[How many times to eat a bird’s nest]_How to eat_How to eat

With the improvement of people’s living standards, eating bird’s nest has become a very common phenomenon, and bird’s nest is usually more nutritious. It is very suitable for women who are physically weak, after giving birth, or who have recovered from a serious illness, andMany people now use bird’s nest to maintain their health. In addition to being able to replenish qi and replenishing qi, they can also be used to nourish yin and moisturize. Regular eating is very good for the human body. That bird’s nest eats several times.

A bird’s nest eats the previous one, there are large and small bird’s nests, once the price of a bird’s nest rises.

Generally a pure bird’s nest 4?
6 grams, rarely more than 6 grams; Ordinary bird’s nest (special treatment such as glue) 6?

2. Pure bird’s nest consumes 3 grams at a time, and one bird is insufficient twice. Ordinary bird’s nest consumes 5?
8 grams, one at a time.

3. You can buy bird’s nests (bird’s nests that aren’t in a single cup) at your own cost. The price is much lower, but try not to buy bird’s nests.

4. There are still many drug residues in many bird’s nests, especially blood swallows.

Therefore, when buying bird’s nest, pay attention to understand it.

Benefits of eating bird’s nest The effect of bird’s nest on men. Men eat energy to nourish the lungs and nourish the stomach, nourish qi, nourish the spleen, enhance physical fitness, make the body full, relieve stress, and eliminate fatigue.

In addition, a good effect of bird’s nest is to clear the lungs and nourish the lungs, which is very good for the respiratory system.

Modern men have a lot of work and life pressures, and often have to smoke and drink for entertainment. Bird’s nest is a rare “lung-washing” product.

Effects of bird’s nest on women’s regular diet Bird’s nest can maintain skin, make it moist, smooth, elastic and elastic to regulate the internal secretion cycle. Bird’s nest for women’s skin care and beauty, make the skin smooth and white, reduce facial wrinkles, clear acne, blood and bloodThe stasis is new, it is uncomfortable for women’s menstrual period, menstrual pain, and menstruation has a good effect.

The effect of bird’s nest on pregnant women. Women need to supplement nutrition during pregnancy. Bird’s nest implies active protein, which can promote tissue growth and improve immunity.

Pregnant women eat bird’s nest has a tonic effect.

The effects of bird’s nest on middle-aged and elderly people The middle-aged and elderly people are in the stage of decline in body mass. The aqueous solution of active glycoprotein in bird’s nest can directly stimulate the growth of immune system cells, improve human immunity, promote metabolism, enhance functional efficacy, and effectively improve bloodCirculation lowers cholesterol.

The bird’s nest is effective for children and adolescents. Taking bird’s nest frequently can promote metabolism, enhance physical fitness, strengthen all aspects of the body’s functions, enhance immunity, increase resistance, prevent disease invasion, promote the development of the brain, increase intelligence, and orderly responseSensitive.

How to eat bird’s nest 1, half bird’s nest, one bowl of fresh milk, two tablespoons of coconut milk, moderate sugar, and three bowls of water.

Stew the bird’s nest, rock sugar, and water together, and pour in fresh milk and coconut milk 15 minutes before boiling.

Let it simmer for another 15 minutes.

Efficacy: nourishing yin, nourishing the lungs, and nourishing the face.

This is simple and very welcome.

2. Material: two bird’s nests, one Sydney, ten horseshoes, one Chuanbei, four bowls of water, and moderate amount of rock sugar.

Stew the above ingredients (except Chuanbei) for one to three hours, then add Chuanbei for 5 minutes.

Efficacy: lungs, cough.

3. Material: half of bird’s nest, half of peeled chicken, three pieces of longan meat, two slices of ginger, four bowls of water.

Stew the above ingredients in water for three hours, and add salt when eating.

Efficacy: Anemia after illness, nourishing yin and yang.

This one is salty.

4, two and a half bird’s nest, lotus seeds, lilies, longan meat five dollars each, four bowls of water, the amount of rock sugar.

Stew the above ingredients for one to three hours.

Bird’s nest half and two, lotus seeds, lilies, longan meat each five dollars, four bowls of water, crystal sugar, the right amount of effect: nourishing, blood.

5, bird’s nest fruit fishing.

Modern people pay attention to health. Fresh fruit is an indispensable food every day. Pairing fruit with bird’s nest makes the bird’s nest more fresh.

Cut fresh Lingnan fruits and stir-fry them with stewed bird’s nest. It is one of the best ways to eat bird’s nest in spring and summer.

A variety of fruits are paired with bird’s nest, and each spoon is satisfying and especially nourishing.