[Drinking this stuff in spring can’t miss detoxification and lowering blood lipids!

In spring, there are many kinds of small things for detoxification. You can buy them for a few dollars. They are even cheap and very useful. You can drink hot water immediately.

For your own health and that of your family, take a good look.

1, lotus leaf soaked in water, lotus leaf tastes bitter, flat, after taking it has a good health effect on the liver, spleen and stomach and heart, Chinese medicine believes that it has cooling blood to stop bleeding and other effects, very suitable for hypertension and hyperlipidemiaOf patients.

The lotus leaf has a good diuretic effect. The most direct manifestation is that the number of visits to the toilet after taking lotus leaf tea has increased significantly.

Lotus leaf tea is rich in cellulose, which can promote the peristalsis of our large intestine and help defecation, so as to achieve the purpose of removing toxins and reducing aunt storage.

In addition, no matter what causes the problem of bladder edema and decreased urine output, taking lotus leaf can alleviate it well.