and more oily after forgetting to keep warm, hydration is the first.

  The pores of this skin are very obvious, and the shell surface is relatively oily. It is easy to forget to replenish the water in order to remove excess oil.

If you have this kind of skin, you must start with moisturizing. When the skin’s moisturization is enough, you will not keep getting oil.

It is best to use oil control + moisturizing milky night or lotion, for better results.

  Skin with more water and less oil content should be the perfect skin as long as it pays attention to moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.

  It looks like the best skin, but the lack of oil can easily disperse the water in the skin. Once the cold air or cold wind blows, the skin will become dry.

Therefore, skin care products containing oil are essential.

In addition, where there is less secretion of oil around the eyes, focus on maintenance to avoid early appearance of fine lines.

  Skin with less moisture and less oily fragile skin requires careful care.

  This kind of skin is very dry, prone to fine lines, and very fragile.

Therefore, when cleaning the skin, it should be gentle and reduce skin irritation.

It is the focus of maintenance to replenish oil and water at the same time.

How to use the mask works well When you notice the 25-year-old skin care, tell you to transfer the mask care.

Is the mask really that good?

  Remember, a mask is a good thing at any time, it can add moisture to the skin, make the skin white, clean the deep skin, soothe fine lines on the skin, increase the brightness of the skin, and repair itAfter the sun, the mask is the most effective and convenient way to care for the skin.

  How does the mask work so well?

  The principle of the mask is to use a thick layer of dressings with different functions and ingredients to apply to the face to block the skin from contact with the air.

When this layer of dressing is tightly attached to the skin, it will increase the temperature of the skin by blocking the secretion of sebum and the evaporation of sweat; when the temperature of the skin rises, it will promote blood circulation and allow nutrients that penetrate the skin to be intercellularSpread deeper and wider.

  The epidermal layer on the surface of the skin that can’t be evaporated can be evaporated. The moisture in the epidermal layer becomes full, the skin will look softer and tighter, and the fine lines will become lighter. In addition, the temperature and warmth will reach keratin softeningCapillary pores expand; once the pores expand, the accumulated sweat can be replaced and removed, which is why the mask completely cleans the skin function.

Get up 3 minutes early to make you beautiful all day

Get up 3 minutes early to make you beautiful all day

Everyone has seen the horror of women’s makeup removal, but in fact many people don’t know that the state of just waking up is not good enough.

Especially when she was not awake, her skin was completely yellow and dull, and her face was shiny.

How can you inspire your sleeping skin and make yourself feel better?

  First, wash your face and remove the shine. Step 1: 20 seconds, make a sponge bubble, wet your hands, squeeze a coin-sized face wash, and rub your fingers with your fingers. Then focus the bubbles on the palm of your hand. The other three fingers are like eggbeaters., Put the air into the bubble, and you can make a sponge bubble in 20 seconds!

  Step 2: After applying the normal cleaning procedure to the perfume towel for 30 seconds, apply a hot towel to the face.

The warmth of the towel relaxes the skin and mood.

You can also choose different essential oils dripping in hot water to let the hot towel emit a faint scent, and apply it to absolutely relieve the pressure value!

  Second, the lotion pats the skin to restore good skin. The lotion is the most direct hydration step. The method of rubbing the lotion can be using a cotton pad or using clean hands to directly pat. Xiaobian recommends packaging.

Because on the dull morning, gently patting the face can be aimed at the effect of massage, make the lotion more absorbed, and make you instantly awake.

  Don’t always pat your cheeks when you pat, you can also pat on the corners of your mouth and nose.

  Third, rubbing the essence massage is only effective if you simply rub the skin care products, but if you add massage, the whole person is just comfortable and the product is more easily absorbed by the skin.

  STEP1: Combine the ring finger of the ring finger and the middle finger, and slide from the chin to the jaw point under the ear, which can effectively improve the double chin and create a charming and delicate V face.

  STEP2: From the corner of the mouth, pull up to the point of Shimonoseki in the ear to improve the muscle elasticity of the face, and the apple muscle will be trained!

  STEP3: Start from the nose, gently slide over the giant point under the cheekbones, and finally stop at the temple to eliminate puffiness on the face.

Repeat this step!

  Step 4: With both fingers, press the eyebrow on the bamboo acupoint, and then slide it up to the central Shenting acupoint on the forehead to activate qi and blood and increase brain energy.

  Fourth, let’s get some lotion to make your skin supple for a whole day. Step1: You can choose a light moisturizing lotion of fragrance type, which will be healed with SPA maintenance methods.

Be sure to warm the lotion in the palm of your hand first, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced!

  Step2: Before rubbing on the skin, first sniff for 5 seconds near the nose. By smelling the natural plant aroma of the lotion, it will help relax the mood, and the mood will be better, and the skin will no longer be so tight!

  Step3: After smelling the fragrance, gently press the fingers and palms, rub the lotion on the entire face, rub the lotion, massage and moisturize, and finally hold the palm lightly against the warm face, which can effectively help the skin absorb!

I want to eat more pineapple and watermelon.

I want to eat more pineapple and watermelon.

Many people have heard that fruit is a good choice when losing weight, and eating more will not go wrong.

In fact, most fruits are more beneficial to meat than meat and staple foods, but watermelons and pineapples are an exception.

Because their GI value is almost the same as some starchy foods such as pasta and biscuits, even higher than meat, this is the key to determining whether you are easy to get fat. The faster the sugar absorption rate of food is, the more likely it is to gain weight.

If you want to lose weight by eating fruits, choose safer fruits such as coconut, strawberry, and grapefruit.

Gummy candy: Fructose syrup causes too much of this candy to contain juice, as well as vitamins added with saccharin.

Some people say that eating gummy can be thin, but it also contains fructose syrup, which often leads to obesity.

Vitamin water: It is a certain weight gain for long-term drinking. It contains vitamins, but the calorie of a bottle of vitamin water is 200.

If you drink a bottle a day, you will gain a few pounds of weight a year.

Pretzel: A bag containing a lot of carbohydrate pretzel may be “no fat”, which makes it a good potato chip replacement.

But they are made of fine flour and contain a lot of glucose. 200 grams of pretzel is equal to a blend of 10 white breads.

Dry lips from inside to outside

Dry lips from inside to outside

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen opens its mouth to its mouth, and its beauty lies on the lips.

It means that the spleen is the main muscle, and the lips are muscular tissues. The color of the lips is closely related to the spleen’s movement.

Therefore, strengthening the spleen is the key to preventing chapped lips.

  The chapped lips not only have the pain of swelling like burning, but they also look unsightly.

Here are some food treatments for lip care. If you can do it yourself, you may not worry about cleft lip.

  Yam is rich in nutrients and has been a tonic tonic since ancient times.

Yam contains free amino acids, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, which have a tonic effect.

Stewed with yam and goose meat, it is beneficial for qi, clearing heat, and promoting hydration.

  Fresh vegetables eat soy sprouts, rapeseed, pakchoi, white radish and other oxide vitamins.

  50 grams of Tremella stewed with rock sugar, 10 pieces of red dates, moderate amount of rock sugar, delivered 3-4 times a day.

  Kelp Chopped kelp into decoction, which can be taken regularly.

  In addition, those with cracked lips should smoke less and drink less coffee.

These heating methods are not allowed in winter!


These heating methods are not allowed in winter!

You are in the sun in the south, showing your waist!

He was wrapped in a cold night in the north!

And I, no waist, no wrap!

Heating depends on one body!

There are many ways to warm in the winter. The warmth of relying on sweet single dogs depends on the righteousness. But how can you not drink alcohol to keep out the cold?

There is some truth to drinking colder after drinking, but it must not be excessive.

After drinking, the human body does feel warm.

This is because when people drink alcohol, it will cause the heart to accelerate, the blood circulation is accelerated, the metabolism of the body is accelerated, and the small arteries are rapidly expanding, thereby accelerating the emission of the changes and transporting the body to the surface of the skin quickly.

People will have a warm feeling, but this warmth is temporary.

Because the warm feeling of drinking is not the volume of wine produced.

On the contrary, when the traces in the body are quickly brought to the surface of the body, they will re-emit through the surface of the skin, which actually consumes more transformation in the body.

When the rate of toxin production in the body is not as fast as the rate of loss, people will feel cold.

If you compete for wine, it will not be able to prevent the cold, but it will be colder after drinking.

Suggestion: A small amount of alcohol can be used, remember to greet the cup, do not blow the wine after drinking.

Eat hot pot to keep warm?

The reason why eating hot pot varies from person to person is that it is warm, mainly because the hot pot contains a lot of pepper.

The main component of pepper is capsaicin, which can promote blood circulation, can eliminate the coldness of the skin, and thus must have the effect of protecting the cold, but the spicy food is very harmful to metabolism.

Seafood, lamb, fungus, spicy and other pot bottoms should be selected according to different constitutions.

Such as Yang Sheng, strong physical fitness, should not eat hot pot.

Those who are afraid of cold in the limbs and chills are more suitable for hot pot.

On the contrary, people with both qi and yin should eat less or not eat hot pot.

Warm baby to warm?

Be careful of low temperature burns.

At present, many heating stickers contain iron powder, activated carbon, water-absorbent resin and other raw materials. When the package is exposed to air, it starts to heat up and can maintain 51 掳C.
60 掳 C for about 12 hours.

Therefore, when it is cold, many people like to put the heating paste on the abdomen, anatomy, legs, and even some people like to stick in the close-fitting clothes, I do not know the danger of low temperature burns.

The danger of low temperature burns is that the skin will have allergies, itching, redness, blisters, and peeling.

If the treatment is not timely, ulceration may occur.

Suggestion: The heating sticker can not be attached to the body, preferably 3?
Replace it in 4 hours, transform, people with low skin heat sensitivity, such as the elderly, diabetes, children, pregnant women should not be used.

Electric blanket heating?

Be careful to dry your skin and open the electric blanket to sleep. This method of heating is not desirable.

Because the electric blanket is continuously heated, the evaporation of the skin moisture is increased, resulting in a dry skin, prone to skin problems such as itching and even allergies.

And the use of electric blankets overnight, there is also the danger of low temperature burns.

“Especially elderly people with poor blood circulation and feeling dull, the degree of risk of skin problems in the body directly touching the electric blanket.
“Recommendation: If you must use electric blankets, remember not to open the sputum, you can turn off the power after warming up before bed, and turn off the power supply; it is best to cover the electric blanket with a layer of pure cotton cover, try to avoidDirect contact with the skin; use electric blanket to keep warm, pay attention to add more water, and apply moisturizing cream.

Old people and children, sweating around the crowd, it is best not to use electric blankets.

Wearing a mask can block the cold?
It may reduce the immunity. In fact, the heating effect of the mask is not good, and the immunity of the human body can be lowered.

This is because the human nasal mucosa is rich in blood vessels and spongy vascular networks, the blood circulation is very active, and the cold air inhaled naturally warms up, and the human nasal passages are very tortuous, greatly increasing the nasal mucosa.The area is thus further enhanced by the warming effect.
In this way, when the human body inhales cold air into the lungs through the nasal passage, it is close to the human body temperature due to the warming effect.

Is it warmer to sleep?

Beware of lack of oxygen. Some people use a straw to sleep in the bed. It feels warmer for a while, but the oxygen in the bed will be less and less, and the carbon dioxide and unclean gas will be more and more, so after you have a big sleep, youI often feel groggy.

Keep warm and courage to help you keep out the cold 1, the heating temperature is not too high.

Air conditioning, heating temperature is too high, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, small blood vessels are easy to shrink when going out, making people feel colder.

Therefore, the indoor temperature is preferably set to 18 掳 C?
20 掳 C.

2, less intake of caffeine.

Caffeine has the effect of dilating blood vessels, making it difficult for blood vessels to contract naturally in cold conditions, causing the body to spread and making people feel colder.

Decaffeinated hot drinks such as ginger tea have better warmth and are more suitable for winter.

(Click on the picture to enter the mall) 3, do not put your hand in the pocket.

Do not put your hands in the pocket when you walk in winter. You can put on your gloves and shake your skull. This will move your arms and muscles, improve your body and hands, and make your body warm and warm.

4, drink more soy milk.

With vitamin supplements or fat content, absorbing protein can significantly increase body temperature.

It is recommended to have a cup of soy milk for breakfast, and eat nuts and yoghurt as appropriate.

5, the hat should cover the ears.

Head cooling accounts for 30% of body heat.

It’s best to choose a hat that covers your ears, because the ears are thin, but they are slightly larger and easier to dissipate heat.

6, active toe before getting up.

Before the waking up, the toe nails move 20 times, then draw the circle to move the toes with the feet, 10 times in the forward and reverse directions, and then tighten the thighs and relax 10 times.

This will allow the body to move and the bed will not feel too cold.

Some parts of the body need to keep warm 1 , the head warms I often hear the older generation say: the head is the most frozen place.


“The head is the meeting of Zhuyang.”

In fact, this is true. Our body meridians are mostly concentrated in the head. If our heads are not protected, it is really like our thermos without a lid. At this time, the yang in our body is most likely to be scattered.

Therefore, it is necessary to wear a suitable hat when going out in winter.

In winter, the temperature is low. Choose a hat to be cautious. It should be warm, such as a woolen knit cap, a knit cap, a cotton cap or a cashmere cap, to better protect the ears and the head.

2, neck warmth and high blood pressure on the head, the lower torso, called the human body’s fortress.

The tip is cold, which can cause local vasoconstriction, blood flow velocity to decrease, and even cause dizziness, lack of blood supply to the brain and other discomfort.

Therefore, when we go out in the winter, we must prepare a warm scarf to resist the invasion of the wind and cold, and also prevent colds and other effects.

Here, we would like to remind everyone that we will find that many of us wear our scarves and we are always used to licking our necks and mouths. In fact, this practice is not good for health.

Because the scarf fiber is easy to absorb, it is easy to absorb dust, germs, it is easy to transfer the breath into the body, causing disease.

3, foot warming We all know that warmth is important for both feet. Although the feet support the “building” of the human body, it is far away from the heart, the blood circulation is easily disturbed, and a small amount of thin layer under the skin, poor thermal insulation performance, easy to chill.

Therefore, winter must pay attention to keep the shoes warm and dry; every 2?
After 3 hours, you can get up and walk for 10 minutes to promote blood circulation in your feet.

In addition, before going to sleep with hot water to soak your feet, hold the palm and massage the foot for about 10 minutes, you can also take advantage of the role of health care.

4, the knee warm old people pay special attention to keep warm knees, in fact, this makes sense.

The knee has a low adult content and is susceptible to cold irritation.
Moreover, in winter and winter, the blood supply around the knee joint is reduced, the protection and regulation function is lowered, and the knee joint pain is easily caused when the cold air invades.

Therefore, we should pay attention to female friends. In the cold winter, we should not wear short skirts, cropped trousers, etc., ride a bicycle, wear knee pads when exercising, and pay attention to exercise.

5, the nose is warm, “the nose is the lungs”, to prevent respiratory diseases, we must keep this “door.”

Every morning and before going to bed, you can use the thumb on the outside of the nose along the bridge of the nose, massage the sides of the nose up and down 30 times, and then massage the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose 15 to 20 times to promote blood circulation and enhance the cold resistance of the nose.