Postpartum Recovery Posture-Bow

Postpartum Recovery Posture-Bow

Intermediate benefits: This body’s curved posture can make the spine more flexible and flexible, can expand the chest, stretch the tibia and groin, it can also stimulate the kidneys and adrenals, and revitalize the body.

  Note: If you have spine and lower tibia problems, be careful when practicing.

If you have a cesarean section and Palestine has not fully recovered, you should also pay attention to safety while practicing.

  Method: Prone bend knees, feet close to hips.

Hold your feet backwards with both hands.

Inhale, exhale, lift your feet away from your hips and lift your chest up.

Look forward, keep your arms straight, hold this position for 6 breaths, then release your feet, lower your chest and touch the floor.

If you feel comfortable and powerful when doing this movement, you can roll your body back and forth and repeat the whole posture 3-4 times.

Flowers bloom, anthers are popular

Flowers bloom, anthers are popular

Hundreds of flowers are blooming. Anthers are popular. Spring is the season of blooming flowers. Recently, various flowers in bloom have been seen on the streets of Zhengzhou.

Baihua can be used for both appreciation and health care.

Entering major shopping malls, we will see some counters selling flower tea in pharmacies. The packaging of each flower clearly says its benefits and indications.

  In a shopping mall in Zhengzhou, a reporter met a lady who was choosing flower tea. She said, “I drink rose buds most often. Roses have the functions of promoting blood circulation and stasis, and menstruation.

My menstruation is not normal, the doctor said that the problem is not big, pay attention to the nourishment, when I know that the rose has the effect of menstruation, I often use it as tea.

“In the counter, the reporter saw many common varieties besides roses, jasmine, lilac, honeysuckle, etc. According to the sales staff, they operate flower tea with different health care functions.Needs to be recommended, and sales have been good.

  In addition to scented tea, modern people still have many ways to eat flowers for health. Some rose jams are mashed roses into sauce to eat, and some people eat flowers directly.

  Hundreds of flowers are used as medicine, and the cure is good. “From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, these flowers that people think are health products are actually good medicines.

“Said Zhang Guotai, chief physician of Henan Academy of Chinese Medicine.

  Whether it is in the packaging of flower tea or flower products, the nature, efficacy, function, and even indications of these flowers will be mentioned. In fact, these are the statements of traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, these flowers with various effects are themselves Chinese medicine.
  ”Anther Chinese medicine is a category of traditional Chinese medicine. It contains many varieties and has different functions according to the nature of different flowers. Since ancient times, anthers have played a very important role in treating various diseases.

Zhang Guotai said.

  Experts point out that many flowers have very good curative effects in the treatment of diseases, such as acacia flowers, flatness, sweetness, and the effect of relieving depression and soothe the nerves, which can be used for restlessness, depression and insomnia; and chrysanthemums can evacuate the wind and brighten eyes,Ganpinggangan; narcissus swelling and detoxification, clearing heat and analgesics, removing wind and dissolving knots; lotus flowers are often used to treat heatstroke, vomiting blood, insomnia and other symptoms; roses are more valuable and have the effects of menstruation and blood circulation, beauty and beauty.

Early studies by medical experts at home and abroad have shown that roses have specific effects on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

  In addition, our common peony is also the best in medicine. Peony flowers, roots, and skin hemorrhoids are used in medicine.

The peony flower is flat, with a bitter taste, and has the effect of activating blood circulation and regulating menstruation. It treats women with irregular menstruation and abdominal pain.

Peony root bark is called “Dan Bark” and is a valuable medicinal material.

  Flowers are also medicines. Experts in dialectical anthers point out that anthers are an indispensable part of Chinese medicine. Modern people often misunderstand when taking anthers.

The most common is that people buy anthers casually according to their preferences, or simply drink anthers as tea and ignore its curative effect.

  ”Anthers are also medicines. Like other traditional Chinese medicines, they have their own properties and effects. They are used to treat different diseases, and they need to be used differently when used.

If it is not used in a dialectical manner, the effect of anthers cannot be maximized, and even their own physique and the anther’s medicinal properties may cause damage to the body.

Zhang Guotai said.
  For example, some people often drink gardenia tea in restaurants in the summer. Gardenia tea has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. It is suitable for people with large body fires. If people with warm constitutions drink it, they will increase their physical weakness;It is also known as red peony. This flower has the function of promoting blood circulation. It is used to treat stagnant amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. It is suitable for people with low menstrual blood.

However, if a person with a lot of menstrual blood is taking it, it may lead to the bleeding, bleeding too much and hurt the body.

  Any kind of Chinese medicine, whether herbal or anther, must be used according to seasons, physiques, cold, heat, temperature and other factors, and dialectical use. When modern people use anthers to maintain health, it is best to consult a doctor in a professional hospital first.Doctors make recommendations based on their constitution, and take anthers that are right for them.

4 different skin care methods


4 different skin care methods

The skin loses its tightness, becomes soft, loses its elasticity, produces wrinkles, loses its luster, and becomes dull. At the same time, it also causes mental illness due to unhealthy.

Different skin types have different maintenance methods. If your skin often has problems, the first thing to check is whether your maintenance method is correct.

  The skin care method with sufficient moisture and oil content should be adjusted according to changes in the environment and climate.

  This skin is basically normal, but the condition of the skin is prone to changes in the environment, climate, and diet.

For example, excessive sebum secretion in summer can easily lead to acne, and in winter, the skin will become slightly dry, so this is a type of skin that needs to be adjusted according to seasonal changes.

  Too much oil, skin with insufficient moisture, skin that becomes more and more oily after forgetting to keep warm, hydration is the first.

  The pores of this skin are very obvious, and the shell surface is relatively oily. It is easy to forget to replenish the water in order to remove excess oil.

If you have this kind of skin, you must start with moisturizing. When the skin’s moisturization is enough, you will not keep getting oil.

It is best to use oil control + moisturizing milky night or lotion, for better results.

  Skin with more water and less oil content should be the perfect skin as long as it pays attention to moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.

  It looks like the best skin, but the lack of oil can easily disperse the water in the skin. Once the cold air or cold wind blows, the skin will become dry.

Therefore, skin care products containing oil are essential.

In addition, where there is less secretion of oil around the eyes, focus on maintenance to avoid early appearance of fine lines.

  Skin with less moisture and less oily fragile skin requires careful care.

  This kind of skin is very dry, prone to fine lines, and very fragile.

Therefore, when cleaning the skin, it should be gentle and reduce skin irritation.

It is the focus of maintenance to replenish oil and water at the same time.

How to use the mask works well When you notice the 25-year-old skin care, tell you to transfer the mask care.

Is the mask really that good?

  Remember, a mask is a good thing at any time, it can add moisture to the skin, make the skin white, clean the deep skin, soothe fine lines on the skin, increase the brightness of the skin, and repair itAfter the sun, the mask is the most effective and convenient way to care for the skin.

  How does the mask work so well?

  The principle of the mask is to use a thick layer of dressings with different functions and ingredients to apply to the face to block the skin from contact with the air.

When this layer of dressing is tightly attached to the skin, it will increase the temperature of the skin by blocking the secretion of sebum and the evaporation of sweat; when the temperature of the skin rises, it will promote blood circulation and allow nutrients that penetrate the skin to be intercellularSpread deeper and wider.

  The epidermal layer on the surface of the skin that can’t be evaporated can be evaporated. The moisture in the epidermal layer becomes full, the skin will look softer and tighter, and the fine lines will become lighter. In addition, the temperature and warmth will reach keratin softeningCapillary pores expand; once the pores expand, the accumulated sweat can be replaced and removed, which is why the mask completely cleans the skin function.

How first love couples can go further together

How first love couples can go further together

Love will grow up, but it will also suffer too much on the way to growth, especially for first lovers.

Today I will share with you how to get along with your first love couple. Let ‘s take a look.

  How can first love couples go further together? Fall in love, just to create opportunities for both parties to understand each other. People who have fallen in love for the first time will always try their best to possess the objects they like. We must know that the focus of loveIt is talking, and the result of the talk must have two endings, successful and unsuccessful. Those who talk with each other have appropriate and appropriate points.

Therefore, love can be talked about, but you can’t talk about it, and you can’t hold the expectation that a certain talk will be fulfilled.

  Second, when it comes to love, the opportunity comes. You must know how to grasp it positively, but you must not force it. Although there is a 50% chance of failure in dating, it does not mean that you must wait until you have full confidence to talk. After all, this world does not exist100% of the things, only to talk about the other party is not suitable for themselves.

Therefore, although marriage can not be forced, but when the opportunity comes, do not easily let go, but actively grasp.

  Third, when in love, don’t follow the blindly, otherwise it will be easy to be deceived. Some people say that love is basically blind.

This place depends on where to say that if it is the beginning of love, it is best to be more rational, and you must not follow the feeling and leave.

To know more about the other party, you must verify the important things yourself. You cannot listen to the other party’s own words, or you will regret it once you are cheated.

  Fourth, when in love, things that should n’t happen should be avoided. Knowing how to seek common ground while reserving differences. Since it is a true love relationship, you must ask the other party to change your heart and sincerely.

However, handling such problems is also technically demanding. Try to avoid touching what shouldn’t be discussed and what shouldn’t happen. Non-principles can be addressed by applying for the idea of merging differences.

  Fifth, fall in love and try to give the other party suggestions to help them correct their bad habits in life. Although fate can let two people who do not know each other come together, from acquaintance to love.

Because the two people grow up in different environments and have different values in life, they will inevitably have different life concepts.

Therefore, the best way is not to force them to follow your habitual life, but to give more advice and be flexible to correct the bad habits developed in their lives.

  Sixth, when in love, finances should maintain relatively independent expenses and expenses to the best of their ability. Before the relationship of lovers has not sublimated to the point of marriage, you should still maintain relatively independent financial revenue and expenditure management. Do not engage in unified revenue and expenditure.One set, after all, the love talk becomes good, what if it doesn’t work out?

There will be many follow-up questions.

The problem is that this does not affect the quality of love between two people, and who should pay for it is not a problem.

  What couples should pay attention to when getting along, do not control too much, the other person’s personal space and freedom. Many people like to use the “I love you” excuse to restrain the other half.

So once love is too deep, many people have a partiality towards love, so they begin to impose what they think is on the other half.

Maybe, for example, when two people are going out for a party, they will not let the other party go out alone, or they will bring their own, or they will not let it go, there will be problems when they go.

They say that this is because they love you. In fact, this is based on the name of love to restrain each other’s freedom. I believe many couples have encountered this situation.

  Second, the lack of trust in the other half, like to use their own ideas to deny the other party’s trust is the cornerstone of feelings, each long-term and stable relationship is necessarily based on trust.

Trust can make two people feel immensely secure and secure.

However, in the process of getting along with some couples, because they love each other too much and lose trust, they suddenly suffer, and then they become sensitive and doubtful.


As a result, many loved alive couples finally end up because they don’t trust each other.

  Third, after the quarrel between the two sides, no one would admit wrong, and between the couples who have been in the Cold War for a long time, the quarrel is inevitable.

Some of them are motivated by quarrels, while others break up because of quarrels.

In fact, even if the quarrel is, I am afraid that the two sides will not bother to bow their heads to admit the mistake to the other side, and always hold on to that problem.

No one wants to give each other a step down.

In the end, the other person thinks that you are unreasonable, so forgiving with a bottom line is also a kind of redemption.

70kg → 48kg

70kg → 48kg

LULU: A slim and gentle yoga teacher, a popular guest on the TV show “Women I’m the Biggest”, but who wants to, before the age of 23, she was always a fat 161 cm tall and weighing 140 kg.
In “Lulu Fat Princess Transformation”, LULU uses years of personal experience to tell her gorgeous transformation.
 As soon as the traditional Chinese version of “Lulu Fat Princess Turned Into Memory” was launched in Taiwan, it caused a frenzy of panic buying. For more than a month, it has been ranked first in lifestyle books.
In terms of content, because it is your own personal experience, compared with other beauty and body books on the market, it has an authenticity.
The methods and methods mentioned in the book also seem to be more civilian. Everyone can do it with a little care.
Coupled with the unique LULU yoga slimming method unique in the book, it also highlights her consistent emphasis on the idea of using healthy methods to lose weight.
  Self-testing for obese physique Here are a few simple features. Check the option that matches your condition to check if you are prone to obese constitution.
  □ It is often easy to feel dry.
  □ Less urine and yellowish color.
  □ Constipation often occurs, and the stool is dry and hard.
  □ Very afraid of heat, the temperature of the body is high.
  □ The body often has edema.
  □ I like cold drinks.
  □ Flushing, or redness often.
  □ Muscles are strong and thick.
  In the above question, if there are more than 3 tick options, it means you are easy to gain weight.
The more ticks you have, the more fat factors your body has.
Conversely, if there are less than 3 ticks, then congratulations, you are lean and you don’t have to worry too much about getting fat.
  After 6 pm 淀粉 Fasting starchy food LULU once tried a diet that did not eat starch at all, and found that the immune system became very poor, and he had a cold for two days, or else he was prone to gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea, and stomach trouble.
Therefore, starch must be eaten, but starch is liable to cause obesity in the lower body. Therefore, LULU recommends that starchy foods should be eaten at breakfast and lunch as much as possible, so that the calories of the starch can be consumed throughout the day and not allowedThe heat of starch accumulates in the body.
  In addition, LULU also recommends some high-quality starch foods, such as brown rice and purple rice.
If you don’t like to eat brown rice directly, you can also add grain rice, barley kernel rice, or mix it with white rice, which is both nutritious and convenient.
Learning Abdominal Breathing Method LULU started to use abdominal breathing method seven or eight years ago. She found that her shoulders and neck were less prone to soreness and her lower abdomen was stronger.
Most people suffer from backache and back pain, most of which are due to insufficient strength in the lower abdomen and insufficient strength in the lower plate. Therefore, when carrying things or bending over to lift objects, they cannot share the weight of the shoulder, neck, and back muscles, which can easily causeBack pain, neck aches, or backaches.
  On the first day of LULU practicing abdominal breathing, the lower abdomen felt a little tight.
After practicing for a week, the lower abdomen began to flatten out slowly.
Moreover, hypertrophy of the lower abdomen is usually related to muscle relaxation, poor gastrointestinal motility, flatulence, and constipation. Therefore, at the beginning of abdominal breathing, these disturbing problems will slowly disappear together.
  To do this with abdominal breathing: First, imagine your dantian (the position of the three fingers under the belly button) with an imaginary small balloon.
Then, inhale through your nose. Imagine that you send the air in from the chest and abdomen all the way to the small airbag.
At this point, your lower abdomen will slightly protrude.
Then exhale deeply and exhale all the air in the small airbag from the nose.
  At the beginning, puff and puff 50 times a day.
You can do it before bedtime or at any time.
Abdominal breathing helps sleep, and you can stay asleep until you fall asleep.
It is also very effective for people who don’t sleep well or have poor sleep quality!
Try it!
You will not be disappointed.
  Lymphatic massage for easy detoxification Lymphatic massage for detoxification can help us smooth our lymph and achieve detoxification.If you can, try to do it every day. It will be effective in about two or three days. You can feel refreshed, eliminate fatigue and puffiness.

  1. Squeeze, pinch, rub with both hands, press the armpits on both sides, and the lymph nodes near the chest, 9 times on each side, not too hard.

  2. Lie on your back, gently step on the base of your thigh (in the groin) with your middle finger and ring finger, press for 5 seconds, take a breath and rest, press for 5 seconds, take a breath and rest, repeat 9 times.

Can be combined with rose or geranium massage essential oil massage.

  3, compact, feet close together, hands hang down naturally, placed between the body.

Raise your arms flat and easily, and then lower them easily, and pat the body with your palms naturally, doing about 20 strokes at a time.

In addition to detoxifying, you can also thin your arms. 4. Sit flat, hold each leg with both hands, and pinch your thumb into the middle of the calf.

  5. Bend your feet, hold the soles of your feet, and use your thumbs to step on the Yongquan Point on the soles of your feet.

  6. Press the depression under the chin and the middle of the throat with your thumb.

You can always massage at any time. In addition to detoxification, it is effective for colds, puffy faces, and double chins. 7. Block the depression behind the earlobe.

Every 15 times, open your mouth when blocking for about 2 seconds.

How to be a forever rose in the workplace?

How to be a “forever rose” in the workplace?

The roses are brightly fragrant and passionate.
If you compare office workers and wage earners to roses, how can you always be undefeated?
The author has worked in the enterprise for many years, and has experience from low to middle level, and then to general manager, which is slightly humble.
  Become an indispensable person. Usually in the company, the boss loves those employees who are immediately available and can bring added value.
Management experts point out that when the boss raises or raises, he often does not look at whether your job is good or because of your past achievements, but feels that you are helpful to his future.
As an employee, you should always ask yourself: Do you lose if the company fires?
Is your value and potential so great that your boss is reluctant to give up?
In a word, it is very important to become an indispensable person in the company by relying on your own hard work and the expertise of the times.
  ◆ Establish a network of relationships. In society, why do some people who may not have good professional skills and hardware can get ahead?
In fact, many of them benefit from interpersonal skills.
Establishing a relationship network is to create a space conducive to self-development and strive to gain recognition, support and cooperation from others.
There are many “small groups” in the organization formed by relationships such as interests, hobbies, classmates, fellows, etc. You must strive to become one of them, help others enthusiastically, and forge good relationships.
Honesty, credibility, and integrity are the foundation for trust and admiration.
  ◆ Don’t hand over contradictions. A senior senior once warned me to remember the four words when reporting to leaders: “Do not talk about difficulties.”
Later I came to realize the truth.
Every day, bosses face complex and changeable internal and external environments. They face more problems and more pressure than employees.
Turning in contradictions or reporting bad news will make the boss’s mood worse, and it is also likely to leave him with a negative impression of “chaos, trouble, and poor work ability.”
  ◆ Don’t complain. The theory of “Organizational Behavior” states that when people suffer setbacks and improper treatment, they often adopt a negative confrontation attitude.
Grievances are usually caused by dissatisfaction, hoping to get the attention and sympathy of others.
Although this is a normal psychological “self-defense” behavior, it is the most painful in the mind of the boss.
Most bosses believe that the “grossing tribe” and “complaining tribe” not only provoke wrongdoing, but also cause suspicion among the organization and hurt team morale.
For this reason, when you are full of complaints, you may wish to look at the law of the boss: 1. The boss is always right; 2. When the boss is wrong, please refer to the first one.
  ◆ Good at showing performances and timely invitations. Don’t be afraid of others saying you like invitations for rewards. Instead, you should worry about your efforts not being seen and talents being buried.
Find a way to be a “person with a voice”, report to the boss, and say the conclusion first, if time permits, then talk in detail; if it is a written report, do not forget to sign your name.
In addition to the boss, try to tell your colleagues and subordinates about their results. Their publicity is better than you.
The speech at the conference is a great time to show your talents. Don’t miss it!

Bed rest within six hours of a cold

Bed rest within six hours of a cold

The United States Health Network reports that itchy throat, dizziness, and soreness all over the body-these signs indicate that you have a cold again.

  Symptoms start: drink plenty of water, rinse with salt water.

Staying hydrated can help alleviate symptoms such as sore throat and stuffy nose.

Add a spoonful of salt to hot water to reduce throat pain.

The excess water in the hydrochloride throat tissue is sucked out, reducing complications and removing mucus and irritants from the back of the throat.

  Cold for two hours: Hurry to the pharmacy.

Taking medicines such as paracetamol can relieve pain, and taking zentamine and diphenhydramine hydrochloride can relieve the symptoms of runny nose and tears.

  Cold for six hours: If possible, it is best not to go to work and drink some chicken soup for lunch.

If you rest well, you can fight off the virus better.

Wash your hands often.

Drink plenty of water, fruit drinks or tea.

Have some chicken soup for lunch.
Studies have shown that the “universal medicine” that grandma likes can indeed alleviate cold symptoms.

  Night fell: Have a good meal and sleep well.

A healthy diet strengthens the immune system.

Such as lean meat, fish or beans, plus whole wheat foods such as slender rice and vegetables instead of antioxidants.

If you still feel that your nose is not breathing before going to bed, take a hot bath and sleep well next.

  Get up the next day: can you get better?

If it gets worse, go to the hospital for treatment.

Otherwise, just follow this method for a few days until you have a cold.

How convenient is a hidden marriage workplace-

How convenient is a hidden marriage workplace?

The entertainment industry can be described as a series of happy events. A series of “hidden marriage” artists have been “kicked” and have been secretly married, and characters have begun to gossip other artists . Of course, the entertainment industry is a special workplace.Take the lead, in fact, in our mass workplace, the majority of “hidden marriage” are women.

  An online “hidden marriage survey” shows that nearly 37% of people are willing to be “hidden marriage people” because they worry that public marriage may fall into the loss of the trust of their boss or client. Most of them are concentrated between 25 and 35 years old.Most of them are women.

In the legal sense, “hidden marriage” is not illegal, but how convenient can it actually be for women?

Under the interview, the reporter found that the effect of “hidden marriage” is most reflected in the embarrassing age of applying for and living in the workplace. More and more people imitate that “hidden marriage” is not a long-term plan, and sometimes it is “hidden” too much.Lou Zi made colleagues and supervisors feel distrustful of themselves.

  Experts analyze that “hidden marriage”
is actually not self-confident. Why would there be “hidden marriage” in the workplace?

According to Wu Fan, a professional consultant recruited by Zhilian, this is caused by both objective and subjective reasons.

  The objective reason is that there is a certain deviation in the concept of employment of many business owners or managers, which has exaggerated the impact of married people ‘s family burden on work, but did not see the “married” work-friendly side, such as the sense of responsibility and loyalty.Promotion etc.

In addition, many fast-growing companies are unable to meet the needs of married people in terms of workload, benefits, expenditures and humanized management, to ensure the stability of the team in the short term, and it is easier to recruit and promote unmarried people.

Most female hidden marriages are, of course, because a few employers still have sex discrimination in the process of recruitment and layoffs-many business owners or managers are affected by the traditional concept of “male outside, female inside”, thinking thatMarried women are more affected by family matters than men.

  However, “hidden marriage” people also have problems. First, they are not confident enough about their own strength. They worry that their “seat” will be unstable once they are labeled with marriage. Second, career-oriented professionals are weighing the work.And family, more choices for work and career.

  Talking purely from the perspective of professional development, the status of “married” is both pros and cons, and “pros outweighs disadvantages.”

As the old saying goes: start a family and start a business.

The family plays a huge role in improving the individual’s overall quality and development momentum. Married people need sufficient ability and quality to handle family chores. It is definitely not lower than the requirements of work, and the married person is also significantly higher than the unmarried person in terms of responsibility.This is actually an important part of what employees need.

What’s more, concealing a moment from time to time can’t be concealed, and once found, the consequences will have an impact on your career.

  Marriage was originally a happy event for “Little Denko”. Some women in the workplace chose “hidden marriage”. Whether it is to find a job or to facilitate work, they are trying more job opportunities for themselves.

  A Jun, who has worked in a trading company for 5 years, was laid off in the financial turmoil. After being unemployed, he finally got “free” and married his boyfriend who had been running for eight years.Encounter questions like “when are you going to have children?”

Ajun felt helpless: “The moment I heard this question, I knew in my heart that this application was going to be ‘yellow’ again.

“It has been more than half a year since I returned from my honeymoon, and A Jun’s work has not yet landed.

She knew that finding a job was not necessarily related to “married”, but repeated encounters made her feel discouraged, so she tried “hidden marriage”.

As a result, the materials she used, the interviewer’s questions about marriage and childbirth decreased sharply. She was completely asking her if she had a boyfriend, and most of them were still concerned about her working ability. Several jobs with a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan have beckoned her.

  Hubei Renhua Woman, working in the company’s marketing department, mainly negotiates business with local manufacturers.

In theory, you should rely on strong business standards to pull business, but in the sales industry, you must play a “personal relationship card”, usually eat with customers, drink, and sing K is inevitable.

She is more extroverted and has always liked nightclubs such as clubbing and singing. No one has ever noticed that she is a mistress.

When it comes to work, she is unwilling: Although it is not meant to be ambiguous with customers, but now there are many new people, customers are in favor of dealing with young and unmarried salespersons in the same conditions. The reputation is beautiful!

And she has a lesson learned: After a colleague has disclosed her “married” status, important project bosses will not let her do it, nominally “because she has to take care of the family”, in fact, she is afraid that she will become pregnant halfway throughThe work at the end cannot follow up; in addition, some of her ideas are slightly behind, and she will be laughed at by her “nanny”, which also makes the Chinese girl unbearable.

  Fans reacted strongly to Andy Lau’s “hidden marriage”. Don’t object to his marriage. Some even give blessings. The main cause of dissatisfaction among fans is: Why should he hide and deceive?

When it comes to hidden marriage, most of the inevitable white-collar workers show disdain: Why do we want to hide marriage?

This is a sign of dishonesty.

  Xiao Ping, who works for a foreign trade company, was married two years ago. In order to anticipate opportunities for business trips-she felt that she can learn more about professional knowledge in business trips, so she chose “hidden marriage”.

The boss reassured her to do many errands. The life of “Flying Man” took at least three weeks in a month, and she deliberately asked her husband and younger to call her. Contacts were made via e-mail or mobile phone text messages.Underground spy.

This state has been maintained for more than a year, and finally “East Window Incident”: the husband is not satisfied with her “shenlong sees her head but never sees her tail”, suspects that she is engaged in extramarital affairs, the boss sees that she has some mysterious actions from time to time, and is worried that she will leak the company.
Xiao Ping’s grievances: “At that time, I felt like I was suffering from the enemy, like a two-sided person. I couldn’t tell the truth to anyone, and I was doing bad things along the way.

“After careful observation,” Hidden Marriage “is really exhausting. What shakes everyone’s trust in her is that she finally announced her married status and slowly adjusted her work and life.

  Similarly, An An “hidden marriage” is not as lucky as Xiao Ping.

After discovering that she was married, her boss thought that her integrity was a problem. Later, she gradually let An Dan out of her post, and she no longer renewed her contract when the contract expired.

Some sociologists have said that the long-term psychological implications of “not in a marital state” will weaken the parties’ sense of family responsibility and seriously trigger a marriage crisis.

When marriage is in crisis, home is no longer your “safe shelter”, but it will still affect your work and future.

  Some white-collar workers who oppose the “hidden marriage” experience believe that since there is gender prejudice against female employees in the workplace, everyone should be more open to face this problem. Choosing “hidden marriage” is actually a kind of indulgence against employers,The workplace environment did not improve.

4 psychological stages of emotional breakdown

4 psychological stages of emotional breakdown

From a psychological point of view, “emotional rupture” goes through four stages: dispute, alert, rift, and rupture.


After the couple entered the cave house hand in hand, after the hot period, they entered the opposite period. If the contradictions were resolved in time, they would become disputes and entangled in disputes.

Generally speaking, disputes are manifested in leaks, such as quarrels, fights, and destruction, among those with low cultural levels and bile and bloody subjects.

It can be resolved through mediation, but it repeats itself afterwards, and the civil war continues.

Among those with high cultural level, mucus and depressive qualities, they are mostly manifested in internal depression. They are not arguing on the outside, but they are cold in heart, entrenched in heart, and mediation is not easy to take effect.


Accumulation of disputes, husbands and wives are alert from the gap, commonly known as “different dreams in the same bed.”

In the form of alert, fetishists usually conceal each other from property, income and expenditure, and externalists conceal each other’s dealings with the opposite sex.

In order to prevent the other party from grasping the handle and learning the truth, the two sides are alert in economic and social relations, and even personal career issues, future issues, etc., are also tight-lipped, layer-by-layer defenses are prepared to guard against each other like a theft.


There will always be a day of revelation.

Secret revelations caused more serious disputes, which increased vigilance; as a result, a vicious circle formed, and finally cracks appeared.

The fissures are manifested as strong dissatisfaction in emotions and mutual deviations in behavior.

At this time, most of the living conditions are separated; those without living conditions, even if they live together, are back to back, and the well water does not violate the river water.


The cracks are getting bigger and bigger, and the relationship is completely broken.

The first choice of couples with broken feelings is generally divided into three modes: first, divorce through legal procedures; second, due to various reasons, inconvenience of divorce, and had to make do with life, endure the burden, the relationship between husband and wife existed in name; third, broken love, can not be reversed,Just to torture each other and refuse to divorce, “hold him (her) and keep him (her) happy”.

This kind of drag is both foolish and immoral, and harms others.

  Shaped in, then out.

In the four stages of emotional breakdown, the first two are internal, they are “causes”, and they are generally samples of inner activity; the latter two are outside, they are “effects,” and they usually belong to action.

Therefore, it is necessary to prevent emotional breakdown, adjust appropriately when conflicts between husband and wife occur, and resolve conflicts in the bud state.

How do prospective parents resonate with their baby?

How do prospective parents resonate with their baby?

As long as you observe carefully, you will find that the baby will look around soon after coming to the world, and the eyes will follow the red ball or colored toys to move up, down, left and right.

  12 after birth?
14 days, 26?
The 28-day-old newborns had significantly better performance in watching the red ball and listening to Ge Gesheng than in the 2-3 days after birth.

  2 after birth?
Although infants and toddlers at 3 days can see red balls, their heads and eyeballs can only move horizontally to 12?
14 days special up to 26?
At 28 days, too many newborns can use the red ball to rotate.

  If you can master this rule, you can hold your baby after breastfeeding, make eye-to-eye contact (the best distance is 20 cm), and slowly move your face while talking, your baby’s head and eyeballs will become youIt’s easy to turn, but it’s significant.

  正如美国学者文尼柯茨博士所说:“‘最早的母亲贯注’对幼儿来说是很有帮助的,这是一个能提高敏感性的时期,在生后要持续几个星期,可以为形成Your baby’s personality provides the conditions and environment for developing intellectual and sensory development.

“In this way, if you pay attention to behavioral exercises during the newborn period (of course, you need to do it step by step), it will greatly benefit your baby’s development.

  Eye-to-eye gaze is the beginning of interaction.

Many mothers report that their babies are happy when they look at them, and they can’t help hugging their children.

  They would say, “Open your baby’s eyes, oh, the baby is a mother, does the baby know the mother?

“At this point the baby may smile.

  About 40% of mothers take a week or more to feel that the baby is truly their own.

Through contact and taking care of the newborn, the father really feels that the baby is his own, so these interactions are necessary.