[How to make dried sea shrimp?

】 _How to do_Homely

[How to make dried sea shrimp?
】 _How to do_Homely

Dried shrimp is actually made from fresh shrimp. When storage conditions are temporary, many people will choose to buy dried shrimp.

Although dried sea shrimp look very different from fresh ones, they taste similar when they are really eaten.

But not everyone is a chef. How can cooking make dried shrimp better?

The following production methods are called a delicious, come and learn!

How to prepare dried shrimp fried powdered ingredients to prepare fans, the right amount of dried shrimp, cabbage, pork, lard, cooking wine, soy sauce.

Method Steps: Put fans in warm water for 10 minutes. After the fans are soaked, cut the pork into pieces. Thicken the meat with soy sauce and marinate in cooking wine for 10 minutes.Shred, add lard to the pan and heat, pour in pieces of meat and stir-fry for 3 minutes; then add dried sea shrimp, cooking wine, add fans and stir-fry for 3 minutes; then add cabbage and stir-fry for about 2 minutes.

Tips Fans here are best to choose fine powder, wide powder is not easy to fry.

Ingredients for salted and dried shrimp soup: 200g of salted vegetables, 10 dried shrimps, 100g of winter bamboo shoots, MSG.

Method Steps: Salted Vegetable Dried Shrimp Soup First, cut the salted vegetables and cut them into sections, then cut the bamboo shoots into slices and place them on a dish. Then, spread the salted vegetables on the bottom of a pot, and then the bamboo shootsPlace on salted vegetables; spread dried shrimp on garlic slices, then add water to season; steam on the steamer for half an hour.

Ingredients for dried shrimp and kelp rice: 2 cups of rice, 150 grams of shredded seaweed, 30 grams of dried shrimp, 10 grams of ginger, 2 cups of water, salt solution, appropriate amount of shallot oil, half a spoon of white pepper.

The method steps are to cut the kelp, cut it into sections, and then put the shrimp in boiling water. After it is hot, remove the shrimp, then wash it and dry it.

After the rice is washed and drained, add it to the rice cooker, add water, salt and shallot oil; then spread the Shanghai strips, shrimp, and ginger, press the rice cooking button, and sprinkle with white pepper powder after cooking.

[Homemade practice of braised fish]_How to_Practice

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If you want to eat meat, you must eat this meat!

If you want to eat meat, you must eat this meat!

Who says to lose weight, you must give up your favorite and most delicious meat?

Who says you can only eat water, vegetables, and fruits for weight loss?

You are just blindly admiring it, but you don’t know that you can lose weight by eating meat!

And the effect is pretty good!

  Fish meat: The feces of general animal meat are mostly saturated fatty acids, while the feces of fish contain a variety of saturated fatty acids, which have a good effect of lowering cholesterol.

Therefore, it is better for fat people to eat fish, which can avoid too much and prevent the occurrence of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

  Rabbit meat: The composition of rabbit meat is different from that of ordinary animal meat. It is characterized by a protein-containing mixture containing 21 protein per 100 grams of rabbit meat.

5 grams; contains less aunt, every 100 grams only contains aunt 0.

4 grams; rich in lecithin; cholesterol-containing, containing only 83 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams.

Because rabbit meat contains too much protein, it has a high nutritional value and contains a small amount of extra, so it is an ideal meat for fat people.

  Chicken: Protein content is up to 23 per 100 grams of chicken.

3 grams, only 1 content.

2 grams, three years lower than all kinds of animal meat.

So eating chicken properly is not only good for your health, but it won’t cause too much.

  Beef: The nutritional value of beef is second only to rabbit meat. It contains more than 20 grams of protein per 100 grams of beef. The essential amino acids contained in beef protein are metabolized, and trace amounts and cholesterol are reduced. Therefore, it is especially suitable for obese people and high blood pressure and vascular sclerosis, Coronary heart disease and diabetic patients take moderate amounts.

How first love couples can go further together

How first love couples can go further together

Love will grow up, but it will also suffer too much on the way to growth, especially for first lovers.

Today I will share with you how to get along with your first love couple. Let ‘s take a look.

  How can first love couples go further together? Fall in love, just to create opportunities for both parties to understand each other. People who have fallen in love for the first time will always try their best to possess the objects they like. We must know that the focus of loveIt is talking, and the result of the talk must have two endings, successful and unsuccessful. Those who talk with each other have appropriate and appropriate points.

Therefore, love can be talked about, but you can’t talk about it, and you can’t hold the expectation that a certain talk will be fulfilled.

  Second, when it comes to love, the opportunity comes. You must know how to grasp it positively, but you must not force it. Although there is a 50% chance of failure in dating, it does not mean that you must wait until you have full confidence to talk. After all, this world does not exist100% of the things, only to talk about the other party is not suitable for themselves.

Therefore, although marriage can not be forced, but when the opportunity comes, do not easily let go, but actively grasp.

  Third, when in love, don’t follow the blindly, otherwise it will be easy to be deceived. Some people say that love is basically blind.

This place depends on where to say that if it is the beginning of love, it is best to be more rational, and you must not follow the feeling and leave.

To know more about the other party, you must verify the important things yourself. You cannot listen to the other party’s own words, or you will regret it once you are cheated.

  Fourth, when in love, things that should n’t happen should be avoided. Knowing how to seek common ground while reserving differences. Since it is a true love relationship, you must ask the other party to change your heart and sincerely.

However, handling such problems is also technically demanding. Try to avoid touching what shouldn’t be discussed and what shouldn’t happen. Non-principles can be addressed by applying for the idea of merging differences.

  Fifth, fall in love and try to give the other party suggestions to help them correct their bad habits in life. Although fate can let two people who do not know each other come together, from acquaintance to love.

Because the two people grow up in different environments and have different values in life, they will inevitably have different life concepts.

Therefore, the best way is not to force them to follow your habitual life, but to give more advice and be flexible to correct the bad habits developed in their lives.

  Sixth, when in love, finances should maintain relatively independent expenses and expenses to the best of their ability. Before the relationship of lovers has not sublimated to the point of marriage, you should still maintain relatively independent financial revenue and expenditure management. Do not engage in unified revenue and expenditure.One set, after all, the love talk becomes good, what if it doesn’t work out?

There will be many follow-up questions.

The problem is that this does not affect the quality of love between two people, and who should pay for it is not a problem.

  What couples should pay attention to when getting along, do not control too much, the other person’s personal space and freedom. Many people like to use the “I love you” excuse to restrain the other half.

So once love is too deep, many people have a partiality towards love, so they begin to impose what they think is on the other half.

Maybe, for example, when two people are going out for a party, they will not let the other party go out alone, or they will bring their own, or they will not let it go, there will be problems when they go.

They say that this is because they love you. In fact, this is based on the name of love to restrain each other’s freedom. I believe many couples have encountered this situation.

  Second, the lack of trust in the other half, like to use their own ideas to deny the other party’s trust is the cornerstone of feelings, each long-term and stable relationship is necessarily based on trust.

Trust can make two people feel immensely secure and secure.

However, in the process of getting along with some couples, because they love each other too much and lose trust, they suddenly suffer, and then they become sensitive and doubtful.


As a result, many loved alive couples finally end up because they don’t trust each other.

  Third, after the quarrel between the two sides, no one would admit wrong, and between the couples who have been in the Cold War for a long time, the quarrel is inevitable.

Some of them are motivated by quarrels, while others break up because of quarrels.

In fact, even if the quarrel is, I am afraid that the two sides will not bother to bow their heads to admit the mistake to the other side, and always hold on to that problem.

No one wants to give each other a step down.

In the end, the other person thinks that you are unreasonable, so forgiving with a bottom line is also a kind of redemption.

Bite Autumn Beware of Intestines and Stomachs

“Bite Autumn” Beware of Intestines and Stomachs

Today, “Bite Autumn” Beware of gastrointestinal elderly and children should not stick Qiuyao According to folk customs, not only “Bite Qiu”, but also “Autumn Qiu” on the day of Liqiu.
The doctor said that whether it is “biting autumn” or “posting autumnal crickets”, it is necessary to be moderate, and pay attention to the amount of vegetarian ingredients.
Several types of people should not be in a hurry to “post autumn 膘” after a long period of severe heat, nutrition, protein, trace elements, and fat in the human body are depleted a lot. Appropriate “post autumn 有益” is beneficial to restore physical strength.
But “post autumn noodles” is not just to eat more meat food, it should be a vegetarian diet.
If you often have less bloating and loss of appetite, you may wish to cook yam and millet into porridge before eating the paste, which can promote the recovery of spleen and stomach function.
If you usually love spicy and greasy foods, it is best to eat bitter melon, cucumber, winter melon and bitter vegetables to clear away the fire when you stick the autumn leaves.
Elderly people and children can not blindly “stick autumn leaves” because of their weak digestive ability, in order to prevent the accumulation of food, you can eat some foods such as hawthorn and white radish, which can improve the spleen.
“Bite autumn” Be careful “freeze broken” stomach and intestines Tianjin people have the habit of eating watermelon on the day of autumn, commonly known as “bit autumn”.
But after the beginning of autumn, watermelons gradually belong to the off-season fruits.
In addition, the cooler morning and evening temperatures in Tianjin in these two days will reduce the digestive function of the human body, weaken the intestinal disease resistance, and the gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to cold stimuli.Aggravated stomach problems.
Therefore, those who intend to “bite autumn” at night must pay attention to try to eat less or not eat cold watermelon.

3 milk formulas to keep your baby away from ringworm

3 milk formulas to keep your baby away from ringworm

Core tip: When the baby gets a cow, doctors will not recommend that the baby quit milk, but recommend some special formula milk powder, then what kind of milk powder on the market is suitable for tinea babies?

  Moms are no stranger to tinea versicolor, because almost all babies have it, and spring is the high incidence of tinea versicolor.

Actually, tinea pedis is born in babies 2?
Onset begins at 3 months, some on the cheeks, forehead, head and neck, and can spread to the trunk, limbs and tibia, and sometimes even secondary bacterial infections.

  There are many causes of psoriasis, but it is generally believed that there are two of them.

One is the baby’s own allergic constitution, which is easy to be allergic to foods such as milk, breast milk, and egg white; the other is because of heredity, if the father and mother successfully suffer from tinea versicolor when they are young, the baby is also very easy to get.

  When babies get ringworm, many parents think that since moles are related to breastfeeding, weaning is done early.

As a result, not only tinea versicolor, but also the fact that babies can’t get breast milk or milk, are prone to malnutrition, decreased resistance, and often get sick.

Therefore, doctors will not recommend babies to quit milk, or suggest some special formula milk powder, so which milk powder on the market are suitable for babies with breast tumors?

  First, Xu Bell infant formula Yirou Brand: Xu Bell Suitable age: 1?
December specifications: 681g reference price: 145.

00 comments: Xu Bell is a special formula baby formula imported from the United States. If the baby often has diarrhea and allergies, Xu Bell Yirou is a very good choice for parents.

Asahi Bell Yirou is designed for 1?
Formulated by babies in December, the milk protein is broken down into smaller molecules by pulverizing technology, so it is easier to absorb than ordinary formula.

Yirou’s special formula has completely guaranteed the supply of lactose in breast milk. It can also reduce choline, nucleotides, DHA, ARA and nutrition elements that promote the baby’s brain and intellectual development, effectively solving the baby’s gas and allergies.The irritability caused by diarrhea meets the baby’s special needs.

  Second, Royal Treasure Goat Milk Brand: Royal Treasure Suitable Age: All ages Specifications: Based on product type Reference Price: Based on product type Comment: Goat milk is the milk product that domestic and foreign nutrition experts agree is closest to human milk, goat milk is justThe nutrition is comprehensive, and it is easy to digest and absorb. The few globules of goat milk are the same size as human milk, only 1/3 of the small number of milk globules. The protein structure of goat milk is basically the same as that of human milk, and it contains a large amount of whey protein.And does not contain some allergenic foreign proteins in milk.

Therefore, babies of any constitution can accept goat’s milk, especially those with weak intestines and stomach, and those with poor constitution. Therefore, when babies can’t eat breast milk, it is a good choice to choose goat milk instead.

The earliest milk powder uses high-quality fresh goat milk from Swiss Sanon milk goats from the Northwest milk goat base as the main raw material. It is developed and formulated strictly in accordance with national standards according to the nutritional needs and physiological development characteristics of young children. The formula is scientific and reasonable. The Swiss advanced production technology and technology, Refined after strict quality control.

  Third, Nestle Daiershu milk powder brand: Nestle Suitable age: 0-24 months Specification: 400g Reference price: 398.

00 Comments: Nestlé’s reputation has always been very good. This Er’ershu is a low-allergenic special nutrition formula produced by Nestlé using a unique alternative peptide technology. It is imported from the Netherlands and is mainly used for food intolerance.Babies with severe diarrhea, malnutrition, and allergies to milk protein or soy protein.

Application of Nestlé’s unique food processing technology, comprehensive nutritional components, good recombination tolerance.

Can be used as a single source of nutrition to provide complete nutrition for the baby.

This milk powder produced through a special process is indeed very suitable for babies with ringworm, but parents should note that there is absolutely a small amount of this milk powder for babies with galactosemia or glucose-galactose malabsorption.!!

Remember, remember!

Find the direction of maintenance to save the panda eye

Find the direction of maintenance to save the panda eye

If you can’t find the right direction for skin care, then you will definitely take a detour on the road to beauty.

Let ‘s take the most common dark circles problem as an example. Only by understanding the type of panda eyes, maintenance can be done with less effort!

  Symptoms of brown pigmented dark circles: The skin around the eye sockets is particularly sensitive, showing a circle of brown, and it stays the same even if you sleep well.

  Scope: The upper and lower eye sockets, the caffeine panda eye’s chances of making it appear: the natural melanin is abundant, and the color around the eyes is dark.

I didn’t do well in sun protection, and my eyes were tanned every Sunday.

Rubbing your eyes frequently will cause melanin precipitation that causes stress reactions around the eyes.

If the eye makeup is not carefully removed for a long time, the pigments of the cosmetics gradually penetrate into the skin.

  Countermeasures: L’Oreal Paris Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Product Introduction: Can remove dirt and makeup well.

Contains moisturizer and shea extract, a hydrolipidic film that strengthens the skin’s natural protective function and softens the skin.

How to use: Evenly apply an appropriate amount of lotion on the face (avoid contact with the eyes), gently massage with fingertips, wipe off with a cotton pad, and then thoroughly cleanse the residual makeup remover with gentle firming water.

  Blue-black blood vessel-type dark circles symptoms: There are obvious blue-black arcs under the eye sockets. If you haven’t rested the night before, the smoky eyes are usually obvious.

  Scope: Opportunity for the black-and-white panda’s eyes from the head to the lower eye socket. Causes: Sleep time is not guaranteed, emotional stress is high, and blood circulation in the eye is not smooth.

Overuse of the eyes for a long time, blood stays around the eyes.

Frequent sleep is often more than 8 hours, and the nasal cavity is chronically congested during sleep.

Due to asthma and allergic rhinitis, the lower eye margins on both sides of the bridge of the nose are chronically congested.

  Solution: SK-II Multi-Purpose Eye Mask Product Introduction: It is specially designed for fine lines, dullness and sagging around the eyes. It has a new and unique formula and an active ingredient delivery system.Provides immediate and comprehensive solutions to the serious problems caused by the Ministry.

  Symptoms of lacrimal shadowy dark circles: a shallow or deep groove extends between the eyes and the bridge of the nose, and the shadows projected are both dark circles and bags under the eyes, especially under the light.

  Scope: The lower eye socket recesses the tear ditch. The panda’s eyes have a chance to make a head start: The eyes are born with large eyes, and the chance of skin relaxation under the eyes is high.

Stay up late often to accelerate the loss of collagen around the eyes.

Wearing glasses for a long period of time will also help the pressure on the nose pads.

Aging causes thinning and sunken skin.

  Solution: Lancome Gene Revitalizing Eye Cream Product introduction: For delicate skin around the eyes that are prone to aging, fatigue and signs of aging, this means that a high-concentration essence eye cream can perfectly extend and merge the bottom of the muscles to regain the beauty of young eyesgene.

Taiji Health, a detailed explanation of the 14th style of Wudang Taijiquan

Taiji Health, a detailed explanation of the 14th style of Wudang Taijiquan

In China, there are countless factions about Taijiquan. The Wudang 13-style Taijiquan is a combination of internal and external exercises. There are Taiji Thirteen in the outside, and there is a Wudang inner fist. The following is a brief introduction to Wudang Taijiquan.formula.
銆€銆€Wudang inner family boxing is a kind of exquisite boxing method that integrates martial arts as one body. It has the characteristics of martial arts with static braking, with soft gram, with four or two kilograms, and the first is made of martial arts. It is also moving like a flowing stream, continuous, soft and soft.Contains, but does not reveal the martial arts style.
It has the potential to create people’s potential, to open up people’s wisdom, to enrich people’s spirits, to strengthen the body, to go to the sickness and fitness, and to extend the unique effect of longevity. It is the crystal of Chinese martial arts and the treasure of oriental culture.
銆€銆€The Taijiquan method does not refer to the simple Taijiquan routines that are currently seen, but a set of two different levels of boxing and exercises, which are composed of two instruments, Taiji, and Promise.From the primary to the advanced, the combination of dynamic and static, both internal and external repairs and complete exercises.
銆€銆€Wudang 13-style Taijiquan is the first generation of internal boxing, created by the founder of Sanfeng. The thirteenth potential is from the beginning, the holding of the ball, the single push, the exploration, the support, the bash, the trend, the situation, the cloud potential, the chemical potential, the double-pushing power, the lower trend, the closing trend, and other 13 groups of actions with strong awareness of power defense, including three kinds of Taoist self-cultivationThe law, but the thirteen potential movements are also compiled according to the needs of exercising the eight veins of the human body, and the eight veins are connected with the five internal organs. The whole routine contains five internal organs and eight veins, and there are five steps and eight methods.Hedaojia Yang Danshu, it is called “Taiji Thirteen Potential.”
銆€銆€The essentials of the action are: the emptiness of the neck, with the chest back, the shoulders and the elbows, the top of the tongue.
Practice requires shape and meaning, meaning and harmony, gas and God, Liuhe, the god shape is wonderful, the movement is continuous, like a cloud, loose and natural;Needle, just in the middle of the soft, soft in the middle, rigid and soft, including but not exposed; breathing, open and close freely, lifting naturally, deep and even, and return to the roots.
The Taiji Thirteen is rich in content and profound in meaning. It has been the treasure of the mountain in Wudang since ancient times.
銆€銆€姝﹀綋13寮忓お鏋佹嫵鍔ㄤ綔瑕侀锛氥€€銆€绗竴寮?浠欎汉鏀惧墤銆€銆€(1) 涓よ剼鍒嗗紑鎴愬鍏瓧姝ワ紝涓斿皢涓よ啙涔嬪叧鑺傝嚜鐒跺集鏇?涓ゆ墜鑷傜幆鎶变簬鑳稿墠涓斾护鍏朵袱鎵嬪舰鎴愬垎鎸囨帉(浜旀寚Naturally separate and bend the fingers) and make the palms relatively opposite; the head is straight but slightly inverted (low head); the shoulders sink, the abdomen is closed, the waist is collapsed, the chest is included, the back is pulled;Operation; this is preparatory.
銆€銆€(2) The knees are bent again, that is, the body sinks; at the same time, the two palms are grasped and recovered to the lower abdomen and turned into left and right hollow fists.
Seeing both hands.
銆€銆€(3) The right foot is stepped forward in front of the term (the term is the main entrance); at the same time, both hands are released forward (equal to the chest, palm forward).
銆€銆€(4) If the right foot does not move, it shall not be displaced; the left foot step will step forward into the front door and form a left scissor positioning (ie, the left leg is straight forward and the left toe is bent to the right; the right knee is bent.The toes of the toes are about 40 degrees wide; the hips are tight and the legs are not loose;) the two palms are collected between the step positioning, and the right palm is pressed down, and the left palm is pushed forward.hit).
銆€銆€(5) 鍐嶅皢宸﹁吙寮洸涓旇剼灏栧灞?涓ゆ墜鎻℃垚绌哄績鎷崇浉闈犮€€銆€(6) 鐒跺悗涓よ吙褰㈡垚鍙冲壀鍒€姝?椤诲彸鑴氬墠韪忎竴姝ュ悗鍐嶅仛瀹氫綅)锛屼袱鎺屼綔宸︿笅鎸夎€屽彸鍓岺it the shape.
銆€銆€The second type Qiankun disk (1) The two feet are separated, about the width of the shoulders (large open horse type), the toes are slightly outward; the arms are wrapped around the chest, which is preparatory.
銆€銆€(2) The center of gravity moves to the left leg; the right hand falls below the left palm and forms a “ball-shaped” (relative to the palm) (3) then shifts the center of gravity to the right; the right hand moves to the right and the left hand descends at the same time.Press to the lower left (the palm is facing down) (4) Turn the wrist with your right hand and turn it to the lower right side while the left hand moves to the lower right side and become “ball-shaped” (5) The center of gravity shifts to the left and simultaneouslyStep down the right palm and move the left palm.
銆€銆€Explanation: The above (1) – (5) is a “disc” in the coherent action, that is, “the ball” action.
It is necessary to make “13 flowers” continuously, and at least need to do “four plates”. In addition, when doing the frame, the legs should focus on the knee joint, the ankle joint as the fulcrum, and the left and right center of gravity shift.Complementary.
銆€銆€濡傛杩欒埇锛屾湳璇О涓衡€滃娍鑻ユ槬铓曞悙涓濊€岃繛缁典笉缁濈煟鈥濄€€銆€绗笁寮?缇庝汉鐓ч暅銆€銆€(1) 宸﹁剼韪忚繘涓€姝ヨ嚦鈥滃乏鍓嶆梺闂ㄢ€濆苟浣夸箣褰㈡垚鈥滃乏寮撳瓧姝モ€?涓庢At the same time, the left arm is placed on the top of the head (the left palm is illuminated and the palm is up, the palm is pointing to the left), while the right palm is centered on the palm of the hand.
銆€銆€(2) Step on the “right bow step” to the “right side door”; at the same time, the right arm is put on the shelf and the left palm is hit.
銆€銆€Note: The above one line and one line each line are 鈥渙ne living frame鈥? which can be continuously between 鈥渇ive live shelves鈥?and 鈥?3 live shelves鈥?
銆€銆€The fourth type pushes the boat in the water (1) The left foot steps into the half step to form the 鈥渓eft cold chicken step鈥?(left virtual right); the two arms circle on the chest and the palms of the two palms are opposite.
銆€銆€(2) The legs are not moving, the two arms are lifted and the two palms are hung on the left and right sides of the head.
銆€銆€(3) The two palms are focused on the palm of their hand and are pushed out to the middle plate; at the same time, the left foot is stepped into half a step to form a 鈥渓eft bow step鈥?
銆€銆€(4) Re-arming into a “right cold chicken step” and hanging the two palms on the top of the head.
銆€銆€(5) The right foot steps into the half step to form a 鈥渞ight bow step鈥? at the same time, the two palms are sent from the top of the head until the 鈥渕iddle plate鈥?orientation is pushed forward.
銆€銆€Explanation: This move is a “living shelf”.
It can be used between 鈥渇ive live racks鈥?and 鈥渢hirteen live racks鈥?
銆€銆€绗簲寮?閲戦浮鐙珛銆€銆€(1) 宸﹁剼韪忚繘鍗婃涓斾护涓よ啙鐣ヤ綔寮洸;鑰屼袱鎺屽垯骞虫憡浜庝笂鑵归儴浣嶄綔鑷劧涓婃彁鐘讹紝浠ヤ究鍔╀箣涓嬩竴鍔ㄤ綔銆€銆€(2) 宸﹁剼韪忓疄骞禨upport and control the body balance; at the same time, the right leg is lifted and the toes are hooked to form a 鈥渞ight-handed knee鈥? while the two palms become hollow fists throwing an orientation on both sides 鈥?this is a double fistHang the “sun” method.
銆€銆€(3) Turn the body right again, step on the right foot and land to support the body balance; then, the two fists become flat and spread back to the hollow box to throw the upper plate; at the same time, the left knee lifts up to form a left-handedKnee-style” Description: The above two legs are lifted together to form a living frame.
It can carry five fire racks to 13 live racks.
銆€銆€绗叚寮?鍗曢灜鏁戜富銆€銆€(1) 宸﹁剼韪忚繘涓€澶ф锛屼笌姝ゅ悓鏃跺乏鎵嬪彉涓衡€滈洉閽┾€濈姸鎼傚叾鈥滀腑鐩樷€?鑰屽彸鎺屽垯缃簬鍙充晶鑵伴檯寰呭姩;涓婅韩Drop it and do it.
銆€銆€(2) The left leg sinks and the right foot back supports even if it forms a left bow step; at the same time, the left hand hooks and turns to the left side and the right palm runs toward the middle plate (focusing on the palm edge) (3) 鍐嶅皢鍙宠剼韪忚繘骞朵娇涔嬪舰鎴愬彸寮撳瓧姝?鑰屽彸鎵嬫悅杩囦箣鍚庡垯绉讳綅璋冧簬 渚ф柟骞剁敤宸︽帉濂旀墦涓洏銆傘€€銆€Description The above two legs are left and right, and the term is a living frame.
It can be carried out continuously between the five living racks and the thirteen living racks.
銆€銆€绗竷寮?鍊掗獞鐜夐緳銆€銆€(1) 涓よ吙骞剁珛涓嬭共锛屼袱鎵嬫墭涓庤兏鍓?鍏舵帉蹇冨悜涓婏紝鎺屾寚鐩稿)銆€銆€(2) 鍙宠剼鍚戝彸渚у悗鏂归€€鎾や竴澶ф浣夸箣褰㈡垚宸﹀紦瀛楁At the same time, the two palms become hollow fists and are placed above and below the left side of the body (the right fist is placed to the top, while the left fist is placed below and the fists of the two punches are opposite).
The upper body is slightly inclined to the left leg.
銆€銆€(3) Then the left foot is withdrawn and closed at the right foot to form and step under the knees; and the two fists become the palm of the hand flat on the chest (the palm is up, the palm is opposite) (4) willThe left leg exits to the left rear side and exits a large step to form a right bow step; at the same time, the two palms still become hollow and the two sides are thrown to the top and bottom of the human body, that is, the left fist is on, and the right fist is down.銆€銆€Description The above two legs are retracted from the left and right and form a step shape of the left and right bows – the term is a living frame.
It can run between five live shelves and thirteen living frames.
銆€銆€The eighth type of double wind through the ear (1) standing facing the left side and taking the left foot into the half step to form the left cold chicken step; at the same time.
The two palms make a straight arm transverse to the left and right sides (the palms are opposite, the palms are pointing forward) (2) The left foot is stepped forward again to form a left bow step; and the two palms are focused on their palms.The two arms are assisted as a fulcrum for the fan to hit the upper plate position.
銆€銆€(3) 鍐嶅皢韬綋绉诲悜鍙充晶鍓嶆柟骞跺舰鎴愪笅鐩樹负鍙冲瘨楦℃锛屼腑鐩樹负鍙屽紑鎺?鍏舵帉蹇冪浉瀵癸紝鎺屾寚鍚戝墠)鐨勬灦瀛愩€€銆€(4) 鍙宠剼澶嶈繘鍗婃浣夸箣褰㈡垚鍙冲紦瀛楁;涓庢鍚屾椂锛屼袱鎺岀敤鍏舵帉蹇冭繘琛屾墖鎵撳悎鍑汇€€銆€璇存槑銆€銆€浠ヤ笂宸﹀彸寮€姝ュ嚭寮忓叾鏈璋撲箣涓€娲绘灦銆侷t is possible to continuously make between five living frames and thirteen living frames.
銆€銆€The ninth type of downwind willow (1) The legs are separated back and forth and the knees are slightly bent even if they form a middle shelf-like left-handed dragon step; at the same time, the two palms are directed to the front of the front door with their palms as the focus.
銆€銆€(2) 鎺ョ潃锛屽乏鑴氬悜宸︾⒕鍔?涓庢鍚屾椂锛屽彸鑴氬悜姝i棬韪忚繘涓€姝ュ苟浣夸箣褰㈡垚鍙虫父榫欐;鑰屼袱鎺屽垯浠ュ叾鎺屾寚涓洪噸鐐归仴瀵规闂ㄥ墠鏂广€€銆€璇存槑銆€銆€浠ヤ笂涓よ吙宸﹀彸Start each time, the term is a living frame.
It can run five live racks to thirteen live racks.
銆€銆€In addition, the hand shape can also be changed during the exercise – that is, when the dragon step starts, the hand shape becomes a hollow hammer or becomes a point finger hook.
銆€銆€The great start of this tour of the dragon step – the body shape must be shaken with the footwork to achieve the enemy when the enemy is out, it is invincible.
銆€銆€The tenth type of peach at the bottom of the leaf (1) The two feet are separated from the shoulder width, and the knees are horse-riding; the two hands are suspended from the side of the chest rib and the palm is facing downwards, the palm is pointing forward; the eye is slightly in front.
銆€銆€(2) The legs do not move, the right hand continues to lift and vertically erects its forearms; while the left arm is also sag.
銆€銆€(3) Then turn the left hand into a hollow fist and focus on its fists. The upper arm is the fulcrum, and the forearm shaft is pushed down. The right arm and the “lower” part are stable and do not move (especially with the two feet fixed)To be heavy).
銆€銆€(4) Perform the vertical erection of the left arm and the forward push of the right arm.
銆€銆€Explanation: The above two arms are pushed forward and left, and the term is called 鈥渁 living frame鈥?
It is feasible to move between the 鈥渇ive living racks鈥?and the 鈥渢hirteen living racks鈥?
銆€銆€The eleventh type walks the palace (1) The two feet are separated into the outer eight-step, the two knees are slightly curved; the two arms are hung on the chest; the two hands are in the palm of the hand and the palms are opposite, with the palms facing down.
Look at the front lower.
銆€銆€(2) The left leg does not move, and the right foot is moved to the inside of the left foot and the ground is raised with its forefoot or toe; at the same time, the left palm is raised to the upper left chest, and the right palm is lowered below the left abdomen -The shape of the moon is formed (the two arms are curved into an arc, and the two palms are opposite), and the eyes turn with the hand.
銆€銆€(3) Next, step the right foot forward and right to the door and make it a right bow step; at the same time, the left palm is lowered to the left side of the abdomen, and the right palm is placed in front of the right side.The right arm is inside and the left arm is interspersed outside).
The eyes turn around.
銆€銆€(4) Then the right foot should not be moved; the left foot is moved to the inside of the right foot with its forefoot or toe to make a zigzag.
The eyes turn around.
銆€銆€(5) Connected–the two hands form a moon-shaped shape, and the left foot is turned to the left front door to further the left palm rest to the left front, and the right palm is to the right abdomen (when the palms are interlaced)With the left arm, the right arm is inserted outside, and the eye turns.
銆€銆€Description The above steps are performed once and for all, and are a living frame.
Must be connected between the five live shelves and the thirteen living shelves.
銆€銆€The twelfth model embraces the two months (1) The two feet stand in the outer eight steps; the two hands hang on the sides of the waist (the palms are down, the fingers are forward), and the front and the bottom are seen.
銆€銆€(2) Kneeling on both knees, at the same time, both hands moved to the upper abdomen about the front of the belly button for cross-merging (left palm on top, right palm on the bottom and palms up), seeing both palms.
銆€銆€(3) The legs are not moving – both hands continue to lift up to the front of the face for a rounded shape (the two palms cross and the left palm is inside, the right palm is outside the palm of the hand) (4) The legs do not move,鈥斺€擳he two hands are again rounded up, and they are circulated to the sides (left hand to left, right hand to right); when the two hands are orbited to form a 360掳 arc, and fall to the front and sides, thenThe palm of the palm of the hand is outreaching for a second round.
銆€銆€(5) The second arm is hovered around for the second time – the action is the same as the first time, the arm is placed as the right arm (hand), and the left arm is outside.
銆€銆€Description The above two arms are surrounded by a circle and one line of the left arm (hand), and the second line of the right arm (hand) are once a living frame.
It can be connected to five living frames to thirteen living frames.
銆€銆€The thirteenth style of true gas alchemy (1) eight steps in the pendulum (18 – 40 years old), parallel steps (45 – 50 years old), frail or elderly and young people posing outside the eight steps.
銆€銆€(2) The two feet do not move, and the two hands form an eight-character palm that hangs down the chest and lowers the palm of the hand, and the palm points to the front.
Retracted to hang down, bow down, look down on the chest, and squat.
銆€銆€(3) Forget about breathing, calm down and calm down – for a moment, breathe in the nose (about 5 inches long, which means the size of the body) and ask for slow, delicate, even, deep; at the same time, both palms before the bodyBoth sides are vertically hoisted at the same time (the palm of the palm is focused on the palm and the palm is pointed toward the front) until it is above the top of the head.
The eyes turn around.
銆€銆€(4) 鎺ヤ笂寮忊€斺€斾袱鎺屼互鍏舵帉蹇冧负閲嶇偣锛岃嚜涓婅€屼笅杩涜鍨傜洿闄嶈惤锛屽苟鍏堟湡鎶佃揪鑳稿墠鏆備綔鍋滈】浠ヤ究涓嬪姩鍙规皵銆€銆€(5) 鐢ㄩ蓟灏嗕綋鍐呬箣鏉傛皵(鍗冲悙绾崇閭箣搴熸皵涓斿畾褰撴帓鍑轰簲鑴忓叚鑵戜笉寰楀偍瀛橈紝杩濊€呭仛鏋堕毦浠ヤ笂鍔?涓€娆℃€х殑鍙瑰嚭(鎸夛細鎵€璋撲竴娆℃€э紝骞堕潪 灏辨槸瑕佸皢浣撳唴鎵€鏈夋潅姘旀帓灏斤紝鑰屾槸灏藉繁鎵€鑳戒换鍏禢aturally, do whatever you want, so as not to adversely affect the progress of the skill)!
The essentials are the same as “inhalation”, that is, slow, thin, uniform, and long.Clear, two palms (hands) pressed for vertical landing and with the body sinking and bending the knees.

Chinese medicine is not a snack, you can eat it if you want to eat it.


Chinese medicine is not a snack, you can eat it if you want to eat it.

Chinese medicine experts believe that Chinese medicine snacks are not suitable for everyone.

No matter how delicious the “Chinese medicine snacks”, it should first be “medicine”, then “snacks”. If it is a medicine, you can not eat more, but also learn to eat the right thing.

People with indications can eat symptomatic Chinese medicine snacks, and enjoy healthy while enjoying delicious food. However, people who do not have symptoms will eat more and cause adverse health effects.

銆€銆€1, Ejiao candied dates – “sweet” indigestible gelatin candied dates are the main ingredients are jujube, Ejiao.

Ejiao has the function of nourishing blood, nourishing yin and moistening dryness. Jujube is sweet and warm, can strengthen the spleen and blood, improve the complexion of yellow and white, flustered and cold, Shen tiredness, limb weakness and other symptoms, suitable for physical deficiency, blood deficiency and maternal consumption.
銆€銆€Edible attention: Ejiao is greasy, difficult to digest and absorb, and people with bad spleen and stomach should eat less, no more than 10 per day.

銆€銆€In addition, due to its large sugar content, diabetic patients do not eat.

銆€銆€2, 鏋告潪 – eat more will lead to indigestion 鏋告潪 effect: clear liver and eyesight, lower blood sugar, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, improve immunity.

銆€銆€Like Tongyu, there are many benefits, and the people who are suitable for the flat temperature are very wide, and also have a significant health care effect.

Therefore, many people take 鏋告潪 as a snack and grab a few to eat every day.

銆€銆€Eat Note: Although it is good, it is not advisable to eat more.

It is a woman who has menstruation, because sputum also has the effect of supplementing blood, which may increase the amount of menstruation. In addition, eating too much can cause indigestion.

銆€銆€3, 鑼嫇 cake – diabetic patients avoid eating glutinous sweet, spleen, food, eating glutinous rice cakes can help increase appetite and promote digestion.

Adapt to children who love picky eaters, old people with weak constitution.

You can stop diarrhea, and people who often have diarrhea can eat it in moderation.

銆€銆€Edible attention: At present, honey, white sugar and other raw materials are added to the cake on the market, and the sugar content is high, so diabetic patients do not eat.

銆€銆€4, herbal tea – fire can not be the main ingredient of herbal tea to drink chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, Prunella, licorice and so on.

It has the functions of clearing heat and dehumidifying, nourishing yin and removing fire.

銆€銆€Adapted to frequent red eyes, irritated, gingival swelling, painful mouth ulcers, dry stools, and like to drink cold water to eat cold food.

Hypertension, an appropriate amount of hyperthermia in patients with hypertension can also reduce dryness.

銆€銆€Edible Note: Herbal tea should not be drunk too much, and it should not be used as water. Excessive drinking of herbal tea will waste the body’s yang.

Drink 200-400 ml a day, not more.

White complexion, shortness of breath, lazy words, easy fatigue, cold hands and feet, thin stools are cold and chilly, cold and physique people try not to drink herbal tea.

銆€銆€5, turtle paste – spleen and stomach weak should not eat the main ingredients of turtle paste is turtle shell, bandit, rehmannia, dandelion, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and so on.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, eliminating acne, and relaxing laxative effect.

銆€銆€Suitable for dry mouth and upset, facial skin ulcers, habitual constipation, yin deficiency, can alleviate the symptoms of yin deficiency.

Oral hygiene is not known, the elderly are more injured


Oral hygiene is not known, the elderly are more injured

The old concept of “people should lose their teeth” has gradually changed into a correct understanding of oral health.

The goal of elderly oral health care is to maintain at least 20 functional teeth, maintain the most basic oral function status or through minimal repair, adopt rehabilitation oral function, maintain the independent living self-care ability of the elderly, and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

銆€銆€The psychological state of the elderly is unique, and there are widespread oral health problems and old traditional concepts and habits that do not pay attention to oral hygiene. Therefore, the primary problem is to improve the oral health care ability of the elderly.

Older people should choose health care toothbrushes for the elderly or adults that meet the requirements of oral hygiene.

銆€銆€It is characterized by small brush head, soft and elastic brush, wide and flat handle, easy to hold, and not easy to slip off. It is best to use fluoride toothpaste to prevent root sputum, except for brushing teeth every morning and evening, after each meal.Brushing your teeth is good for the elderly and it is worth promoting.

銆€銆€Because the elderly have wide teeth and loose teeth.

Brushing your teeth is not enough to keep your teeth clean.

When conditions permit, it is recommended to use a gap brush or flossing to help remove plaque from the adjacent and root surfaces.

銆€銆€When the elderly pick teeth, they should add a small amount of wedge-shaped toothpicks, and slide slowly along the two tooth surfaces of each tooth. Do not use too much force to help clean the soft dirt and plaque on the adjacent side of the tooth.

It is a good habit to rinse your mouth with water after each meal, but the mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing because it does not achieve the effect of removing plaque.

Older people should correct bad hygiene habits and lifestyles, such as abstaining from alcohol, opening caps without teeth, and biting hard objects.

銆€銆€Older people often suffer from the decay of the abutment caused by dentures. They should be cleaned in time and treated in time.

The self-oral health activities of the elderly are irreplaceable by the public and are the basis for maintaining the oral health of the elderly. However, for some elderly people with serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, hemiplegia, special oral care by family members or medical staff.It includes brushing, cleaning, and picking teeth.