[Drinking this stuff in spring can’t miss detoxification and lowering blood lipids!

[Drinking this stuff in spring can’t miss detoxification and lowering blood lipids!

In spring, there are many kinds of small things for detoxification. You can buy them for a few dollars. They are even cheap and very useful. You can drink hot water immediately.

For your own health and that of your family, take a good look.

1, lotus leaf soaked in water, lotus leaf tastes bitter, flat, after taking it has a good health effect on the liver, spleen and stomach and heart, Chinese medicine believes that it has cooling blood to stop bleeding and other effects, very suitable for hypertension and hyperlipidemiaOf patients.

The lotus leaf has a good diuretic effect. The most direct manifestation is that the number of visits to the toilet after taking lotus leaf tea has increased significantly.

Lotus leaf tea is rich in cellulose, which can promote the peristalsis of our large intestine and help defecation, so as to achieve the purpose of removing toxins and reducing aunt storage.

In addition, no matter what causes the problem of bladder edema and decreased urine output, taking lotus leaf can alleviate it well.


[Can you eat durian without cracking?]_ Durian_Uncooked_Can you eat

I am not sure if you are able to distinguish between you and your friends. You will be able to find out what is going on and how to do it. You will be able to take care of the disease.鑾叉病瑁傚紑鑳藉悆鍚楁槸寰堝浜烘兂鐭ラ亾鐨勩€傝繖绉嶆Υ鑾叉槸鍙互鍚冪殑锛屽彧鏄锛屾病瑁傚紑鐨勬Υ鑾插彛鎰熶互鍙婂懗閬撳彲鑳戒笉鏄偅涔堢編鍛炽€?1.娌 紑 瑁 篃 鍙  Mutual connection?涓嶇敤绛夊埌寮€瑁傚啀鍚?What are you talking about? What are you talking about?鍐嶆斁涓€娈垫椂闂翠篃涓嶄細鏈夊お澶х殑鍙樺寲,鑷劧鎼佺疆鐨勬儏鍐典笅,寰堝皯浼氳嚜宸卞紑瑁傜殑,寮€瑁傜殑鍘熷洜鏄垚鐔熶簡,鎴栬€呮槸宸茬粡鐔熼€忎簡,浣嗘槸娌℃湁寮€瑁傚彲鑳戒粠鍛抽亾涓婄◢寰樊涓€浜?渚 湫 鍙  Mutual power peril. 2.姒磋幉涔板洖鏉ョ殑鏃跺€欏鏋滆繕娌℃湁瑁傚彛锛岃鏄庢槸杩樻病鏈夊叏鐔熺殑鏃跺€欏氨鎽樹笅鏉ヤ簡锛岃繖鏍风殑姒磋幉铏界劧鍙互鍚冿紝浣嗘槸鑴嗚剢鐨勶紝涓嶈蒋锛岃€屼笖涓嶅お鐢滐紝鍛抽亾寰堜竴鑸紝鐢氳嚦涓嶅ソ鍚冿紝鍥犱负杩樻病鏈夊叏鐔燂紝杩欑姒磋幉鏈€濂芥槸鐢ㄦ姤绾稿寘璧锋潵鏀惧湪闃村噳鍦版柟闅斾袱澶╁啀鍚冿紝鍛抽亾浼氬ソ涓€浜涳紝鑰屼笖椋熺敤鐨勬椂鍊欏彲浠ュ厛鎶婃灉鑲夋嫈鍑烘潵锛岀敤淇濋矞鑶滃寘璧锋潵鏀惧湪鍐扮閲岄潰鍐板喕鍑犱釜灏忔椂锛屽懗閬撴洿妫掞紝浼氭湁闆硶鐨勬劅瑙夊摝銆?3.鍏跺疄寮€鍙g殑姒磋幉鏄渶濂藉悆鐨勶紝浣嗘槸寮€鍙e悗鐨勬Υ鑾插緢瀹规槗鍙樿川锛屾墍浠ュ湪鎸戦€夌殑鏃跺€欒鏍煎娉ㄦ剰锛屽彉璐ㄥ悗鐨勬Υ鑾叉湁涓€鑲¢吀鍛筹紝鑰屼笖浼氬甫涓€鐐归厭鍛筹紝杩欑姒磋幉灏变笉瑕佷拱浜嗐€傛垚鐔熺殑姒磋幉鐢ㄥ垁灏栧紑涓紳锛屼竴鎺板氨寮€浜嗭紝濡傛灉娌℃湁鎴愮啛鐨勮What do you mean?

[Encyclopedia of various cold dishes]_How to make_How to make

[Encyclopedia of various cold dishes]_How to make_How to make

Coleslaw is a very common way of cooking in our lives.

Compared to other dishes, cold dishes are easy to make and crispy, making them ideal for summer.

And it doesn’t take long to make cold dishes, so many young white-collar workers like to make some cold dishes.

Different cold dishes have different textures and production methods.

Today we will introduce the recipes for various cold dishes.

Cold Vermicelli Ingredients: Vermicelli Ingredients: Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Green and Red Pepper Seasoning: Salt, Sugar, MSG, Rice Vinegar, Red Oil Production: 1.

Use boiling water to swell the fans and set aside; 2.

2. Ginger, green onion, green and red pepper are shredded, garlic chopped; 3.

Add the right amount of salt to the swollen fans, add a small amount of sugar and MSG, add garlic and ginger, shredded green pepper, add the right amount of rice vinegar, and finally add the red oil and mixuniform.

Ready to eat.

Note: In the process of making fans, potassium potassium sulfate dodecahydrate was added.

Excessive doped aluminum ions dope human dementia.

Therefore, although the “cold fans” is a summer appetizer to relieve the heat, it should not be eaten.

1-2 pieces of chicken breast with sesame and cucumber, “raw” chicken breast, 1 tablespoon of wine, seasoned with salt, 1 cucumber, mixed with seasoning.

『Production process』 1.

Drain the chicken with wine and salt, place in a container, cover with plastic wrap, and heat for 2 minutes.


Gherkins are salted, rubbed into the initial plate, and cut into any strips.


Grind sesame seeds into 2 tablespoons, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of soy sauce, add sugar to make a mixture.

Mix the ingredients into the shredded chicken and cucumber.

Crispy Cucumber Ingredients: Cucumber Auxiliary: Canned Orange Seasoning: Balsamic Oil, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Red Pepper.

Production method: 1. Cut the cucumber into strips, salt and marinate for 10 minutes; 2. Shred the onion, ginger, and red pepper, and fry the garlic slices with hot aroma; 3. Squeeze some of the marinated cucumber, add vinegar, Sugar, mix well, finally add the fried oil of onion ginger red pepper shredded garlic, and then marinate for ten minutes to serve, add canned oranges to garnish.

Cold Cucumbers 1.

Cut the cucumber in half and cut it diagonally, not too thick.


Shred coriander.


Put sesame oil, sesame, vinegar and chopped coriander on the cut cucumbers.


Mix well.


You’re done, you’re ready to eat.

If you want to eat spicy food, you can add an old godmother appropriately.

Red oil celery raw materials: 150 grams of celery, 3 grams of vinegar, 5 grams of red oil, 5 grams of soy sauce, 5 grams of garlic, 5 grams of salt, 10 grams of hemp sauce, and 5 grams of sesame oil.

Production: 1. Wash celery, cut into shreds, simmer in boiling water, drain off the water, and put in the dish.

2. Mix the mashed garlic, hemp sauce, soy sauce, salt, etc. together and pour on the celery silk, then pour the red oil, mix the sesame oil and serve immediately.

Sweet and sour raw materials: 50 grams of celery, 5 grams of vinegar, 50 grams of radish, 1 gram of MSG, appropriate amount of salt, 50 grams of green pepper, and 5 grams of white sugar.
Production: 1. Wash and shred celery, radish, wash green peppers and seeds, cut into shreds, and place them in plates.
2, three wires into the boiling water pot and cooked, remove the yard and let it cool in a dish for later use.

3. Pour the sugar, salt, and MSG on the three wires in the dish and pour in vinegar and mix well.

9 “pepper and oil celery raw materials: 750 grams of fresh and tender celery, 10 grams of ginger, 25 grams of salt, MSG is called, 25 dollars of pepper oil, 50 grams of vinegar.

Production: Remove the leaves and roots of fresh celery, wash them, cut them into 5 cm long sections (thick roots can be split in half) with a straight knife, put them in a boiling water pot and cook them, remove them with a cold shower, and then dry, MSG, vinegar, mix well in a platter, add ginger, and pour the hot pepper oil to taste.

Features: Nutrient-rich and fragrant.



The dog “Book of Classics” is listed as a top quality product. Li Shizhenyun said: “There are many dogs. They are used in three ways. Mastiffs have long beaks and good hunting.and also”.

  Sexual taste dog meat: salty, sour, warm, non-toxic.

  Function to protect the five internal organs, warm waist and knees, improve strength.

  [老年体弱、腰疼足冷]  腊月取狗肉煮食。  [慢性疟疾,四日两头疟,久久不止]  取黄狗肉煮食。  [男子肾虚腰痛,女子带下崩漏]  黄狗肾(睾丸)焙燥,研细末,每服5分,一日2次,温酒送服。

70kg → 48kg

70kg → 48kg

LULU: A slim and gentle yoga teacher, a popular guest on the TV show “Women I’m the Biggest”, but who wants to, before the age of 23, she was always a fat 161 cm tall and weighing 140 kg.
In “Lulu Fat Princess Transformation”, LULU uses years of personal experience to tell her gorgeous transformation.
 As soon as the traditional Chinese version of “Lulu Fat Princess Turned Into Memory” was launched in Taiwan, it caused a frenzy of panic buying. For more than a month, it has been ranked first in lifestyle books.
In terms of content, because it is your own personal experience, compared with other beauty and body books on the market, it has an authenticity.
The methods and methods mentioned in the book also seem to be more civilian. Everyone can do it with a little care.
Coupled with the unique LULU yoga slimming method unique in the book, it also highlights her consistent emphasis on the idea of using healthy methods to lose weight.
  Self-testing for obese physique Here are a few simple features. Check the option that matches your condition to check if you are prone to obese constitution.
  □ It is often easy to feel dry.
  □ Less urine and yellowish color.
  □ Constipation often occurs, and the stool is dry and hard.
  □ Very afraid of heat, the temperature of the body is high.
  □ The body often has edema.
  □ I like cold drinks.
  □ Flushing, or redness often.
  □ Muscles are strong and thick.
  In the above question, if there are more than 3 tick options, it means you are easy to gain weight.
The more ticks you have, the more fat factors your body has.
Conversely, if there are less than 3 ticks, then congratulations, you are lean and you don’t have to worry too much about getting fat.
  After 6 pm 淀粉 Fasting starchy food LULU once tried a diet that did not eat starch at all, and found that the immune system became very poor, and he had a cold for two days, or else he was prone to gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea, and stomach trouble.
Therefore, starch must be eaten, but starch is liable to cause obesity in the lower body. Therefore, LULU recommends that starchy foods should be eaten at breakfast and lunch as much as possible, so that the calories of the starch can be consumed throughout the day and not allowedThe heat of starch accumulates in the body.
  In addition, LULU also recommends some high-quality starch foods, such as brown rice and purple rice.
If you don’t like to eat brown rice directly, you can also add grain rice, barley kernel rice, or mix it with white rice, which is both nutritious and convenient.
Learning Abdominal Breathing Method LULU started to use abdominal breathing method seven or eight years ago. She found that her shoulders and neck were less prone to soreness and her lower abdomen was stronger.
Most people suffer from backache and back pain, most of which are due to insufficient strength in the lower abdomen and insufficient strength in the lower plate. Therefore, when carrying things or bending over to lift objects, they cannot share the weight of the shoulder, neck, and back muscles, which can easily causeBack pain, neck aches, or backaches.
  On the first day of LULU practicing abdominal breathing, the lower abdomen felt a little tight.
After practicing for a week, the lower abdomen began to flatten out slowly.
Moreover, hypertrophy of the lower abdomen is usually related to muscle relaxation, poor gastrointestinal motility, flatulence, and constipation. Therefore, at the beginning of abdominal breathing, these disturbing problems will slowly disappear together.
  To do this with abdominal breathing: First, imagine your dantian (the position of the three fingers under the belly button) with an imaginary small balloon.
Then, inhale through your nose. Imagine that you send the air in from the chest and abdomen all the way to the small airbag.
At this point, your lower abdomen will slightly protrude.
Then exhale deeply and exhale all the air in the small airbag from the nose.
  At the beginning, puff and puff 50 times a day.
You can do it before bedtime or at any time.
Abdominal breathing helps sleep, and you can stay asleep until you fall asleep.
It is also very effective for people who don’t sleep well or have poor sleep quality!
Try it!
You will not be disappointed.
  Lymphatic massage for easy detoxification Lymphatic massage for detoxification can help us smooth our lymph and achieve detoxification.If you can, try to do it every day. It will be effective in about two or three days. You can feel refreshed, eliminate fatigue and puffiness.

  1. Squeeze, pinch, rub with both hands, press the armpits on both sides, and the lymph nodes near the chest, 9 times on each side, not too hard.

  2. Lie on your back, gently step on the base of your thigh (in the groin) with your middle finger and ring finger, press for 5 seconds, take a breath and rest, press for 5 seconds, take a breath and rest, repeat 9 times.

Can be combined with rose or geranium massage essential oil massage.

  3, compact, feet close together, hands hang down naturally, placed between the body.

Raise your arms flat and easily, and then lower them easily, and pat the body with your palms naturally, doing about 20 strokes at a time.

In addition to detoxifying, you can also thin your arms. 4. Sit flat, hold each leg with both hands, and pinch your thumb into the middle of the calf.

  5. Bend your feet, hold the soles of your feet, and use your thumbs to step on the Yongquan Point on the soles of your feet.

  6. Press the depression under the chin and the middle of the throat with your thumb.

You can always massage at any time. In addition to detoxification, it is effective for colds, puffy faces, and double chins. 7. Block the depression behind the earlobe.

Every 15 times, open your mouth when blocking for about 2 seconds.

Fun talk: workplace positioning of shooting figures (picture)

Fun talk: workplace positioning of shooting figures (picture)

Although Huang Rong is clever and smart, she is a woman who lacks maternal love; Guo Jing is morally perfect but lacks spirituality; and Huang Yaoshi is a middle-aged widowed superb man . Huang Rong: A strange woman with a lack of maternal love Occupation: Finance Manager  She has a near-perfect father who inherits the excellent brains and intelligence of her father and mother, but she lacks maternal love.

Lack of maternal love can form a lack of emotional personality.

Her childhood experience was due to her father’s carelessness and lack of detailed emotional tentacles.

She is young but ruthless, and violently abuses those who do n’t feel comfortable with the account-receiver. She often makes a big swipe, which belongs to your dozens, dozens, and tens of yuan.

She has a peerless mind, and can prevail anytime.

  She is a master of mind-testing, grasping the mind of the salesman in reporting, and she is a super first-class psychological microman.

But when Guo Jing became the most sustainable and supportive of her love and affection, her character was repaired.

Without Guo Jing, the moody and capricious woman who was hidden in her youth may become a deeper mansion in her adulthood, and she may become a substitute.

Jin Yong said well, “If Huang Rong is living today, she may become a strong woman with her cleverness, deep understanding of human nature, and superb organizational skills.

“But being strong doesn’t mean success and happiness as a person.

She found Guo Jing as her husband, which was the most successful “accountant” of her life.

  Guo Jing: Career positioning of dull single-parent families: The client manager’s mother is too preaching.

So this man is morally a role model but not spiritual.

But it doesn’t matter.

He is tenacious and sincere.

As a practitioner of business, he has always practiced for 10 days.

When he first arrived in the Central Plains, he met Huang Rong, who was the most spiritual time.

He is too fortunate to adhere to the principle of conviction and responsibility, and to be the most pure and practical moral perfection.

Huang Rong and Hong Qigong once said that Guo Jing was like a cow.

Without good people to take care of him, he could not learn good martial arts.

He listened to what others said.

The only way I figured out is that the customer is not good or bad, it is the attitude of the account manager.

  At the end of “The Heroes of Shooting the Eagle”, Guo Jing sighed: Our company has several times more resources than the series.

If we can all be united, why are we afraid of our opponents?

Hate just hate the sales director for being daring and faint, and he is cured.

Huang Rong said: If the competition does not come, just stop, if it comes, we will kill one by one.

When it is really critical, we still have little red horses to rely on.

The world is not worried about this much.

Guo Jing Zhengse said: Ronger, this is not the case. Since we have received the company’s salary, how can we be able to report to the four characters of the country without Yue Wumu’s faithfulness?Filial piety, even if he donated his life to the battlefield, he did not let the bosses raise it.

Huang Rong sighed: I knew it would be inevitable.

No matter you live, I live, you die I die.

He is a bullock.

Such people suffer countless times.

If you don’t meet a smart wife, you will have a bumpy life. The heroes didn’t do it, and people fell down first.

His mother was too rough to give him a little fine character.

This person has been a executor of tradition and others for his whole life, but he has failed in personality.

  Zhongtong Wang Chongyang: A broken-hearted man with a career position: Sales Director He is the world’s number one, and he is Wang Chongyang, the first Huashan sword sword champion.

He once participated in the market battle, when he was still young.He is also a romantic figure of the year.

But merry has to pay a price.

Not to mention that there is marriage at the end of love.

But he has another mind, he wants to save the company.

In addition to a female secretary, he also loves the company and the boss.

Love is so messy, love is so desperate.

He merged Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and he was too deep.

Although the charm is great, but the woman can afford it?

So he was lonely.

Lonely people are “perverted”.

He is just one.

  He has high martial arts himself, and his secretary is also a beauty, but unfortunately he is stubborn.

The other is this person, who too meets the standard of a typical career man.

In addition to the market, or the market, can not hold that little child.

So had no choice but to fall in love.

Women look down on people without a career, but never allow a career to be more important than her.

So they did not compromise and only broke up.

He further resisted foreign market aggression and expanded the world to escape love, so he often traveled.

He is the most perfect man, but unfortunately a woman never needs perfection. The most perfection means abandoning Xiao Ai Gu Quan Avenue.

He loves companies more than lovers.

The pink confidant was not by his side at last.

Loneliness is the first person in this world who once martial arts, the only enemy that cannot be defeated.

Got the world without her.

He chose a dilemma.

You can only choose to be lonely to old.

Folk Whitening DIY Hottest Whitening Mask

Folk Whitening DIY Hottest Whitening Mask

There are many small secret recipes handed down to the people, and they have many generations of experience.

There are some whitening methods. Today, let’s summarize them together!

  1, milk whitening prepare a small cup of fresh milk, (in the summer, you can also put fresh milk in the refrigerator, apply cool, it will be more comfortable).

Steam the face with steam, soak the cotton pad with fresh milk, leave it on the ends for about 15 minutes, remove it, and wash the bladder milk with water.

Long-term adherence can make skin tone white and even.

  2. Prepare aloe vera whitening three fingers wide and two fingers long and spotted aloe vera leaves and rinse them, then a piece of cucumber with a length of three centimeters, 1/4 egg white, 2-3 grams of pearl powder, an appropriate amount of flourMake the tone thin).

  Put the aloe vera and cucumber into the juicer and squeeze into a small bowl. Then add egg whites, pearl powder, and a moderate amount of flour to make a paste, which will not flow down.

  Wash your face, apply the adjusted paste on your face, wash it after drying, apply toner, skin care products, 1-2 times a week.

  3, tomato honey whitening This whitening formula can be used for face and hand whitening at the same time.

Especially for acne-prone skin, it can effectively remove oiliness, prevent infection, and make skin fair and delicate.

  Usage: You can mix tomatoes into tomato juice and add an appropriate amount of honey to stir until a paste.

Apply evenly to face or hands and leave to wash for about 15 minutes.

It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a week.

  4, beauty vegetable juice will be green pepper, big cucumber, a quarter bitter gourd, celery, green apple, etc. into a beauty vegetable juice to drink, this vegetable juice has enough vitamin C, very effective for whitening.

  5. Remove the spotted vinegar egg liquid, take one fresh egg, wash it, dry it, add 500 ml of high quality vinegar and soak it for one month.

After the eggshell is dissolved in the vinegar, take a small tablespoon of the solution and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Stir and take one cup a day.

Taking vinegar and egg liquid for a long time can make the skin smooth and delicate and remove all dark spots on the face.


One fresh egg of honey protein film and one small spoon of honey will become whipped and even. Brush the film on the face with a clean soft brush before going to bed, during which you can massage to stimulate skin cells and promote blood circulation.

After being turned on and air-dried, wash with water, preferably twice a week.

This mask can also be diluted with water and rubbed hands, which can be used to supplement chapped skin in winter.

Replenish water in time to relieve the coronary heart disease crisis

Replenish water in time to relieve the coronary heart disease crisis

Humidification: In addition to drinking water and adjusting humidity, Tang Zhe believes that the elderly’s home environment should also be more “pro” water, so you can create a humid environment yourself.

If the elderly has a yard, you can dig a small pool in the courtyard and raise some goldfish, waterweed or water lilies in the pool. This can even adjust the humidity of the environment and cultivate your temperament.

  If there is no yard, the elderly can also raise some green plants, goldfish or tropical fish at home.

In the process of raising flowers and fish, the elderly can make their bodies healthier through light labor and increase their sensitivity to water shortage and thirst.

  If these can not achieve the purpose of humidification, you can use a humidifier or frequent watering to adjust the humidity.

Tang Zhe said that maintaining a certain humidity in the room can prevent respiratory diseases caused by dry mouth and nose.

  Drink water: Every morning, drink a glass of water. Tang Zhe said that in daily life, the elderly should pay attention to drink plenty of water, but do not drink too much at one time, because the organs of the elderly have gradually aged, and drinking more water will increase the burden on the organs., But harmful to health.

Elderly people with hypertension, coronary heart disease, and cerebral vascular sclerosis, because of thick blood, should pay attention to replenishing water in time.

  First, early morning is the most dangerous schedule for myocardial infarction and stroke in the elderly.

The body is prone to dehydration at night due to breathing, sweating, and urination, condensing blood and even forming blood clots.

Therefore, the elderly should drink water after getting up in the morning to reduce blood viscosity and promote normal blood circulation.

  Playing in water: In addition to swimming, the benefits are more. In addition to creating a humid environment for the elderly, the elderly often go to places with water and also have good health. For example, go fishing, go to the river, walk by the lake, or go to the family.Accompanied, travel to scenic spots with mountains and water.

This is because in places with a lot of water, there are usually too many plants, and the negative ion content in the air is rich, which will greatly replace the elderly living in the city for a long time.

The severely ill and infirm should go to a place with a lot of negative ions in the air, and it is best to go to the seaside or where there are rivers and lakes.

  Not long ago, a survey published in the Hong Kong region revealed that the longevity of the elderly in Hong Kong, Japan and Iceland is believed to be related to the coastal location of these countries or regions.

Studies have shown that the coastal environment is very beneficial to human health.

Marine air pollution is low, the air is rich in trace elements necessary for the human body, and negative ions are particularly abundant, which can improve the ventilation function of the lungs and stimulate the hematopoietic system.

  In addition, the climate in the coastal area is mild and humid, and the temperature does not change much during the year. It is not as hot and cold as the continental climate, which is beneficial to the metabolism of the human body.

On the contrary, living in a dry place, even if human skin cells are dehydrated, it is easy to wrinkle and rough, and it is not good for the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and easily induces bacterial infection, which is especially bad for the health of the elderly.

  Swimming is also one of the best ways for older people to “kiss” water.

It is understood that an increased heart burden during swimming can enhance the function of the cardiovascular system and prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension; swimming can increase lung capacity, enhance the function of the respiratory system, and increase the excitability of the cerebral cortex.

After swimming, the elderly will feel relaxed and energized.

The seawater under the sun contains ultraviolet rays with a bactericidal effect and a large amount of salt, so it is very beneficial for the elderly with diseases such as hypertension, anemia, bronchial compression and the like.

Fertilization depends on the body shape adjustment plan


Fertilization depends on the body shape adjustment plan

According to scientific observations, there are three different classifications of human body shape.

Knowing your own body shape helps you understand your metabolism.

銆€銆€For thin people, knowing their body shape is more conducive to adjusting the fattening plan.

銆€銆€First, sports-type physique refers to the shape of most athletes. Their muscles develop naturally, their muscles are strong, and their muscles are strong. This body shape will fundamentally change their body shape, properly speed up metabolism to quickly gain muscles.Growth or weight loss.

This body shape is an ideal body shape that can quickly increase muscle growth.

銆€銆€Second, the ectodermal body type refers to people who are thin body. Generally speaking, they are thin people. Their metabolism is very fast. The body of an ectodermal body is unfortunate, and the number of muscles is very small. It is difficult for them to gain weight.
銆€銆€Third, the endoderm body shape This type of person is easy to store unfortunately, and their metabolism is low, although sometimes people may get muscles quickly, but while growing muscles, the rate of unfortunate growth is also high.

銆€銆€Although most people are among the three types of people, there are still too many people between the two types, such as ectoderm-sports or endoderm-sports.

銆€銆€It is a crucial step to adjust your diet according to your body shape, to evaluate yourself objectively, and then to adjust the current diet structure appropriately.

If you don’t take this critical step, your diet plan will not be the best.

銆€銆€Adjusting the Fertility Program for You This fattening program will adjust the food from one week to the next according to the shape from the ectoderm to the endoderm.

Here’s how to adjust to your own body shape.

銆€銆€The ectoplasty adds 80 grams of protein food to each meal.

In addition to these, your carbonic acid and micro-supplement needs to be increased.

Initially, add 100-150 grams of glucose food to each meal.

You can also add 15 grams if you need it.

銆€銆€When changing your fattening plan, pay attention to your own physical changes. If these numbers are too much, you can follow the previous amount. Although your body size will be a little thin, your muscles will get more growth.

銆€銆€The lean body of the ectoplasty should maintain a strict diet, that is, eating every two to three hours, not strictly eating on time, or not eating, can lead to weight loss.

Intestinal therapy beauty weight loss and detoxification?


Reporter investigates the truth

“Intestinal therapy” beauty weight loss and detoxification?
Reporter investigates the truth

CCTV News: Parasites, a kind of health care called “gut therapy” has entered our field of vision.

What kind of therapy is this?

Let’s see the reporter’s investigation together.

According to online search reporters, there is too much information about bowel treatment, including information on the promotion of bowel treatment and health care clubs.

Some merchants believe that the human body for bowel treatment can not only prevent and treat in vivo, but also replace the toxins in the body, have the effect of nourishing the body, and can also protect the environment of the human body.

What kind of therapy is bowel therapy?

Qi Xinghong, Chief Physician, Department of Gastroenterology, Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Capital Medical University: The so-called bowel therapy (initial spa) was originally used for medical purposes in hospitals.

It has strict indications and contraindications, usually some endoscopy, some pre-operative interaction preparations or some intractable constipation that is not effective.

These patients can be used once, but generally not for long-term use.

The reporter found through investigation that bowel therapy is commonly known as enema therapy. Most of the clinical use is for laxative patients with constipation. However, in the mouth of the business, it has become a so-called international popular detoxification method, which can improve the secret of constipation.And to correct diarrhea, regulate colonic flora imbalance, prevent colon cancer, but also have the effect of beauty, skin and weight loss.

Is the effect of bowel treatment so amazing?

In the survey, the reporter learned that while people are paying attention to the efficacy of bowel therapy, many people are more worried about the safety of bowel therapy.

So, is colon treatment safe?

Yan Xinghong, Chief Physician, Department of Gastroenterology, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, Capital Medical University: Under normal circumstances, the large intestine does not need to be cleaned, because it has excretory function and does not need to replace external force.

Cosmetic treatment, beauty or longevity through bowel therapy is based on current medical data and lacks evidence.

Doctors suggest that if you go to a non-medical institution for bowel therapy, the following risks may occur, such as insertion of flora imbalance, water and electrolyte disorders.

If the disinfection is not standardized, it will have some serious consequences, such as infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS.

If the operation is not proper, even venous bleeding, perforation or even rupture may be life-threatening.