[How to stir-fry the noodles is delicious_how to stir-fry the noodles is delicious and simple]

[How to stir-fry the noodles is delicious_how to stir-fry the noodles is delicious and simple]

Pho is a kind of food. It is chewy and easy to eat, and the taste is different if different sauces are used. Some people prefer to eat fried noodles., Fried rice noodles is a popular food, but some people do not know how to make it delicious, so how to make rice noodles delicious?

Fried Pho is a famous traditional snack in Guangzhou, Guangdong, which is a substitute of Guangdong.

The raw materials are pho, beef, and sprouts.

Can increase the activity of immune cells and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

Method 1: Pho (six or two), beef (one or two), sprouts (two or two), old soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, raw soy sauce, and sugar are mixed in an appropriate amount for use.

Put the marinated beef into the pan first, be sure to spread out the beef, fry one side and turn over to fry the other side.

1. Add the sprouts and stir-fry until the eight are ripe.

2. Put the oil and heat, then add the noodles, add the adjusted sauce and stir evenly on the noodles, stir fry a few times.

3. Pour in the fried beef sprouts, and stir well before serving.

Conventional two materials: Pho, eggs, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, starch, spring onion, ginger, chicken essence.

1. Pho noodles are soaked in warm water; put the eggs in a bowl, add cooking wine, separate the salt, fry them in a pot, divide into small pieces, hold them for future use; wash and shred ginger, and cut garlic seedlings; put the base oil in the pot, You can put a little more, after the oil is heated, add ginger and stir-fry; add onion, add pho, stir fry on high heat; use chopsticks to break the powder; add carrots and stir-fry until slightly soft,Add sauce, and finally scallion, stir-fry the eggs; add chicken and stir well.

Regular three materials: Pho, egg, pork, mung bean sprouts, salad oil, soy sauce, salt, onion, ginger, garlic, wine, starch, white sugar, break the eggs, put some salt, sugar; shred pork, marinate with soy sauce, starch, cooking wine for 5 minutes; cabbage, gingerShred garlic and chopped shallots and chopped shallots; prepare egg shreds and cut into shreds and stir-fry the shredded pork until the color changes. Remove the oil from the spare pan, add ginger, garlic and fragrant, add green sprouts, and shredded cabbage.Stir-fry; add pho, stir-fry slightly; add spare egg shreds; stir-fry the shreds with salt, cooking wine, and soy sauce; add the spring onion.

[How to fry shrimp tails]_How to make_How to make

[How to fry shrimp tails]_How to make_How to make

Shrimp tail is a kind of food that we often see in our life. It must be cleaned before making it. Otherwise, the parasites in the shrimp tail may easily enter the human body. When these parasites enter the human body, the body ‘s immune functionWill be destroyed.

There are also many ways of shrimp tails. The taste of shrimp tails made by different chefs is different. Here are some specific methods of shrimp tails: Method 1: Wash the sediment first.

After rushing in with water, watch the water gradually clear, then remove the intestines, grab the fan in the middle of the tail and pull it out.

Repeatedly soaked in brine.

Then remove the pan.

The method is as follows: 1. Vegetable oil is added with a bag of cold pot fish (or hot pot fish). The supermarket sells ready-made ones.

Chongqing is delicious.

Put in a lot of dried sea peppers (even Sichuanese, eat spicy, especially like the shrimp in a pile of red peppers), a handful of peppercorns, and garlic and ginger slices.

Stir-fried with fragrant shrimp 2.

Stir-fry, put onion section when cooking, add cooking wine and pepper.

3. After frying for more than ten minutes, after the shrimp color turns red, add the onion pieces and green pepper pieces cut into 4cm long sections.

4, fry for a while, taste the taste.

I felt a little salty, and added some sugar in.

Well, this is fine.

Practice 2: 1.

Prepare shrimp tail.

This is the tail of shrimp just bought and not yet thawed.


Prepare spring onions, ginger, garlic, dried peppers, watercress sauce, hot pot base, hemp pepper (the kind of green peppercorns), cinnamon, fragrant leaves, grass fruit, sugar.


Thaw the shrimp tails in cold water and rub them with water.

Finally, sprinkle some white wine, let it stand for a while, and rinse it with water two or three times.


Cut the shallot into sections, slice ginger, smash garlic, stir-fry in hot oil 5.

After frying, add dried peppers.


Pour in the shrimp tail, stir fry quickly, add the bean paste and hot pot base.

Reduce the heat, or the bottom of the hot pot will be burnt.


Pour boiling water, add cinnamon, fragrant leaves, grass fruit, sugar, boil over high heat, and harvest the juice.


Out of the pan.

The above is a certain introduction to the practice of fried shrimp tail. I hope that interested people can learn how to make it at home. This shrimp cuisine is very flavorful and can make people appreciate the power of taste at the table.It will fascinate people who eat shrimp tail for the first time. Finally, I hope everyone will buy fresh river shrimp and refuse to contaminate shrimp.

Hengshun Vinegar Industry (600305) Research Report: Prospects for Internal Reform Accelerate Brand Revitalization

Hengshun Vinegar Industry (600305) Research Report: Prospects for Internal Reform Accelerate Brand Revitalization

Matters: Recently, we participated in the company’s extraordinary shareholders meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Hang Zhuhong was elected as the chairman of the company. The new chairman, Mr. Hang, made his debut for the first time and discussed and interacted with investors on the company’s next development strategy and business ideas.

  In the medium and long term, we will continue to focus on the main business and create the Three Musketeers of Hengshun products.

Regarding the medium and long-term development strategy, the chairman clearly stated that he will unswervingly focus on the main business and integrate excellent resources into the main condiment business. Recently, he has clearly introduced the three core categories of hengshun products, namely vinegar, sauce and 无锡桑拿网 cooking wine.
The vinegar business will continue to maintain the leading scale, expand the sub-categories and promote product upgrades; the initial investment in the sauce business has reached a scale, and strive to enter a new stage of quantitative change to qualitative change; the cooking wine business has become the top three brands in the country in recent yearsThe growth momentum is good and it is expected to maintain rapid growth.

  Strengthen marketing channels and build a diversified product system.

For brands, it is expected to continue to increase brand awareness, strengthen strategic layout and brand development, and propose to shift from past product marketing to strengthen brand marketing and enhance brand cross-regional awareness; in terms of channels, create a benchmark city market, and the layout of the theater, continueImprove the ability of the supermarket to push the landing, actively work on the construction of modern channels such as e-commerce online sales, transform strong brands, and hope to expand overseas business expansion; in terms of products, reduce consumer demand-oriented, and focus on consumer upgrade trends, consumers choose to focus on research, And strive to create a complete product system in different price bands.

  The executives adjusted and released positive signals, expecting the pace of internal reform to accelerate.

We believe that the current chairman’s adjustment has also released a positive signal that the government has promoted the company to gradually accelerate reforms.

The chairman made it clear that he will pay more attention to the company’s development strategy and brand development strategy, and then focus on research and promotion of the progressive development of the marketing system, product system and assessment system, and put forward the five central concepts.

Regarding internal governance, the reform directions of refined internal management, marketization of performance assessment, and efficient team building are proposed.

Regarding market development, for the first time, the theater responsibility system was planned. The preliminary plan is to divide the market into four major theaters, strengthen the sense of competition, and continue to promote the sinking of theater theater channels.

In performance evaluation, the performance incentive mechanism has been gradually improved, changing the current situation of the company’s incentives in the industry’s relative disadvantage, implementing the concept of performance as the king, gradually making up for the link with performance, and highlighting the change of people is the biggest change.

  Currently, the income forecast is first raised, and the potential for substantial improvement in the medium and long term is sufficient.

After the company’s new chairman arrives, he gradually introduces the five central concepts, the product Three Musketeers and the marketing theater system, and releases positive signals. It is expected that the pace of internal marketing reform will accelerate, the marketization of the incentive mechanism will be accelerated, and the focus will be on accelerating the scale of revenue.Full potential for sexual improvement.

We are currently raising the revenue forecast for this year and next, and slightly raising the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to zero.



61 yuan (previous forecast was 0.



60 yuan), corresponding to a PE of 38/32/27 times. Considering that internal reforms have gradually promoted mid- and long-term business improvement, a 20X 35X estimate is given with a target price of 17.

9 yuan, maintaining the “recommended” level.

  Risk warning: market expansion is less than expected, mechanism reform is less effective than expected, etc.

9 ways to speed up your social circle

9 ways to speed up your social circle

No matter in the workplace or in our daily life, we must always deal with people. Having a good communication circle can not only make our work more effective, but also allow us to get spiritual satisfaction.
If you are a person who loves making friends, then the following methods are worth your while.
  Many adults, especially men, struggle to develop new friendships or maintain existing friendships.
For one, time is limited and friendships may give way to other, more important things, such as working long hours, repairing kitchen floors, or taking care of elderly parents.
Or you moved to a new community and couldn’t meet your friends.
  The development of friendship does require effort.
But friendship is so important to your happiness that it is worth the time and effort.
  Here are some ways for you to develop new friendships: Take a walk with your pet.
Find famous pet dog parks, talk to others about your pet’s fun, or walk your dog together.
  Second, fitness.
Take a class at a local gym, go to a premium center or use community fitness facilities.
Going for a walk with colleagues during lunch time.
  Third, cook.
Invite your acquaintances for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  Accept the invitation.
When someone invites you to a dinner or social gathering, promise him.
Don’t say it because you may not know everyone or you may feel awkward at first.
If you feel uncomfortable, you can leave at any time.
  Fifth, do volunteer work.
Hospitals, places of worship, museums, community centers, and other organizations often require volunteers.
You can connect closely with other volunteers who share your interests.
  Six, the same goal.
Work hard with a group of people towards a goal, such as elections or clearing of natural areas.
  7. Join a hobby group.
Find a group with similar interests, like racing, music, gardening, books or crafts.
  8. Back to school.
Attend college or community education courses to connect with like-minded people.
  Nine, appear in front of the porch.
The front porch used to be a social center for neighbors.
If you don’t have a front porch, you can still sit in front, have a cup of coffee or read a good book to make yourself visible.
  Editor’s note: I believe that everyone has a few close friends in life. Whether you like making friends or willing to make friends in your own circle, friends are “necessities” in our lives.
Although you cannot become good friends with others the first time you meet, but as long as you are willing to spread the seeds of friendship, then you are the “king of communication”, so-called “having friends coming from afar, isn’t it fun?”

Office workers drink 7 more teas to prevent cancer and dryness

Office workers drink 7 more teas to prevent cancer and dryness

Experts point out that tea contains a large amount of implanted acid, theophylline, tea sesame oil and multivitamins. It is more suitable to brew with water at about 80 ° C. If the tea is continuously immersed in high temperature water in a thermos cup, it can be put into teaAll the vitamins in the tea were damaged, a large amount of tea volatile oil was volatilized, acid precipitated, and theophylline was exuded.

This not only reduces the nutritional value of tea, reduces the aroma of tea, but also increases carcinogens.

  Face the computer screen every day, sit still every day, and stay out of the office every day . Studies show that office workers have become the most vulnerable to cancer now.

Due to bad habits, even drinking tea now may cause cancer.

actually not!

As long as it is consumed reasonably, tea can prevent cancer.

So, in this dry autumn and winter season, what tea can office workers drink to prevent cancer and dryness?

  Office workers drink seven kinds of tea to prevent cancer, moisturize the lungs, and nourish qi.[Ginger Su Tea]This tea has the functions of evacuation and cold, qi and stomach, and is suitable for colds, colds, fever, or nausea, vomiting, stomachache, and bloatingSuitable for colds.

This recipe uses medicine instead of tea, which has less flavor and fineness, and is practical and simple.

  Ginger and perilla leaves are 3 grams each. Cut the ginger into filaments, wash the perilla leaves and brew with boiling water for 10 minutes instead of tea.

2 doses daily, 1 dose each in the morning and afternoon.

  2,[orange tea]This tea has lungs and phlegm; qi and cough, the effect is suitable for the symptoms of cough and phlegm in autumn, sticky and sputum.

This tea uses orange red Xuanzhong to regulate qi, eliminate phlegm and relieve cough.

Tea has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which is formulated from the second flavor, which has better effect on those who have cough and sputum, which are sticky and difficult to poke out.

  Pick Orange 3?
6 grams, 5 grams of green tea.

Brew with boiling water and put it in the pot for 20 minutes.

1 dose per day is possible at any time.

  3.[Tieguanyin Tea]This tea has the functions of clearing eyesight, sterilizing and anti-inflammatory, reducing weight and beauty, delaying aging, preventing cancer, reducing blood fat, reducing cholesterol, reducing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

People say “spring water and autumn fragrance”, so autumn tea is a fine product in tea, and at this time, Tieguanyin autumn tea is on the market.

Taken together, autumn is the season for Tieguanyin’s health.

  4,[radish tea]This tea can clear the lungs, remove phlegm, add some salt to both flavor and clear the lungs.

  Put 100 grams of white radish and 5 grams of tea. Wash and slice the white radish and boil it. Season with a little salt. Then brew the tea for 5 minutes and pour it into the radish juice. Take 2 times a day.

Folk proverb: “Eating radish and drinking tea, the doctor crawled up with anger.

5,[Silver Fungus Tea]This tea has the effects of nourishing yin and lowering fire, nourishing lungs and relieving cough, and is especially suitable for yin deficiency cough.

  Optionally, use 20 grams of Tremella, 5 grams of tea, and 20 grams of rock sugar. Wash the tremella, add water and rock sugar to cook it, and soak the tea for 5 minutes before adding it to the Tremella Soup. Stir and take.

  6.[Osmanthus tea]This tea has the effect of warming yang, treating hypertension of weak yang.

  1 g of dried osmanthus and 2 g of tea.

Put dried osmanthus and tea leaves into the cup and brew in boiling water for 6 minutes, then it can be replaced.

Drink 1 cup each morning and evening.

  7,[Bitter Gourd Tea]Bitter Gourd Tea, this tea has diuretic and other effects.

  The bitter gourd can be mixed with green tea and hung in a ventilated place to dry in the shade. You can chop the bitter gourd and take 10 grams of boiling water for boiling.

  Tips: Improper tea drinking can cause cancer, while drinking tea properly can prevent cancer!

Office workers are cancer-loving people. Prevent cancer. Don’t take it lightly!

Postpartum Recovery Posture-Bow

Postpartum Recovery Posture-Bow

Intermediate benefits: This body’s curved posture can make the spine more flexible and flexible, can expand the chest, stretch the tibia and groin, it can also stimulate the kidneys and adrenals, and revitalize the body.

  Note: If you have spine and lower tibia problems, be careful when practicing.

If you have a cesarean section and Palestine has not fully recovered, you should also pay attention to safety while practicing.

  Method: Prone bend knees, feet close to hips.

Hold your feet backwards with both hands.

Inhale, exhale, lift your feet away from your hips and lift your chest up.

Look forward, keep your arms straight, hold this position for 6 breaths, then release your feet, lower your chest and touch the floor.

If you feel comfortable and powerful when doing this movement, you can roll your body back and forth and repeat the whole posture 3-4 times.

Obesity MM Changchang Peas easily cause infertility?

Obesity MM Changchang Peas easily cause infertility?

Women who are obese with menstrual abnormalities should pay attention, and they often have small peas. You may have developed polycystic ovary syndrome.

  Experts reminded that if you do not eat and drink and can not control obesity, and only a few months after menstruation or simply amenorrhea, but also grow a lot of small acne, then you may have suffered from polycystic ovarySyndrome.
The occurrence of polycystic ovary syndrome is related to the imbalance of hormone metabolism. From the beginning of puberty in women, the long-term existence of follicular development, thickening of follicular envelope, leading to the inability of follicles to be discharged, causing disorder of hormone metabolism after accumulation, causing adverse consequences such as infertility.

  Changle small acne should pay attention to, polycystic ovary syndrome is common in adolescent and reproductive women, menstruation is very regular, the cycle is 3?
6 months or a year, a small number of menstrual flow or irregular bleeding.
Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome often have small acne, mainly distributed in the face, around the chest, lower abdomen and so on.

  In addition, stimulated by androgen, underarm hair, pubic hair, hair growth of the limbs, the incidence of hairy accounted for 17%?
18%, and the incidence of ulcer sores is 60%.

What makes the girl who loves beauty more upset is that she is suffering from this disease, 40%?
60% of body weight will exceed the standard.

Because the occurrence of obesity and the occurrence and development of polycystic ovary syndrome have a mutually reinforcing effect.

  Of course, although polycystic ovary syndrome often falls in love with young girls, it is not a fear to get this disease.

Pay attention to weight loss, weight loss, physical exercise, proper diet control is necessary, taking symptomatic drugs can often relieve symptoms.

If you want to have a child, then laparoscopic or open surgery, or puncture small follicles can change the level of estrogen to promote ovulation and smooth pregnancy.

Most important issues for newborns

Most important issues for newborns

The newborn is the beginning of the fetus’s independent survival from the mother to the outside. He has to gradually adapt to various stimuli in the external environment, feed, and resist various invasion factors from the outside.

The health care work in this period is directly related to the survival and healthy growth of the newborn. There are three aspects that should be paid attention to: 1. Keep warm.

Neonates have a tendency to drop body temperature due to the evaporation and heat dissipation of fluids, and the body’s temperature regulation center is not perfect, which is vulnerable to cold injuries, especially for premature babies with thin skin.

Therefore, the temperature of the newborn room should be maintained at 16-22 degrees, and the temperature is about 50%. When premature babies or the ambient temperature is too low, you can use warmers, far-infrared insulation beds, preheated warm packs and other methods to keep warm.

      Second, correct expectations.

In order to prevent hypoglycemia and hypothermia, the newborn should immediately contact the mother’s skin after birth, suck the mother’s nipples, and replace the breast milk within half an hour. The cesarean section should also contact the mother’s skin as soon as possible. After the mother responds to the newbornBreast milk secretion occurs within half an hour.

Sucking early, premature aging can also promote breast milk secretion.

Those who cannot suck or who cannot swallow can use a dropper or nasal feeding.

It is not appropriate to predict the timing, and it should be expected on demand.

After alignment, the child should be held upright, and tapped to add air to the stomach.

If breastfeeding is not possible due to pathological conditions, a small spoon can be fed with formula.

      Third, prevent infection.

The newborn’s umbilical cord should be kept dry and regularly checked and disinfected to prevent contamination of sewage or feces. The newborn’s skin is relatively delicate, the skin is wrinkled, aligned, and the perineum is weaker. Therefore, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe it to prevent rubbingInjury; change clothes, bags, diapers with soft, light-colored cotton materials, and wash them frequently to prevent diaper rash in newborns; treat some physiological phenomena of newborns properly, such as “horses”, aunt pads,Swollen nipples cannot be squeezed or picked; the source of infection should be avoided, and the room should be ventilated frequently to avoid people with colds and infectious diseases coming into contact with newborns.

      On the basis of the above three tasks, observation of newborns should be strengthened, including observations of crying, body temperature, breathing, eating, sleeping and urination, and braking should be found to deal with abnormal conditions in time to ensure that the child is walking.The first step in a good life is to promote growth and reduce disease.

Run and burn best

Run and burn best

Monday of the first week: walking for 8 minutes, 2 groups of fast-slow walking cycle (best effort 1 minute, medium speed 3 is divided into 1 group).

  Wednesday: 15 minutes walk at medium speed, 3 sets of running alternately (1 minute jog, 4 minutes at medium speed).

  Friday: 12 minutes walking at medium speed, 4 groups running alternately (1 minute, 13 minutes).

  Monday of the second week: walk fast for 10 minutes, 3 groups walk fast and slow (1 minute, 13 minutes).

  Tuesday: 12 minutes walking at medium speed, 3 sets of running alternately (2 points and 10 points, 2 points and 10 points, 2 points and 10 points).

  Thursday: 8 minutes walking at medium speed, 5 groups walking fast and slow (1 minute, 13 minutes).

  Saturday: Walk for 10 minutes, 5 sets of running alternately (2:12).

  Week 3 Monday: 8 minutes at medium speed, 5 sets of running alternately (2:12).

  Wednesday: 6 minutes walking, 4 groups running alternately (3 points and 10 points, 3 points and 10 points, 3 points and 10 points, 3 points and 10 points).

  Thursday: Walking for 10 minutes, 6 groups of running alternately (2 points and 10 points, 2 points and 10 points, 2 points and 10 points, 2 points and 10 points).

  Saturday: 4 minutes walking, 5 groups of running and running alternately (4 points and 10 points, 4 points and 10 points, 4 points and 10 points, 3 points and 10 points, 2 points and 10 points).

  If physical strength permits, a 30-minute medium speed walk will be added on the fifth day.

  Week 4 Monday: Walking 4 minutes, 5 groups of running and running alternately (4 points and 10 points, 3 points and 10 points, 3 points and 10 points, 2 points and 10 points and 1 point and 10 points).

  Wednesday: Walk for 2 minutes, and the four groups run alternately (5 points and 10 points, 4 points and 10 points, 3 points and 10 points, and 2 points and 10 points).

  Thursday: 8 minutes walking, 6 groups running alternately (2 minutes and 10 minutes).

  Saturday: 1 minute walk, 3 groups running alternately (8 points, 11 points, 5 points, 13 points, 1 point, 10 points).

  If physical strength permits, you can add one day of training and repeat Monday.

  If you have some special needs, here are the recognized methods.


Just want to move-there are some techniques you can use to increase the intensity of walking.

The first is fast cadence, the second is a large swing, and the third is going uphill.

It’s useless to step on the sandbag on your wrist or foot.


I only want to run-you can switch from walking to walking instead of jogging, or you can use uphill running instead of speed running.


Long or never exercise-it takes 6-8 weeks to develop basic aerobic metabolism.

The first step is to walk 2 times a week, every 10-20 minutes, and then increase every 1-2 minutes every week until you can walk 25 minutes. At this time, start walking 3 times a week, continue to add 1-2 minutes, and finallyYou can walk 3 times a week for 30 minutes to start the above plan.


Would prefer to use a treadmill indoors-can copy the building plan, but does not prevent raising the treadmill by 1-2% uphill to supplement the air resistance of body movement.


Whether it should be cross-moving-yes.

One of the ways to cross-motion is to try to select the “main” content that is close to you.

The most similar form to walking and running is to practice a “space walker” (or elliptical exercise machine).

Since this is not a complete weight-bearing (weight) exercise, the effect of increasing bone density is compromised.

Another way of cross movement is to choose the “main item” to ignore or practice less.

For runners, some muscle-bearing exercises should be performed to strengthen their strength.

Perfect sex should be like this


Perfect sex should be like this

First, get along before sex.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€濂充汉鐨勫墠濂忥紝鏄湪鎯宠鐢蜂汉鐨勯偅涓€鍒伙紝鎴栧拰鐢蜂汉瑙侀潰鐨勯偅涓€鍒昏捣銆俉hen a woman is making love, she will integrate the day into her lingering.

銆€銆€If the man is not going to “figh” with her in a panic, then send flowers to her first!

If you don’t have the money to buy a bunch, buy one!

Give a woman a small gift when you meet; take some time, learn a lot of love stories, walk with her, chat, give women a deep affection that any woman likes.

銆€銆€Voice-over: Women need these. If not, women will be disgusted unless she and the man are a kind of “transaction.”

銆€銆€Men, please take some time, get along with the woman before sex, and resonate with her sexual fantasies, so that she can dissolve this into the sex with you.

銆€銆€Second, a full prelude.

銆€銆€A full prelude must be a very, very full prelude.

Many men do it when they are sexually active. The woman is not excited. He will spit out something to replace the woman’s secretions. Can a woman not be disgusted?

銆€銆€Even if a man can make her reach orgasm, she will not be satisfied. This climax has no quality.

Because this is only the climax of her physical instinct, and does not represent her psychological climax.

For women, her psychological orgasm is more important than the climax of physical instinct.

(A woman’s climax should be a “full climax”, including “hardware” and “software”, the physical and psychological climax.

In the novel, when a man has sex, he often kisses the whole body of the woman.

In fact, a man does not need to kiss a woman’s body every time he makes love, but can replace it by touching her whole body or kissing her ears, especially sucking her ears.

銆€銆€Tip: The back of the ear is one of the most sensitive places for women, and women are the most prone to language provocation.

Praise her!

Even if she is not beautiful, praise her.

Carefully search all the most beautiful idioms in the “Chinese Dictionary” and bravely praise her with any of the most numb vocabulary; but pay attention to your tone and make her seem to be in a dream.

Men may wish to make jokes. Don’t be as tight as a soldier’s drill, making the atmosphere a little easier!

銆€銆€Then, give her a deep kiss.

(Kissing is also an art.

Why do many people like puppies and lick their own hands?

Because its tongue is completely relaxed.

When some men kiss a woman, the tongue is stiff and too hard.

What kind of force?

It is not a struggle for life.

Try to relax your lips and tongue, and the woman will accept a warm, soft kiss.

銆€銆€The woman’s neck is very sensitive, caress it with care, then kisses it, not too short, or swaying.

However, if it is a kiss, it is best not to kiss the neck, it will be very dangerous, because it is very easy to leave a blushing hickey – commonly known as “Curry Chicken”, this kind of thing is very difficult to explain.

銆€銆€Then, gradually kiss the whole body of the woman, if both personal hygiene is done well.

At this time, men are particularly sensitive to women, may wish to use snacks, kiss each other, including the genitals, perineum and clean anus.

Try to hold your lover’s toes, sucking it like a baby sucking, the effect is very good.

銆€銆€If both men and women are in bed, it is best not to say the word “no”. If you want to ask for new requirements from the other party, you should try to cooperate if you consider it.