[Baby Stewed Beef with Potatoes]_Children_How to make

[Baby Stewed Beef with Potatoes]_Children_How to make

It is best to simmer the potato stewed beef for your baby to make it easy for the baby to eat. Therefore, it is required to cook slowly for a long time, and pay attention to the taste of the beef. At this time, it is best to choose burdock.There will be a change of wood.

Potato stew is a food that can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and is good for the baby’s physical development. Moms can understand how to make it.

First, the origin of potato stew and nutritional value. This dish of potato stew is actually originated from the kidneys, and it is also a famous dish in that place. Since then it replaced the former Soviet Union and became the so-called “communist” of the former Soviet Union.”Model” life model, and later entered the ordinary Chinese family.

Chinese medicine believes that beef is a nourishing and strong tonic, which has the function of strengthening the spleen, stomach, and strengthening the bones. Beef is the second largest meat food in China after pork. The beef has high protein content and low trace content, so it is delicious.Favorite, the copyright of “the proud man”.

Add potatoes with the reputation of “underground apples” to make the dish of beef stew more nutritious.

Second, the method of potato stew beef materials: 200 grams of beef, 3 potatoes, 1/2 carrots, dutch beans, 30 grams of beans, 2 slices of ginger, shredded onion, konjac, salad oil, white wine, broth,Cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, salt.

1. Beef stew with onion and potatoes: (1) Cut the beef into slices, peel the potatoes, cut into pieces, and soak in water for 10 minutes.

(2) Peel the carrots and cut into small pieces. The beans are blanched with boiling water with salt, then drained with cold water, cut into sections, and cut the ginger into pieces.

(3) Add the beef and shredded ginger to a hot oil pan and fry. After the beef changes color, add potatoes and carrots to fry.

(4) Add the right amount of white wine and cook the broth over low heat.

(5) Add cooking wine and sugar, cover and cook for 8 minutes.

(6) Add soy sauce and cook for another 5 minutes. Pour in beans and cook for 5 minutes.

Such a simple beef stew with onion and potatoes is ready, rich in nutrition, balanced and delicious.

2. Ingredients for home-style spiced potato stew: 200 grams of beef, 3 potatoes, star anise leaves, garlic, shredded onion, flower carving wine, soy sauce, carrot

(1) Prepare the materials.

(2) Add water to the pot, then add beef, ginger slices, and shallots.

(3) Remove the beef after soaking the water and rinse the blood foam with water.

(4) Add a little oil to the pan and stir fry the potatoes.

(5) Potatoes are slightly yellow, add soy sauce and stir-fry some sugar evenly.

(6) Stir-fried potatoes on a plate and set aside.

(7) Stir-fry the beef with a small amount of oil in the wok.

(8) After the beef is fried and dried, it will stir-fry the oil. After the oil is added, add ginger slices and garlic slices and stir-fry.

(9) Fry until browned, then add water, star anise, and fragrant leaves.

(10) Stir-fry evenly.

(11) Add another bottle of Huadiao wine.

(12) Add some old soy sauce and boil.

(13) Turn the cover to low fire for 2 hours.

(14) After 20 minutes remain, add potatoes.

(15) Continue to cook after adding potatoes and carrots.

(16) Boil until the soup becomes less.

In the meantime, seasonings and so on just need to be adjusted according to their own tastes, and individual differences can be considered.

[How to make small mandarin tea?

】 _How to bubble_How to bubble

[How to make small mandarin tea?

】 _How to bubble_How to bubble

Drinking tea is no stranger to us Chinese, because there are too many types of tea to choose from in everyday life.

The most popular one is the small citrus tea, that is, the small oranges are hollowed out, and then put into the tea after a certain treatment, so that when brewing, there will be a citrus fragrance.

So how is the most correct way to make small and medium citrus tea?

The water and water temperature of Xiaoqingmang Tea should be added to the amount of water and water temperature. All teas are the same. Soak good tea, mineral water, and purified water.

The water temperature should be high.

Because no matter whether it is cooked or ordinary green peel, it is resistant to high water temperature, no problem.

But the water temperature is lower than 85 degrees, the tea soup is all sweeter.

But it is more difficult to bubble out the contents of citrus.

The amount of tea, the weight of most small oranges is within 10-20 grams.

One grain at a time is the current consensus of tea friends, but it is not the only one.

Although it is very convenient to brew the whole granules one at a time, to make a delicious and delicious tea soup, you still need methods and more practice.

What kind of tea set should I use for making tea?

The brewing device can be a lid bowl, a purple sand pot, a glass pot, or even an elegant cup. A simple drink at any time is a kind of leisure and peace of mind.

What you enjoy is a moment of tea.

Small green citrus tea cover bowl brewing small green citrus If it is a long and slow afternoon, there is plenty of time for quiet soothing, a whole small green citrus tea, a cover bowl, a fair cup, one cup per person, or threeFifth friends, gently twist slowly, drink and chat, then directly put tea into the lid, remove the lid of the small green mandarin, brew, boil water, iron, tea, water, wait, soup, divideJust drink.

Just need to grasp the water injection method, soaking time.

Small green mandarin tea brewing method 1.

Unpack and remove the whole small green mandarin; 2.

2. Remove the small lid on the small green mandarin and put it into a lid bowl or a portable brewing pot;

After the water is boiled, the tea is washed for the first time, and the tea is rinsed for the second time. After the third pass, the tea is made after soaking for 5 seconds each time. After that, the soaking time can be gradually increased to ensure the taste and taste of the tea soup.


It is recommended that after the fifth pass of brewing, you can use the clay pot, silver pot, stainless steel pot, glass pot, etc. to make tea directly, the taste is more mellow and the fruit aroma is more intense.

[How to make sesame cakes outside and inside tender]_How to make_How to make

[How to make sesame cakes outside and inside tender]_How to make_How to make

Pancakes are very common around us, and there are often stalls selling pancakes on the street.

The pancakes are brown and salty, and they are crispy on the outside and tender on the outside.

In fact, everyone can make their own scones at home, but they only need to master certain skills to make the scones taste better.

So, how do you make sesame cakes so that they are crispy and tender inside?

Baking bread, soft and digestible, is the daily staple food of northerners.

Even if we do n’t use old fat, we can still make delicious cakes with dried yeast.

We usually make bread dough and always like the big one.

Save time and effort, and eat with energy.

In fact, I think the little ones that make the mini are more attractive.

The prepared small hair noodles can be used as a staple food or snack; hot food is crispy and tender, and cold food is delicious.

Ingredients: 200 grams of flour, 130 grams of cold water, 5 grams of sugar, and yeast 2.

5 grams, 2 shallots, 1 sausage, appropriate amount of olive extra virgin olive oil, hydrochloride pot: flat-bottomed frying pan Production process: 1.

200 grams of flour into a pot, 2.

5 grams of dry yeast, 130 grams of cold water, plus a little white sugar to provide the yeast with the nutrients needed for fermentation; 2.

2. Stir into floc with chopsticks, then knead into a smoother dough, cover with plastic wrap, and place in a warm place for basic fermentation; 3.

4. When the dough is fermenting, come to handle the fillings: sausages, green onions are ready; 4.

Cut into small dices and minced separately; 5.

The fermented dough is the original 2.

5. Raise the dough 5 times, with fine and uniform pores below; 6.

Take out the dough and put it on the chopping board, sprinkle some flour appropriately to prevent sticking, roll into a thin pane of about 2, 3 mm; 7.

Pour in an appropriate amount of olive oil; 8.

Strive to wipe evenly; 9.

Then sprinkle the diced sausage and scallion evenly on the dough; 10.

Roll from bottom to top, tightly sealed; 11.

Use a knife to cut into small pieces of uniform size. I cut a total of 20 pieces; 12.

One with the cut side facing up and gently pressing with the palm of your hand to form a small round cake, let stand for 15 minutes; 13.

14. Set a frying pan on the fire and pour a small amount of olive oil; 14.

15. When the oil is a little warm, you can put a portion of the cake in the pan, because it is the noodle, leave a little gap between the hair;

Medium and small fire, until the bottom surface is hardened, the cake is a bit swollen and can be turned; 16.

17. Pour a small glass of water into the pot and turn to low heat; 17.

Cover the lid and let the water vapor evaporate, and the cake will be fully cooked; 18.

: Volume, diffuse a little water vapor, make both sides crispy and turn out of the pot.

Tips: 1.

You can replace the sausage with your own meat; 2.

Don’t make a fire all the way, adjust the small and medium fires and small fires so that the cakes will rise well and be fully cooked.

13 remedies for using pepper to cure diseases

13 remedies for using pepper to cure diseases

Zanthoxylum, which we are familiar with, is a common condiment in the kitchen. In fact, in addition to being edible, Zanthoxylum can also be used to treat diseases, toothaches, abdominal pain, and dysentery. Zanthoxylum can be treated by Zanthoxylum.

  Thirteen prickly heat remedies for treating common minor illnesses 1, abdominal pain will be 3 grams of pepper, 6 grams of dried ginger, 12 grams of incense and decoction, twice daily.

  2, the treatment of dysentery will be pepper 9?
12 grams, brown sugar 15?
20 grams of decoction, take morning and evening once a day.

  3, To cure toothache, 6 grams of peppercorns, 100 ml of vinegar and boiling water, remove the peppercorns, drink mouthwash.

Cure toothache.

  4. For the treatment of ills, grind 25 grams of Sichuan pepper (seedless) and 100 grams of purple-skinned garlic into a mud. Rub the affected area daily. 1?
2 times, the effect is better.

  5. To treat caries, soak 9 grams of Sichuan pepper in 30 ml of shochu for 10 days, then filter the residue, dip the cotton ball with medicated wine, and stop the pain by plugging the hole.

  6. For women’s itch, 50 grams of peppercorns, 50 grams of snake bed, 25 grams of quinoa, a pinch of stale tea, 100 grams of fried salt, decoction, and fumigate the affected area with lukewarm.

  7, the treatment of cold dysmenorrhea will pepper 9?
12 grams, ginger 18?
24 grams, jujube 10?
20 pieces of 300ml decoction with water, one dose daily, warm twice daily.

  8. After treating geriatric diseases, soften waist and legs, mix 50 grams of peppercorns and 20 grams of cumin, stir fry in a pot, and then grind into powder. Take 3 grams twice a day with warm water.

  9, sesame oil for the treatment of roundworm intestinal obstruction 100?
200 grams, put in a wok and add pepper 15?
20 grams, remove the micro-coke and discard it. Serve once when the pepper oil is slightly warm.

  10. For the treatment of biliary tsutsugamushi, stir-fry 30 grams of peppercorns and 9 grams of black plums with gentle heat, 2 times a day?
3 times; or will pepper 9?
12 grams ground into fine powder, 1 egg?
2 pcs, take after cooking with vegetable oil, 2 daily?
3 times.

  11, take corn pepper 3?
5 capsules, one garlic, 10 cm long onion white, mashed as mud, coated on toilet paper, applied to the affected area, fixed with adhesive tape, removed for 24 hours, general medication 1?
Healed twice.
  12. For the treatment of neurodermatitis, take an appropriate amount of flowers and pepper leaves, boil it in cold water, wash and wash the affected area for about 30 minutes each time, and then wash it after cooling down. 2?
3 times, until healed, then strengthen 1?
2 days to prevent recurrence, the whole process takes about 4?
5 days.

  13. For the treatment of athlete’s foot, boil 20 grams of peppercorns, 50 grams of salt, and 2500 milliliters of water and boil, then fry for 15 minutes with gentle heat, and pour into feet to fumigate the feet.

Add cocoa one or two times until the water temperature drops slightly, and soak for about 25 minutes.

Finally, wash your feet with warm water.

Soak your feet before bed every night.

The 3rd day is a course of treatment, and every time it is replaced with peppercorns and saline, it can relieve itching and reduce inflammation.

  The 13 recipes for the treatment of peppercorns are introduced above. There are so many wonderful uses of peppercorns. Are there some places for everyone? If you have the above small diseases, you can use peppercorns to treat them.

Bed rest within six hours of a cold

Bed rest within six hours of a cold

The United States Health Network reports that itchy throat, dizziness, and soreness all over the body-these signs indicate that you have a cold again.

  Symptoms start: drink plenty of water, rinse with salt water.

Staying hydrated can help alleviate symptoms such as sore throat and stuffy nose.

Add a spoonful of salt to hot water to reduce throat pain.

The excess water in the hydrochloride throat tissue is sucked out, reducing complications and removing mucus and irritants from the back of the throat.

  Cold for two hours: Hurry to the pharmacy.

Taking medicines such as paracetamol can relieve pain, and taking zentamine and diphenhydramine hydrochloride can relieve the symptoms of runny nose and tears.

  Cold for six hours: If possible, it is best not to go to work and drink some chicken soup for lunch.

If you rest well, you can fight off the virus better.

Wash your hands often.

Drink plenty of water, fruit drinks or tea.

Have some chicken soup for lunch.
Studies have shown that the “universal medicine” that grandma likes can indeed alleviate cold symptoms.

  Night fell: Have a good meal and sleep well.

A healthy diet strengthens the immune system.

Such as lean meat, fish or beans, plus whole wheat foods such as slender rice and vegetables instead of antioxidants.

If you still feel that your nose is not breathing before going to bed, take a hot bath and sleep well next.

  Get up the next day: can you get better?

If it gets worse, go to the hospital for treatment.

Otherwise, just follow this method for a few days until you have a cold.

How to say no to seven kinds of men

How to say no to seven kinds of men?

Although people have many kinds of pertinence at the same time, under dismantling, men can be divided into the following seven categories, master the correct “critical rejection sentences”, and do some “disaster prevention exercises” at the appropriate time.Those feelings you don’t need, life will be more refreshing.

  1. When the man sees one loves the other, sees the two dudes who love one pair.

They love freedom and can’t make promises. The bondage of marriage and family is what they fear most.

Show a lot of your desire for marriage, want to live a happy and stable life, nothing to praise the neighbor’s children, will make Huanan very appetite.

  Key refusal: “I want to make marriage necessary.

“2. Cannon men are only” sex “and not” love “men. For them, emotions and flesh can be separated.

Unfortunately, you remember men like this, please remember that they are also afraid of bondage, hate trouble, and don’t even want basic love.

Tell them that you don’t want sexual coldness, it may even arouse their desire to challenge. It is better to tell him that you are aware of the unity of spirit and flesh.

  Key refusal: “I will fall in love with a man who has sex with me.

3. After the otaku became popular as a “tram man”, the otaku suddenly became a dominant group, and more and more people dared to admit their dwellings.

There is no doubt that there are many cats fluttering.

However, in addition to the serious otophilia and real computer skills, the real otaku is focused on living in fantasy, so he will be confused by the anime world.

It is not difficult to be liked by such people. As long as you show your indifferent reality properly, you will let the simple otaku automatically fade out and go back and hold his innocent beautiful girl doll.

  Key refusal: “I don’t believe in love.

4. In addition to young men, young men also refer to less mature men, and they have a nice title “big boy”.

You may have enthusiasm, but the actual economy and business conditions are poor. Unless you are completely economically autonomous and looking for a partner just for pleasure, you will soon face the test of reality with the young man.

The young man’s mood is also relatively suspended, and he is rarely able to adapt to a stable and long-term relationship, which can just be used as a “stalk” of rejection.

  Key refusal: “I really need (physical) security.

5. Masao ‘s so-called “handsome guy”
or “sporty guy” has attractive external conditions, and falling in love with a guy is a dream to laugh. If there is no other case factor, few people will reject “masculine”.
In case there is no chance, he refuses to start from conditions where he is proud and cannot be changed.

The handsome guy has a strong self-esteem and has a certain degree of narcissism. Tell him that you like middle-aged men with a fat belly. If he really loves you and loves to give up his handsome appearance, he wo n’t accept it if he is yours.wrong.

  Key refusal: “You are not my dish.

6, Iron man’s hairless iron cock, a man who has money but can’t bear anyone to spend it.

When you encounter such a person, you might as well admit your generosity as a woman, tell the amount of money you spend a whole year as a result of the weekend, or tick this fashion magazine, and envy Sun Yunyun as a lady.Such behavior will make the iron man who hits a twelve knot with a piece of money avoids you.

  Key refusal: “Women should spend men’s money.

7, straight male generations call general heterosexual men, or “moderate roles” that cannot be classified above.

Men are afraid of cuckold mentality, so that they can not forget the relationship between women, they will feel very cold.

Too many men pursue half-abandonment because they feel that the other party is not ready to forget their ex-boyfriend and accept himself.

Therefore, to reject such a plain or unexplained character, and do not want to directly point out that you don’t want to be with him, just create an emotional world where he can’t get in to be a fortress!

  Key refusal: “I can’t forget my ex-boyfriend.

Moderate sex games between husband and wife

Moderate sex games between husband and wife

Playing “sex games” helps to add fun and harmony, and can also be used as a lubricant for marriage, but if the “entertainment” is improper, it can easily cause resentment and fear, especially if women actively invite men to playSex games “, there are many things to pay attention to.
  The following story shows that “sex games” should be moderate. Li Li loves her husband Lin Xi very much.
In her eyes, Lin Xi is talented and smart, and she also feels that Lin Xi loves herself deeply.
But her sister’s marriage changed her confidence in her marriage.
No one could have imagined that her brother-in-law would find a lover carrying her sister.
“Men like to steal fish!
“My sister said to Li Yi.
Li Yi thought that her sister was more beautiful than herself, but her brother-in-law still wanted to steal.
Then Lin Xi has more reasons and conditions to find another woman.
She remembered the smooth words that her husband told her in the past: The woman a man likes is “a lady in the living room and a slut in the bed .” From this, she thought about conquering her husband by relying only on two. One, she was more gentle with himThoughtful; the second is to satisfy him sexually.
  Liyi began to think about the sex scenes she had seen in magazines and videos in the past, reminisced about various methods of sex, and then induced her husband to play “sex games” with her.
Doesn’t she think that the reason why men find other women is to find excitement?
Having done all kinds of games with him, what else would he be dissatisfied with?
At first, Lin Xi didn’t pay much attention to Liyi’s changes, and felt that there was nothing wrong with playing between husband and wife.
But later he found that his wife was willing to do this, and the frequency of making love had increased a lot, and she was often physically and mentally exhausted, but she was “spiritual”.
He just realized that the so-called joke that men are most afraid of women is not unreasonable.
Because of the man’s face, Lin Xi was often too tired to cope, resulting in impotence and premature ejaculation.
In order for her husband to cure the “illness”, Li Yi, who was embarrassed to buy contraceptives in the past, was uncharacteristically, buying “sacred oil” for her husband and “Ye Ye Jiao” by herself.
  Later, Li Yi actually bought back the so-called sex toys, leather handcuffs, fetters and other high-priced items, and regarded herself as being sadistic.
At this point, Lin Xi had to pull her face to talk to her seriously.
He told his wife that he didn’t care about it. Not all men in the world want to get extramarital love to find excitement. He loves her and wants to live lovingly. Although “sex games” help to promote sexual feelings, if you want to useRestraint in this way is counterproductive.
Unfortunately, this remark only played a temporary role for her. Soon she used a new trick, and Lin Xi’s avoidance was regarded as a sign of extramarital affairs.
Later, Lin Xi lost confidence in his wife and felt that it was better to be separated. At this time, Li Yi was pregnant. How easy was it to divorce?
  Fortunately, a friend suggested that Lin Xi bring his wife to a psychiatrist to see. Li Yi also felt that her mentality was wrong and she was willing to see a doctor. After a period of treatment, her psychology gradually returned to normal.Happy as ever.
  It can be seen that the “sex game” is like a double-edged sword. The appropriate benefits of entertainment can make couples’ sexual life more interesting and more romantic. However, if they play too much, they may go into magic and kill the marriage.
So when playing “sex games”, you must remember the following advice-1.
Master the proper degree so that both sides can accept and be happy with each other, and that both the body and the mind are good for each other.
Full consideration of the moral and sexual concepts of the other party should not be forced on the other party.
The game selected must be acceptable to both parties.
Don’t consider playing “sex games” as a means to please or control the other party, otherwise it will cause the other party to objection.
Set the “sex game” firmly in your marriage, and don’t take the risk of extramarital affairs in search of greater excitement, or your marriage will sooner or later break.
Instead of interpreting “sex games” as pure “martial arts films”, you should add more “romantic” colors to enhance the feelings through playfulness between husband and wife. This will be more romantic and memorable for both parties.


控制不住频繁打嗝,无论怎么刷牙都有口臭,身上总有一股汗臭味……生活中总有一些“难以言说”的健康问题,一旦出现在自己身上,整个人都会感觉不好了。  1.控制不住的频繁打嗝。  如果在不知不觉间吸入了过量空气,就会频繁打嗝。正常人每次大约吸入一茶匙空气,如果一次性吸入过多,身体就会抗议。此时可以先大吸一口气,然后屏住呼吸,弯腰成90度,坚持约10秒钟打嗝就会停止。  如果用该方法没有效果,还伴有腹部不适、消化不良、胃胀或轻度恶心症状时,就需要警惕是否幽门螺杆菌感染或泛酸。  2.无论怎么刷牙都口臭。  口臭多是因为细菌在分解嘴里残留的食物,产生硫化合物,散发出恶臭味。即使牙刷得再干净,舌头上残留的细菌及食物残渣一样会散发臭味。因此,建议口臭的人刷牙时顺便刷下舌苔。  美国纽约大学的一项调查显示,每天用1分钟清洁牙齿及舌苔两次的人,两周后会去除53%的口臭。使用含有氯、氯化十六烷基吡啶、乳酸锌或二氧化氯等抗菌成分的漱口水同样有效。  另外,一些顽固的口臭还可能是口腔干燥、鼻窦感染、胃酸反流、胃肠道或呼吸道感染的症状,需要咨询医生。  3.身上总有一股汗臭味。  顽固的汗臭可能是由食物、汗水中的细菌,甚至是情绪导致的。要解决这一问题,首先应该用香皂每天清洗腋下及周围区域两次(如果汗臭在白天又出现,可以用酒精湿巾清洗)。  其次,晚上洗澡后使用止汗剂或除臭剂,能有效抑制细菌滋生。  第三,潮湿的环境容易滋生细菌,因此要尽量穿着宽松、透气、天然纤维制成的衣服,便于汗水蒸发。  最后,留意一下你的日常饮食,大蒜、洋葱、辣椒、黑胡椒粉、奶酪、白菜、萝卜、咸鱼等食物都会加重汗臭。  4.身上毛囊脓肿。  脓肿是毛囊被金黄色葡萄球菌感染后产生的,表现为毛发根部有小脓包或小血包,而且不断扩散。  有很多方法可以防止其蔓延:经常洗手;游泳、蒸桑拿后一定要认真洗澡;不要使用油腻的防晒霜;保持剃须刀刀片洁净,更换刀片后要用酒精浸泡消毒;出现脓肿后,要先冲洗伤口,并涂抹抗生素软膏,再用干净的绷带覆盖,直至伤口愈合;不要和家人共用剃须刀、毛巾、衣服。  5.头皮屑越洗越多。  头皮屑是由多种原因造成的,比如头皮干燥、真菌感染等。如果头皮屑情况较轻,建议换用温和的洗发水。如果头皮屑没有改善,可以通过反复试验找到合适的去屑洗发水。  不同的去屑洗发水成分作用迥异,例如吡啶硫酮锌主要对抗真菌和细菌;酮康唑能去除真菌;煤焦油及硫化硒能减缓头皮细胞的生长;水杨酸则有助于头皮屑的彻底清洁。  如果一种成分无效,可以购买两种或两种以上交替使用。如果几周后症状仍然没有缓解,应咨询医生。  6.双脚就像“毒气弹”。  想要打败脚臭,控制脚汗至关重要。脚部汗腺多,穿鞋数小时后,汗水中的蛋白质就会使细菌滋生,产生异戊酸并散发出臭味。  因此,应至少每天换一次袜子,每天用香皂洗脚,穿着用天然透气材质制成的鞋子(如皮鞋或帆布鞋),穿过的鞋子要充分晾干、通气。  如果脚臭仍然存在,可以按照2∶1的比例在水中加些醋来泡脚,每周至少一次,能杀死细菌。  7.经常放屁。  调查显示,平均每人每天放屁13~21次。要想减少体内废气的产生,应少吃豆类、西兰花、卷心菜及芦笋。这些食物中含有难以消化的棉子糖,会增加产气几率。  8.大笑时会尿失禁。  体重过重和吸烟会增加压力性尿失禁的风险。年龄增加、体内激素变化和怀孕,也有可能削弱骨盆底肌肉的力量,降低尿道紧闭的能力。  锻炼骨盆底肌肉能减少60%的尿失禁。具体方法是:收紧臀部肌肉3秒,然后放松3秒,慢慢增加到每次持续收紧10秒。10次为1组,每天做3组。  9.鼻毛像杂草一样杂乱。  鼻毛长出来时,千万不要直接拔掉,否则会引起感染。最好的清理方式是使用剪刀,在光线充足的地方剪掉。修剪时要屏住呼吸,以防不慎吸入鼻腔内。  10.经常记不住名字。  年纪增大、压力增加、同时做几件事等都会导致记忆力下降。时不时的忘记名字、约会或是放钥匙的地方,是很正常的。如果发现记性变差,可以适当摄入一些牛奶、鸡蛋、鱼类、菠菜等益脑食物。

Eat some food in the winter to nourish the stomach


Eat some food in the winter to nourish the stomach

Spinach faces the problem of eating stomach, spinach can also eat in moderation, Chinese medicine pointed out that spinach has the effect of moistening dry liver, benefiting the stomach, and constipation.

In the daily life, the right amount of spinach can promote the secretion of stomach and starch, so as to promote digestion.

Moreover, spinach also contains extremely rich cellulose, which can help the series to creep, which is beneficial to defecation.

銆€銆€Pumpkin “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “Squash is warm, sweet, into the spleen, stomach meridian”, can replenish the vital energy, anti-inflammatory sterilization, pain relief.

Its rich pectin can 鈥渁dsorb鈥?bacteria and toxic substances, including heavy metals and lead, leading to detoxification.

At the same time, pectin protects the stomach from the expected irritation and reduces ulcers.

You can use pumpkin to cook porridge or soup to nourish the stomach.

銆€銆€Carrots are sweet and flat, and Chinese medicine believes that it “supplements the qi, spleen, spleen, stomach, and the five internal organs, and have a healthy effect.”

Rich carotene can be converted into vitamin A, which can improve eyesight, enhance resistance, and implant respiratory diseases.

Carotene is fat-soluble and is best served with meat and tastes better.

銆€銆€If you want to raise your stomach, cabbage should not be less. It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, relieving pain and relieving pain, detoxifying and swelling, and clearing away heat and water.

Moreover, it also contains a lot of vitamin C in the cabbage. This kind of substance has the effect of relieving pain and promoting ulcer healing. The cabbage and glutinous rice, dried tangerine peel and honey can also treat stomach cramps, upper abdominal fullness and stomach, and twelve fingers.Complications such as intestinal ulcers.

銆€銆€Nourishing the stomach should not eat: spicy food In fact, low concentration of pepper will increase the blood flow of the gastric mucosa, and will stimulate the synthesis and release of prostaglandins in the gastric mucosa, can effectively prevent harmful substances on the gastric mucosal damage, protect the stomach; garlicIt can kill Helicobacter pylori in the stomach; while the right amount of ginger can reach the warm stomach and enhance the protective effect of the gastric mucosa. Patients with stomach diseases should eat it according to their own preferences, so as to achieve the effect of curing the stomach.

Fitness trainer pushes hot fast fat burning 4 sports in winter


Fitness trainer pushes hot fast fat burning 4 sports in winter

In the winter, people can eat and sleep, and the cells begin to accumulate, and the body is prone to gain weight.

All women who love beauty are worried about this season’s slimming plan.

Don’t worry, take a look at the perfect fat burning plan in the winter to create a charming S-shaped body.

銆€銆€Rapid fat burning machinery to help the development of anti-fat oil: diet control + instrument engraving + aerobic stretching equipment is called a small engraving machine, so the body details are absolutely inseparable from them.

Each type of device is specially designed for the local exercise of the body. If you want to lose weight, you should go to this device to send your arms.

銆€銆€Designing a diet structure table for the goal of weight loss, trying to divide the food method, eating “three low” food is an effective way, after the exercise, it is necessary to cooperate with aerobic exercise to achieve the real purpose.

銆€銆€Recommendation: Be sure to adhere to the following set of exercise combinations1.

2 kg small dumbbell arm shaping; 2.

40 sit-ups a day, divided into three groups;

20 push-ups per day, even after the extension, can not even achieve the purpose of weight loss, will also maintain a slim figure.

銆€銆€Continuous exercise for 45 minutes will have a fat-reducing effect. Baby fat is not all girls should be thin and beautiful, baby fat with bubble shirts, short skirts and tennis shoes are easy to girlish, look very full, fresh and very tender.

After 45 minutes of continuous exercise, the body uses the aunt as an energy supplement to reduce the effect of oil. Otherwise, it is just 鈥渨ater reduction鈥?and has been resistant to fat: increase the amount of exercise every 0.

5 kilograms of body weight, need to consume 3,500 calories to reduce, so in the gym to see a lot of people desperately playing with various equipment or training a variety of fitness aerobics, in order to continue to consume calories.

Need to be reminded that after 45 minutes of continuous exercise, the body will use the aunt as energy supplement, will produce fat loss, otherwise it is just “water reduction”.

銆€銆€Recommendation: 1.

Control your appetite, don’t eat snacks and solve it; 2.

Focus on the structure of three meals, breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a civilian, dinner like a cockroach;

Keep running or swimming, keep a certain rate, and consume the whole aunt.

銆€銆€Sit-ups to collect the lower abdomen and micro-drums, you abdomen and then abdomen, for those who grow in the waist and abdomen.

The slanting plate weight-bearing sit-ups will definitely be able to train a whole piece of fat in the abdomen into six packs of anti-fat fat: the equipment shaping fitness trainer can master the slimming plan for you, if onlyFor the abdomen, it will be much easier.

It is recommended that the sloping plate load-bearing sit-ups must be able to train a whole piece of fat in the abdomen into six packs.

The key is that such a hard abdomen is slightly tormented, and it is easy to make people slack off. If you don’t pay attention, those places will re-grum.

銆€銆€Recommendation: 1.

Must quit the habit of drinking at night, let the liquid bread less patronize the stomach several times;

Must change the habit of eating supper, “the horse does not eat night grass is not fat”;

A certain amount of sleep must be guaranteed, because obesity caused by the circadian clock is the root cause of your inadvertent fat.